Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker

I finally got around to deboxing my newest Poppy Parker.  For those that are collectors of this line, you know the faceups have changed since the previous incarnations.  The main change has been with the eyes and collectors are divided over the changes.  There are those that loved the old version and hate the new change and those that never collected her before and love the new Poppy's.  I guess I fall somewhere in the middle.  I absolutely loved the older versions, well only the ones with side-glancing eyes, and it took a bit to warm up to this new version.

Now that I've had her out of the box and have been photographing her, I totally love her.  The fashion on this one is what drew me to her.  She reminded me of Sandra Dee in "Take Her, She's Mine" in which she gets caught up in the Beatnik culture.  I'm also loving her as a platinum blond, which I don't have in my collection of Poppy's. 

Great detail on the jacket, cute little high waisted fitted skirt with belt, black turtleneck and tights.  Cute little black beret and slip on patent mules with little bows complete the "Beatnik" look. 

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