Saturday, May 30, 2009

FR Nippon Posh Girl

FR Nippon Posh, originally uploaded by alington.

Posh Girl is a limited edition 500 FR Nippon doll that has also found her home with me. She's got an adorable face--complete with freckles--and soft auburn curls. Her outfit is a hip black and gray wool (mini houndstooth) dress with gray tights.

A couple of things I should point out about the outfit--Integrity spares no expense when crafting these dolls. This doll is actually flat-footed. She has a hinged ankle, which slid in easily to these amazing black patent shoes. (I didn't even need to retie them.) (The Wu logo is printed on the bottom sole.)

In addition, check out her coordinating bag. It's really amazing! I just love the details. It snaps closed, and it has purse charms (or perhaps her keys?) attached to one of the rings. Perfectly scaled and very well done--I'm very impressed.

Be sure to check out the rest of Posh Girl's photo shoot on my Flickr photostream or my Mobile Me gallery.

I love these (pricey) dolls so much, I am seriously considering pairing down my current Integrity collection to include only my historical reimagined dolls, and then freeing up the budget to add more of these lovely Nippon dolls. They are so wonderful and quirky--but not only do you have to count on paying (full) retail price for these dolls, you usually have to pay international shipping as well.

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