Saturday, January 29, 2011

FR2 preview from Integrity Toys

Integrity Toys has revealed its new line of FR2™ (Fashion Royalty Squared) dolls at IDEX. They are available for pre-order from your favorite IT dealers now. (These dolls are a different size than regular FR bodies, and their feet have a slightly higher arch as well.) All dolls have rooted eyelashes and hair, plus removable hands for easy dressing.

Several dressed dolls are new in the line, all limited to 300, $175 retail:
  • Modern Sensibility Dasha, red hair and blue eyes, early March
  • Flawless Elise Jolie, blonde hair, green eyes, early March
  • Engaging Elise Jolie, brunette hair, blue eyes, Spring 2011
  • Rare Appeal Dominique Makeda, brunette and brown eyes, Spring 2011
  • Impossibly Beautiful Dominique Makeda, brunette and brown eyes, Spring 2011
And several new fashions are also available, limited to 300, $100 retail:
  • Only Natural, early March
  • Sheer Bliss, early March
  • Metropolitan, Spring 2011
Renegade Dasha is a dressed doll with blonde hair and blue eyes, $175, is a W Club exclusive, with shipping details to be determined, but sometime in early spring.

The details in these promo photos are really nice--I hope the quality of the shoes, purses and accessories are at least half as good as they look! I have to confess, I've never bought a fashion doll or an outfit just for the accessories before, and I hadn't considered getting into another scale, just for the accessories. But I suppose there's a first time for everything!

Yikes--that green purse/yellow shoe/ring combo is just calling to me. I must stop looking!!

All photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Modern Sensibility Dasha™ dressed doll
Only Natural fashion 
Renegade Dasha™ W Club Exclusive dressed doll

Flawless Elise Jolie, dressed doll's accessories
Flawless Elise Jolie dressed doll

Sheer Bliss fashion

Engaging Elise Jolie dressed doll

Rare Appeal Dominique Makeda dressed doll

Metropolitan fashion

Impossibly Beautiful Dominique Makeda dressed doll

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