Monday, February 14, 2011

Tonner Doll Toy Fair Release

Sweeping - Antoinette
Tonner's Toy Fair release includes the rest of the 2011 line. You can see more photos and complete descriptions on These dolls are ready for preorder now from your favorite dealer.

Anna Karenina - American Models
American Models have made a major comeback, and they are articulated. With bendy wrists! Hooray! One dressed doll, Anna Karenina, in historical dress, (LE 100 $399.99) and two Basics, one Wigged (LE300), one Goth (LE500), both $159.99. Both of these dolls have inset acrylic eyes. Even though the promo photo don't show the articulated wrists, the production dolls will have them. New wigs, separates, and shoes are available for some serious play are available, too.

Ariel - Disney Princesses
Four new dressed Antoinette dolls are available, each more beautiful and detailed than the next, if you're a gown fan. Picturesque, brunette, is a pink chiffon number (LE150, $209.99). Sweeping (my fave!) is a blush gown loaded with ruffles, with a blonde blue-eyed Antoinette (LE150, $249.99). Bold, is a super elegant navy Victorian inspired coat dress, modeled by a platinum-haired, blue-eyed Antoinette (LE150, $199.99). Luxurious is a dramatic berry-red sequined blouse and skirt combo, modeled by a brunette.

Dove - DC Stars
Disney fans get ready, too. Ariel (LE 1000, $199.99) has arrived. She's in her pink gown and the teenage body. Jasmine is also here--she has the Snow White head sculpt (LE1000, $189.99). A new line, It's a Small World, has been added as well. On the 10" Ann Estelle body, Holland and India are both new arrivals (LE500, $124.99).

Oh my--DC Star fans will have a blast. Brand new 13" characters have arrived: Catwoman and the Black Canary are on the scene. Additionally, the 16" line carries Raven (Renée Devereaux head sculpt) and Dove (a gorgeous platinum Kit sculpt). And Starfire is the Kara Deluxe head sculpt on the 17" female athletic body. And finally, a surprise, is a 22" Wonder Woman with articulated wrists.

Yoshio - Freedom for Fashion
Sori Aiko - Freedom for Fashion
Freedom for Fashion is another new line, which includes two new head sculpts, Aiko and Yoshio. Both dolls are available as basics, LE500, $89.99. And there are two dressed dolls: Sori Aiko in a wrap top and satin pants plus shoes to die for (LE500, $189.99), and Hogyo Yoshio in a button-up shirt and tailored suit (LE500, $199.99). Several outfits are available, too. Lots of elegance in this collection, and I'm loving these new sculpts.

Fleur Delacour - Harry Potter
Fleur Delacour™ has joined the Harry Potter line of Tonner Character figures. She has a new head sculpt and stands 16.5" tall. She's a limited edition of 500 and retails for $189.99. She comes dressed in her Beauxbaton outfit.

Theatre de la Mode has been restrated, and oh my, is she lovely. A new "Fashion" head sculpt is dressed in Noir #99 - a black evening gown made of velvet and dotted mesh, with a bolero and rhinestone brooch. She's on the Antoinette body.

Noir #99 - Theatre de la Mode
The new addition to Twilight is Jasper Hale. He's a limited edition of 1000 dolls, and runs $149.99 retail. He looks pretty depressed, I have to admit.

Tyler Wentworth is also adding to her line. Three dressed dolls have been added. A classic Signature Statement Tyler Wentworth, blonde hair and green eyes, in a black and white fish-tail skirt (LE300, $199.99). Fire Opal Tyler is my favorite in this collection: she's a wigged red-head with brown eyes, in a fantastically ruffled V-necked gown (LE300 $224.99). So Sleek Sydney Chase is wigged brunette with blue eyes, dressed in a gold bodysuit, purple pencil skirt and a faux fur shrug with gloves.
Fire Opal Tyler Wentworth

Finally, two more dolls have been added to the Vampire Diaries collection: Both limited to 1000 pieces, retailing at $159.99, Elena Giblert and Stefan Salvatore make their appearances. Bothe dolls are dressed in faux leather jackets, jeans, and knit shirts.

Whew! I was hoping there wouldn't be any new dolls I'd love, but my hopes have been dashed. It turns out I've been sucked in to a few extra pre-orders. I just hope their release dates are going to be later into the year!


  1. Wigged American Model dolls! I can't wait to have one.

  2. Getting Bold Antoinette. I love that Victorian feel she has. Add a few silver accessories and she could pass for steam punk.



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