Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Hucky!

Hucky, LE full set, originally uploaded by alington.
Hucky is a limited edition Christmas event doll, also from Peak's Woods. She is the Fairy of Fairies sized (YoSD--26 cm or about 10-1/4") BJD, white skin, with a limited edition face-up and outfit. She included the wig and eyes shown, plus magnetic ears, which can be removed.

She is the first FOF Peak's Woods that I own, and I find her just adorable. You can see more photos of Hucky dressed, being deboxed, and also with Lottie, the SD-sized doll for size comparison. She's just too cute.

The basic doll (with this face-up, upon request) are still available from Peak's Woods, too. Check out Naomi while you're there--she's also cute, and now she's on my list as a friend for Hucky!

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  1. You must have been a REALLY good girl this year to be getting so many pretty dolls. Or are you painting over the coal you got and fooling us into thinking you were a good girl? ;^)


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