Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be inspired!

So, the question was asked – What do YOU do with all those handspeak hands? Well for me they accumulate into one big baggie like something from a serial killer’s basement (or freezer), LOL. But instead of that, the talented and wonderfully creative Em’lia created OOAK intricate gloves with hers! She just painted them, added little details like buckles & ribbons (Dressmaker Details buckles work perfectly!) and finished them off with a UV coating to make them matte. Check them out!!!!!! And if you’ve never seen her work before (she makes amazing furniture, clothing and homes for her dolls, you can see here Flickr pics HERE and her website HERE.)

**Photos are property of Em’lia Couture**


  1. SImply amazing! I think I need some gloves!

  2. Wow, that looks like amazingly detailed work! I wish Tonner would get the lead out and do something like this for his dolls!


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