Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TonnerDirect's 10th Day of Christmas

Save 15% off your order and get free shipping with the promo code DAY10 at checkout. For international customers, use the code DAY10INT for 15% off and a $9.95 shipping credit.

Valid for in-stock items only at TonnerDirect, and expires today at 11:59 PM EST, I would assume, as a new 9th day of Christmas should start tomorrow.


  1. I think you're right about the expiration being 11:59 PM EST. I'm getting my Tonner emails just after 9:00 PM PST and when I tried to use DAY11 last night at 9:30 PM PST Tonner's website told me the code had expired.

  2. Really? I'm getting mine first thing in the morning. (Val, you need to check the blog first, I'm telling you.) ;)

    So strange! It must be AOL's filters or something?

  3. Oh--I know--you could guess what the next day's code and special is going to be, maybe!! And post it? I bet it will be DAY9 And DAY9INT. ;)

  4. I'm just hoping the discount will go back up. I know 5% isn't a huge difference, especially considering that I want to use it to buy more hangers for my trunk. I'm sure you're right about how each day's discount code will look.

    I'll post tonight what Tonner emails me.


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