Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet Espree

Happy Holidays, everyone! Just popping in to wish everyone that, and to share some pics of my newest doll, Espree by Bobobie who is finally ready to make her debut. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any holiday finery yet, maybe next year. ;-)

Her face up is by Leah Lilly of Froggy Duds, her wardrobe is sewn by yours truly, and wigs by Monique Gold. I have no idea about her eyes, but she does need some better fitting ones.

 She's on an immature MSD body, so she's a youngster. If there is anything else you want to know, please ask!


  1. Wow--she looks fantastic, Lori! Great job on that dress, and Leah Lilly did a smashing job on her face-up. She's amazing! Congratulations!

    I think Espress wears either 14mm or 16mm eyes. I find that for my Bobobie girls, when you angle their eyes in slightly (to give them a little bit of a cross-eyed look), they look a bit more natural. I think it's their sculpts--their eyes seem to be sculpted large, with the eyes far apart. Plus it takes me like 5 tries to get the eyes looking natural. ;)

    How do you find her stringing? I've had to tighten/restring and suede both Fei and Lan, right out of the box. But once that's done, they pose great.

  2. Thanks, Alison. :)

    These are 14mm eyes, and they seem a bit small in her head...I know what you mean about taking 5 tries! I had at least that many.

    Her stringing is very loose and she's really quite floppy. I did some sueding, but may have to look into restringing over the summer. Hopefully you have a good tutorial! lol

  3. Wow--I'd definitely try the 16mm then. I hate to even suggest it, but possibly silicone would be a good bet for her--I'm sure they'd be an easier fit.

    And I promise I'll have a good restringing tutorial by this summer. ;)


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