Friday, February 11, 2011

Tea Party Crasher

Tea Party Crasher, originally uploaded by alington.
Tea Party Crasher is the name of this gorgeous doll by the Tonner Doll Company. She stands only 10" high. She's a miniaturized version of the Alice Kingsleigh sculpt on a bendy-wrist Tiny Kitty body.

She's wearing the tea-pot dress from the Tim Burton movie. I've washed the copious gel from her hair and have restyled in slightly.

She has high-heel feet and flat "ribbon" shoes. No jewelry. But she is simply adorable!

Check out lots more photos on Flickr!


  1. Very pretty, would she be able to wear Barbie clothes?

  2. Her body is a little different than Barbie. She can wear some Barbie clothes, though her feet are bigger (Momoko sized).

    She is shorter than Barbie, and her body is more realistically proportioned than Barbie--her waist is thicker, and her hips are bigger, and her breasts are a bit smaller.

    Also, her hands come off, so you can dress her more easily. She's really a fun little doll. She is the same as Tonner's (Effanbee's) Tiny Kitty and Simone Rouge.

  3. Oh--but this version has elbows and knees that bend, plus her wrists bend, too. The one shown there is the ballerina Tiny Kitty. But her proportions are the same (she looks taller because of her en pointe feet).

  4. Tiny Kitty size? Oooooh I see a dolly clothes swap party in my house! Gorgeous doll, I love that sculpt.


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