Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dolls on my wish list - Marie Antoinette Barbie

This porcelain Barbie is one of my ultimate grail dolls, and is part of the Women of Royalty collection. She's simply gorgeous, with her hair and her gown, and her soft facial screening.

Perhaps a little on the expensive side, this doll fits in perfectly with my historically themed dolls. (You have to just aim high, I say.)

Photo by Gisele Gipaba, and used with permission. Thank you!


  1. I think she is a grail to many, she is mine as well. I'm not actively pursuing her though, she's just one I'd like to look at once in a while and *sigh*. LOL.

    I went to a barbie fair and the seller let me hold her (boxed, of course) she's even more stunning in real life!

  2. I know what you mean, Carima. I'm not exactly actively pursuing her either--because of her price. Maybe if I won the lottery--which would be a miracle, as I don't play, LOL!

    I would love to see her in person--how cool to be able to! :) Thanks for sharing!


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