Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beatnik REALLY Blues Poppy

Beatnik REALLY Blues Poppy, originally uploaded by alington.
My friend and fellow doll club member Sarah Smith did this reroot on Beatnik Blues Poppy. I'll let you know as soon as she starts to do professional reroots--she's excellent! (I just didn't care for the doll's original  bangs, and this color is just up my alley!) You can see Poppy's original styling on this blog post, and also Shuga-Shug's post of her Poppy with way more detailed (and frankly, way better) photos.

Her current outfit consists of Dynamite Girl pieces: Sooki's dress and fishnets from the 2009 Electro Pop collection, and her belt from the 2010 collection. Her bracelet is from Bewitching Hour Luchia Z, and the purse is Azone. Shoes are Momoko.

I am totally in love with her now. I can't decide on how to style her hair--I'm leaning towards either a traditional Barbie Marlo Flip (I know--it would be really styled and dated, but so perfect for a 1950s era Poppy!) or possibly a straight, sleek style, slightly longer. What do you think?

So far, I've gotten feedback on straight and sleek. But I can't keep it quite this long. It's a bit unmanageable. But so cool. Even if just for a while. Maybe a bit longer.

See a few more shots of her on Flickr, if you like!

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