Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some news and updates

PukiPuki Ante
dressed in Elfdoll Tiny Olivia's outfit
Thanks for hanging in there with us the past week, dear readers. I feel like I, as the editor, owe you an explanation:

First, I have the prize for reaching over 200 fans on Facebook--217 readers as of this post!--and I think you'll like it. Well, like them. I am hoping to have photos up on the blog later today, and I also am going to post how you all will have a chance to win this prize. This is a drawing, not a contest. So, no, I'm not going to ask you about my photo background, LOL!

Second, let me just emphasize how important it is to stay and get in contact with real people in the doll world. It's totally worth it to post on your regular doll groups to see if there is a doll group who actually meets in your area, even if you think you will be too young or too old, or you feel like your collection is too shabby or too ornate, or if you're afraid to leave the house or talk about your dolls. You won't be sorry. I have been having some medical issues of late, and I have to say, my real-life doll friends have really been a saving grace for me.

Third, I never did get a chance to introduce our newest blogger to you: Melissa. She collects Asian ball-jointed dolls (at this time), and she and I have a pretty notorious tendency to, well, sell each other dolls. I just bought her limited edition Dollzone Shoyo from her on Sunday. Eeek. Well, my daughter Kate did, but she is buying Shoyo from me on lay-away. (And no, I don't charge her interest.) ;)

At any rate, I'm thrilled to be adding another BJD fan to our authors. I have some BJD info to be adding shortly, plus I've recently redone my doll shelves and redressed all my many Steffie sculpts--some who have been added since Christmas--and I think some new photos are due.

In the coming weeks, Shuga-Shug is attending IDEX in Florida. I'm thrilled to announce she will be doing some blogging from there. I hope she also has the time to post to our site as well as her own blog, which you also should be following.

I also have a few customer-experience stories to share with you on products, and these won't be as raving as some of the others I've had in previous posts. But when friends of mine buy items marketed as "will fit Antoinette, Tyler and Sybarite," and they don't, well, you ought to know. And, when BJDs appear on eBay that are being sold by a distributor other than the artist who created them, you ought to know that, too.

I look forward to your feedback, and thank you for your patience and support.

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