Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TonnerDirect's 12 Days of Christmas extended...

TonnerDirect's sale has been extended an extra day, when you use the promo code DAY11 at checkout (or DAY11INT for international customers).

Save 20% and get free shipping on all in-stock merchandise.


  1. I got the idea that we would get an email with a sale offer each day for 12 days..?
    But I was surprised to see the same offer today, so I'm not sure anymore.

    Not buying anyway, did a line-up with my tonner dolls deciding which will leave... 5/14 may go, which leaves 9 (good enough for me)

    Somehow fashion royalty dolls got to me, and when I'm in a phase like that, I'm all in.. first ellowyne than tonner than FR... but its not like I sell everything to start over. Still got 9 (coincidence LOL) ello's with one on the way, after sales hopefully 9 tonner girls and when all my purchases arrive I will go from 2 > 5 FR dolls... not nearly 9, LOL!

  2. Actually, today's offer is a little different. It's save 15% instead and free shipping. But anyway. ;)

    I'm in the same place, but I may be going the other direction, and losing quite a few of my FR dolls instead. I just don't give them much attention. I have a few Tonners who might leave, but I've found I really adore the new Antoinette body, and I've found I like sewing again. (I never would have thought!)

    But it's a weird feeling to see our collections move like that, I think. It's kind of cool to see them change. Would make an interesting article... Thanks for your comment!

  3. Yes I saw it, not sure why they do that... I'd like it better if it would be an offer for a certain product group or something, instead of changing percentages of discount. But thats just me. Not ordering anyway ;)

    Not sure what you are looking for (I don't have anything Antoinette) but maybe I could interest you in a trade? I would love another FR doll, and I have several Tonner dolls that may leave the island ;)

    I think my email addy is added to this message, if you might be interested, email me and we can see what we both have to trade maybe?


  4. Oh, I'm not looking to add anymore Tonner Dolls, except maybe Cami (the Gold Label one) at a terrific discount. But thanks for the offer.

    Have you tried the Doll Page show & sell site? It's a great place for trading and selling--for free, too.


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