Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jacqueline Frost

Jacqueline Frost, originally uploaded by alington.
Jacqueline Frost is one of my latest Tonner Doll arrivals from the Fall/Holiday 2010 collection. She is the Duchess sculpt on an Antoinette body, and I adore this new girl.

Sure, I'm infatuated by most new dolls--and this girl is a platinum haired, blue-eyed girl in a formal mermaid-style gown, typical of Tonner. But the details are great: the lace is intricate and in scale; the corset is nicely done and finished with a ribbon belt and rhinestone buckle; the "fur" collar on her coat is just enough without being over the top; the long sleeves under her 3/4 length jacket fall at just the right length on her wrists; and her sparkling glitter peep-toe sling backs are the perfect finishing touch.

You can see lots more photos on Flickr. I found she is quite fun to photograph.

A quick plug -- Dreamcastle Dolls has her in stock and on sale for $179. And if you don't care for platinum-haired dolls, check out the basic version, a fiery red-head due out this month. I can't wait to see real-life photos of her! Both dolls are limited editions of 500.

The "crystal" is an ornament from our tree (from Target). Our kitty Lily loves these things, and hides them around the house. Sometimes I'll find one in my shoe, so it pays to look before you put your shoes on over here!

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