Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pop Icon Barbie

Pop Icon Barbie, originally uploaded by alington.
This is the face that "pops" into my head (no pun intended) when I think of Barbie: the 1980s era Superstar face with blonde hair and blue eyes, and the must-have 1980s style blue eye-shadow. And yes, I wanted to look like Barbie in some point of my life. (Hey, maybe a part of me still does!)

Pop Icon Barbie is a unique take on 1980s era Barbie, restyled with softer hair (no wall-of-bangs or ginormous 1980s hair) and a couture-style post-modern gown, of which you can see full-length photos on my Flickr photostream.

She includes tacky plastic earrings (yep, had those, too) and the right color scheme of sky blue, bright Barbie pink, and yellow, but toned-down lipstick to coordinate with her blue eye shadow.

She's gorgeous in person--amazingly still in her lovely box from Christmas (as a gift from me to my daughter Lauren), though I'm sure not for long.


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