Thursday, January 27, 2011

Integrity Toys breaking news - Dracula and his Brides

Collection II of Dracula and His Brides
Forever and Ever, the Contessa
Integrity is pleased to announce the arrival of the Count and three new additions of his brides as part of the IDEX release today. Vaughn Sawyers and the IT Design team are the creative minds behind these dolls, and they are now being offered directly by Integrity Toys.
Eternally Together, Lucy

All are scheduled to ship in April 2011, and limited editions of just 500 pieces. The brides are priced at $125 each. The brides include fabulous matching boots, designer earrings and stands.

Forever and Ever, The Contessa, is a lovely blonde with yellow-green eyes and applied lashes, blue eyeshadow and a slate blue embroidered dress with chocolate over-the-knee boots.

Yours Evermore, Mina
Eternally Together, Lucy, is a gorgeous redhead with dark red eyes and applied lashes, runway style facial screening, and she's lost her wide-eyed look. Her cream colored chiffon dress is trimmed with ribbons and bows. Her metallic boots are to die for!

The Count
Yours Evermore, Mina, has chocolate brown hair and red eyes, dark smokey shadow and coral lips. She's wearing an off-the-shoulder peasant style dress, embroidered, with ruffled trim. She might be my favorite, though the Contessa is a hot second.

The Count is also fanged and dressed in a detailed suit with a vest, shirt, pinstriped pants and satin detailing. He has dark hair and red eyes.

The dolls have painted fangs, applied lashes (except for the Count), and excellent facial screening. Their eyes are unusually colored, as they should be--for vampires! And I'm not the best with Integrity sculpts, but the Brides look quite different than the original versions released in conjunction with Ashton Drake. I just had it confirmed that the Brides are indeed the original sculpts and use the original bodies. Ack! That makes them even more tempting!

All photos property of Integrity Toys.


  1. Ahhh!
    Suddenly I NEED the whole set!!

    This is amazing. I actually did a costume presentation of "The Brides of Dracula" several years ago, and won awards with it.

    Sigh. Clearly I need to find another income to support my doll habit...

  2. procuro para comprar as dolls mina e a ever condessa loira

  3. Hi Dri-Dolls, you might want to check out the Doll Page Show & Sell site for these dolls. They often come up for sale on the secondary market. :)


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