Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Lottie!

Meet Lottie!
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Eeek! She arrived today from Peak's Woods. She's super sweet. I can't believe it.

I wasn't sure what sort of face-up I would get, since I asked to change her several times. Peak's Woods said they'd surprise me with her face-up.

I ordered Lottie Ani, but changed my mind once I saw Lottie Real. So--I emailed them, and they said they'd give me someone special. She's like a little pixie!

Her eyes--they are her default and were included. And this is her default wig, also. The people at Peak's Woods know I love colored wigs, since I've ordered them before. I think she's perfect--and different from her promo photos. I adore her.

See more deboxing photos on Flickr, and I'll upload more dressed photos soon!


  1. Oh, she is a sweetie! And luckily, it was Colbear, NOT Lily or Nico assisting in the deboxing. Love the big blue eyes - interesting with the minty wig.

  2. Thanks, Blue! And yes, Bear did help with deboxing. But Lily did help in the later dressed photos. ;)


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