Monday, December 27, 2010

A very merry Christmas and happy holiday, dear reader!

Our kitty Lily, taking a rest under our tree. She's been working very hard at un-decorating it. 
(She loves the acrylic crystals most--so my kind of cat--lovely, sparkling things!)
Perhaps a few days late, but I did take a day or two off to spend with my family. But I am back now, and I will have more interesting articles for you, including a new series, which I will be starting in the new year, on how to buy a new BJD, and how-to articles, possibly with video tutorials (assuming I can get my swearing under control). Just kidding!

I do have lots to share with you--the doll fairy was amazingly generous with me this year!--but mostly, I just want to thank you for your readership, and hope you are keeping warm and cozy during this busy time of year.

Thank you for your loyal following this year, from all of us here at the Fashion Doll Review.

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  1. what a great pic of lily. she looks so innocent here - what an act!


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