Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not doll related: Meet Coco Chanel

Meet Coco Chanel, originally uploaded by alington.
Perhaps a slight bite into the doll budget last weekend...

Meet our new ocicat, Coco Chanel, or Chanel for short. She's five months. I swore I'd never "buy" a cat, when so many are in shelters. But then, we went to a cat show in Del Mar, and they had all these cuties around.

Chanel is so lovely and playful. She's wild-looking and gorgeous. Ocicat is a breed that was started by crossing abyssinians with siamese, and then adding a bit of American short hair for "heft." And oh, is she lovely.

She sort of slinks around the house--sometimes like a lioness, sometimes like a kitten. She has big feet, and will probably be the dominant kitty soon. But she will rule with a gentle touch, I think.

See more photos of her on my Flickr account.

She's a blast--she is everyone's best friend. Nico (the dominant cat in our house, 14 months), isn't so sure when she rubs all over him and purrs. And when she rubs on you and loves you, she really tries to knock you over, like my poor five year-old Jake. It's adorable!


  1. Cute Kitty!
    Love the name. Can't wait to see doll photos with this little guy peeking into the frame.

  2. Great eyes! Looks like they are asking a question.


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