Thursday, January 20, 2011

Iplehouse Elemental Guardians

My favorite BJD company just released two BID (baby iplehouse dolls) in their "Elemental Guardians" collection. These dolls are 26cm tall (about 10 1/4 inches). Although I prefer the older looking dolls, these babies were cute and I thought I'd share here since they're still beautiful dolls. If you're interested, check out the website HERE.

First up is EFREET:

Next up is ERZULIE:


  1. I really like Erzulie! My only qualm with these babies is their fantasy parts taking place of actual hair. I know you could replace the parts with a wig, but Iunno! Mushroom head!

  2. I love Erzulie, too. And I think her dress is adorable. I even went to the site and put her in my shopping cart!

    And though her mushroom head is a little strange... I have to confess I sort of like it. It would be a hit around here. We're HUGE Super Mario fans at this house! ;)


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