Monday, May 18, 2009

Save $13 off any purchase at Wilde Imagination

Save $13 off any purchase of $75 or more at Wilde Imagination, using the code SPRING at checkout. Offer valid through June 1, 2009 only. Plus there's lots of great new items there, including these terrific new items:

Pop Goes Oz:
  • Dorothy, retail $139 - in stock now. She has brown hair and blue eyes, and includes a designer saddle stand. Her outfit includes the white blouse, gingham jumper and matching hair ribbons, slip, stockings, designer Toto necklace, basket, and awesome ruby red boots. Limited edition of 500.
  • Glinda, retail $149 - estimated to ship June 1, 2009. She has gorgeous red curls and blue eyes. Glinda is sporting a gorgeous pink gown, matching hair ribbons, slip, designer layered jewelry, sparkling pink hose with matching gauntlets, crown and butterfly tattoo, and pink boots. Limited edition of 500.
  • Wicked Witch of the West, retail $139 - in stock now. Raven hair with brown eyes and green skin, the witch is wearing a top, pleated skirt, belt and jacket, arm gauntlets, hat, boots and a winged monkey accessory. Limited edition of 500.
Evangeline Ghastly
  • Eternal Evangeline, $135. Vinyl ball-jointed, raven wigged doll, 17", with violet inset eyes.
  • Eternal Evangeline, Too, $135. Vinyl ball-jointed, platinum wigged doll, 17", with grey-green inset eyes.
  • Moonlit Shadows, $185. Vinyl ball-jointed, red rooted green eyed doll, 17" tall, fully dressed.
  • Two new full outfits, plus 11 new separates and one new complete set, which fit both the 17" vinyl and 19" resin Evangeline dolls.
Ellowyne Wilde
  • Baroque 'N Dreams dressed doll, LE 1000. Brunette Ellowyne, with green eyes, with decorated skirt, sash, velvet shirt, jacket, stockings, period-style shoes. $139.
  • I Wait Alone dressed doll, LE 1000. Long red curls with green eyes, white lace gown, slip, stockings, matching boots and hair ribbons. $139. (I love this girl!)
  • Two new outfits, and lots of new separates and accessories.
Photos courtesy Wilde Imagination.

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