Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fancy BJDs

Hi everyone! I really need to catch up on my posts. For Christmas, I got a new Doll-Leaves BJD named Fay. She is almost the same size as my Bobobie Isabella. I got Fay from my siblings, but Alison In CA recommended her to them.

Here is Fay wearing her an extra outfit by K2 from Mint on Card and sitting on a cat tree next to the christmas tree. Good thing no cats were about to jump on it! Isabella is wearing Fay's full-set outfit and a new pair of shoes. The shoes are cute but they are too big for Fay! I was going to get more colors of the shoes until I tried them on her and they didn't fit. I'll be looking for some that hopefully fit Fay.

Fay is like a new Alice. Too bad the Alice collection didn't stay or Fay came earlier. But I sort of liked her to come at Christmas.

She came in three boxes. First her clothes, then all the other stuff like business cards and bookmarks from the Junky Spot. Finally, the doll! She came with wings but I forgot to put them on in the picture.

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while. I am going to (hopefully) post about some other dolls I got for Christmas and my birthday!

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  1. Very pretty doll! Glad you got her - I know how addictive your mom's hobby is. LOL, you're right Nico and Lily weren't around the cat tree - Nico would have "killed" her wig, since that looks like mohair.

    As for posting, well, post when you have something to post. No pressure! By the way, Merry Christmas (belated)!


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