Monday, May 25, 2009

Still Plays with Dolls - Preorder savings on DollHeart

One of my favorite online stores, Still Plays with Dolls, is now carrying DollHeart, a high ends, extraordinarily detailed line of clothing for SD, MSD and YOSD sized ball-jointed dolls, both boys and girls. Through May 27, for Players Club Members (free to join when you spend just $100), you can take advantage of their special Club pricing, which will save you about 10% off their retail prices of pre-ordered items.
The items require a small deposit, and most will be delivered in June and July. I'm thrilled to see that the Alice Fantasy outfit (originally created in 2007) is being reissued!
DollHeart often uses Peak's Woods dolls for its models, which is how I was originally introduced to my own doll--and then I saw Sky in two issues of Haute Doll as well.

Also, while you're there--check to see if they happen to have any resin Goodreau dolls on sale still. I saw a resin Secret and a resin Whisper listed for just $155! (These girls are MSD sized dolls, and come with interchangeable eyes, and are wonderful. They retail for $310.) Don't forget to order a wig and an outfit for them, though--as they come nude and bald.
Photos courtesy Doll Heart.

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