Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Straight-Leg Skooter Doll, 1965-1967

Skipper's friend Skooter was introduced to the Mattel Barbie family of dolls in 1965 and for the first few years had a tan skin tone and the body markings c. 1963 Mattel, Inc. Her body was the same as straight-leg tan tone Skipper dolls. At 9 1/4" tall, Skooter had brown side-glancing eyes, freckles, and two pigtails held in place with elastics and red ribbons. Her hair colors included brunette, blonde, and titian. Accessories included a gold wire doll stand, fashion booklet, red Japan flats, white comb, white brush, and two-piece red and white swimsuit. There was a red and silver foil tag on her right wrist. The Skooter box depicts her in the following fashions: Dress Coat, Silk 'N Fancy, Sunny Pastels, Red Sensation, School Days, Dreamtime, Flower Girl, Platter Party, Raincoat, and Skating Fun. Skooter is a fairly common doll making her affordable and easy to collect.

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