Friday, December 24, 2010

The selfish doll in her PJs, waiting for Christmas morning

December Christmas Finery, originally uploaded by alington.
The Selfish Doll, as my girls and I are currently calling her, a hybrid: Yeru the Soul (Fairy of Color or SD-sized head) on a Fairy of Bugs (MSD-sized) body. Both by Peak's Woods.

She's wearing a default Peak's Wood's wig and Dreams of Tomorrow, a DeeAnna Denton (Tonner Doll) outfit.

The doll she is holding is Dawn, which is a miniature fashion doll from the 1980s.

That's a limited edition Skiya (also by Peak's Woods) in the background. She's playing big sister today. And Lady Bee hybrid (Peak's Woods head on a Soulkid body (by Souldoll)), dressed in DeeAnna Denton's Emerald Evening.

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  1. luckily "the selfish doll" is so un-like you - you're always willing to share your dolls with anyone who will appreciate and admire them!


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