Friday, January 28, 2011

Rinsing hair...

Hair comparison, originally uploaded by alington.
Restyling hair isn't exactly my forte. However: when I received a birthday gift of this lovely Barbie Basic 2.0 Model 03 (Steffie!) from my friend Jen, I figured I'd have to give the hair rinsing and restyle another try.

I had already split the doll and outfit with another friend, so the Steffie (STEFFIE) on the right is all original. The left Steffie (STEFFIE!!) has had her hair washed, rinsed and conditioned. Plus I added a little bit of hot water to tame the curls a bit, and just touched them up as they dried.

You can see more side-by-side comparison photos of them on Flickr (from the side and front). This doll does have huge hair, so she might not be for everyone.

What about your dolls? Do you restyle them? Re-do their hair? Take down up-dos? (And in the process, find huge bald spots? Or is that just my luck?) ;)


  1. I was curios which one you liked better and if you are happy with your result?

  2. I saw this pic on Flickr. Love it!

  3. I actually am pretty happy with my results. I like the rinsed version a bit better, but I don't mind big hair--it reminds me of what I used to want in the 1980s. (I know--Olivia Newton-John all over again!) Next time, I might use a bit more near-boiling water, though.

    And thanks to thedollcafe, for your kind comments, here and on Flickr, too. :)


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