Thursday, May 28, 2009

To bookmark: The Doll Index Page

This is a Geocities site, The Doll Index page, with lots of doll stories as well as real-life photos of Barbies, Tonner Dolls, Franklin Mint dolls and others, that you must check out before Geocities stops running. I'm trying to talk the owner to port her site over to another hosting service--I think the site is really fun!
My favorites are the candid photos of the dolls (under Requested Doll Pictures). You can only get so much from a promotional photo of a doll, I think, and what is a better gauge is a real-life photo of a doll de-boxed and in use, posed and in play! That's what you'll find on this site--complete with entertaining story lines
So go check it out, and then come back and leave a comment or request a photo. Maybe Gina will read your comment and see she needs to port her site over to Blogger.

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