Thursday, December 30, 2010

Couture Angel with Momoko

Now for some other dolls. These ones I got for my birthday which was on the 29th. The angel has been on my wish list for years (or at least since I saw her when I was searching).

This one is Couture Angel. She is the one who I have wanted for a long time. She is next to my Momoko that I got from Mom. My sister has one but I had no idea that I would be getting a Momoko, too. She has pinkish red hair with a soft pink dress.

Couture Angel has wings that are sewn on to the dress, so I can make another doll an angel, too. Angel of Joy is similar, except she has red hair. The picture is with a Hershey Kiss speaker and it coordinates with her dress and hair.

So far, only Nico the cat has seen the feather wings but hasn't attacked them yet. I'm sure Lily will soon!


  1. Oh, gads, I'm late wishing you a Happy Birthday, too? Ack!!

    Well, at least your mom and dad are on the stick, and got you a couple of really pretty dolls. With regards to the feathers on Couture's wings, give serious thought to locking her in one of your mom's cabinets, or save up for a cabinet of your own. My cats, too, like feathers, and since I don't have any display cabinets, I can't get any outfits with feathers or fur (even the fake variety of fur) on them.

  2. I need choose a beautiful wigs for my friend. And I looked for one, I don't know if she like it. How about this one?

  3. i can't believe you have your very own momoko, kate! congratulations! both dolls are gorgeous. :)


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