Saturday, May 30, 2009

My growing FR Nippon wish list

If only these FR Nippon dolls were easier to obtain in the states, I'd be much better off, I think.
My wish list is getting only a little bit out of hand. The regular Fashion Royalty dolls in my curio are quaking with fear, as I ponder which of them to sell or trade up to obtain the dolls on my list...
  • Bonjour Amelie, a limited edition of 250 (new release June 2009 and still available, as far as I know, from
  • Pretty Party, LE 300, an exclusive from Toy and Goods Trading (and she's still in stock and pricey, but gorgeous)
  • On The Go Destination: New York (LE 300--the platinum doll)
  • On The Go Destination: London (LE 300--with yellow hair), and this one was a gift set
  • Chao Japan, Dolly-Style convention exclusive, LE 500 (I just love the Campbell Soup dress. I just saw this doll on sale at the DollExpo store yesterday for a pretty penny!)
Photos courtesy Integrity Toys.

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