Friday, January 7, 2011


Jolie, originally uploaded by alington.
Antoinette Jolie. Her outfit reminds me of a 1920s inspired fashion, and I think her face sculpt wears this era pretty well. Her outfit is a mauve chiffon layered gown, paired with a taupe taffeta jacket trimmed with "fur" and accented with sparkling jewelry.

Her shoes are over the ankle buckled sandals, almost like retro-looking open boots, if there were such a thing.

And how could I forget the hat--it's oversized and pink fur, trimmed with sparkling beads and topped with a feather. It makes the outfit, but covers a lot of her hair. Just lovely! I see it on her and pinned onto a larger SD-sized BJD as well. Gorgeous!

I was afraid I wouldn't like her hair, but it's actually quite lovely--not a huge rats' nest like I was dreading. I changed my order from the outfit only to the doll at the last minute, and I'm really glad I did.

I have a lot of other photos of this doll, in full regalia, on my Flickr photostream. Come check them out.

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