Monday, December 27, 2010

Peak's Woods - Don't forget!

My Lottie, normal skin.
There are some plans in the works for a Wake-Up version of one of their dolls (I believe it's Lottie) to be released on New Year's Day, according to a response to a question I posted not long before the Christmas event.

Here's the note I'm quoting [brackets mine]:
However I can tell you that we have some projects for next month, Christmas, and New Year's Day.
Our newest FOC is almost ready to be shown to the public which we are so excited about. [This was Lottie in November.]
And for the Merry Christmas, we will provide full set dolls each limited no more than three as Christmas presents. [These were the recently finished Christmas limited edition dolls.]
And nothing changes and we stick to the plan with no problems, we will have LE with our newest doll and her wake up version as sisters. [Ack! Maybe this is around New Years?]
Oh me, oh my, if it is... Eeek!

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