Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peak's Woods announcements and latest releases...

Full set Segi, limited edition.
There was an announcement on the Peak's Woods message board this morning (as well as their home page). In addition to thanks their customers for their enthusiasm for the holiday event, they state the following information:
  1. The current Christmas even will last until Christmas.
  2. A different doll will be updated daily, including weekends, from now till the end of the event.
  3. Custom and even limited edition face-ups may be requested even after the event. (Just ask.)
Segi is a full set, and includes the white skin, large bust doll, 18mm gray acrylic eyes, limited face-up, blonde wig, extra hands, and DollHeart outfit. All inclusive, she is $727.80, and there is only one available.

Full set Mori Moth, limited edition.
Mori Moth is another full set. She's the Fairy of Bugs size (about MSD), and her $526.80 price includes the normal skin, large bust doll, gray 16mm eyes, limited face-up, extra pair of hands, shoes, and DollHeart outfit.

Additionally, Lady Bee (the basic doll) is still available. And Lottie and my Christmas surprise has shipped. I cannot wait!

Photos property of Peak's Woods.

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