Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LE Peak's Woods Hucky fullset

My first Peak's Woods doll has arrived! Isn't she just adorable? This Fairy of Fairy tales is a mere 10.5" tall. She was a limited edition of one and is part of the Peak's Woods Christmas Event. She was shipped to me in just three days so it wasn't too hard to wait for her. She came with 2 pairs of extra hands, brown eyes, normal skin, an FOF Little Audrey blond wig, and a limited face-up. Her two-piece outfit is tagged Love Apple, and the shoes are by Doll Heart. I love the hair-bow which is attached to a thin wire which sits nicely on her head and is easily concealed for photos. Thanks, Alison for introducing me to these beautiful and fun dolls.

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  1. Oh--she is adorable, Kathie! Her outfit, face-up, and wig--altogether--she is perfect! I love her!

    I am almost afraid to see her in person, because I know that means I'm going to have to add one of these adorable tinies to my collection, too. :)

    So glad you've joined me over here on the "dark side." ;)


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