Monday, December 13, 2010

Latest Peak's Woods limited editions...

Limited Edition Sky, with special face-up, from Peak's Woods.
A limited edition Sky with full face-up is available now, and she's adorable. Retail is $580.16, which save you 7% off her normal price, and she'll ship right after your payment is make in full. She's a normal skin, large bust doll, and included extra hands, blue acrylic 16mm eyes and a random wig. (No outfit.)
Wake-Up Cue, LE.

Additionally, several other limited dolls are still available: The limited Wake-Up Cue (with normal skin and large bust) is available. She includes random 18mm eyes, a random wig and an extra pair of hands. She's also selling for $580.16.
LE Full-set Goldie.

And the full-set Wake-Up Goldie for $721.80 is also still available. She is a limited face-up with lots of gold shadow, and includes a DollHeart outfit and shoes, plus she's a white skin version with blue 18mm eyes, black wig and extra hands.

Photos property of Peak's Woods.

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