Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Kaye Wiggs MSD BJD, Layla, available for preorder from Jpop

Layla. Photo property of Kaye Wiggs.
Kaye Wiggs' new doll Layla is now available for pre-order from Jpop Dolls, limited one per customer. She is an MSD-sized doll (45 cm, about 16-17") and she's very cute and pouty.

Estimate delivery date is between February and April 2011. She will arrive to you nude with a face-up, with violet glass eyes, and with no wig.

Her retail price is $510 for the fair skin version and $535 for the tan skin version. Jpop is taking pre-orders through December 31, and then production will start.


  1. Hi Kaye, I used to make your porcelain dolls with my teacher, June Marrs on the Sunshine Coast of Qld. I've been following your dolls through June and I have downloaded some of the knitting patterns which I am finding difficulty with the wording. I don't understand what PM (Place Marker) means. Is there something I'm not catching on to? I would appreciate some advice. Warm Regards Robyne Russell

    1. Hi Robyne--
      I'm sorry, but this isn't Kaye's blog. I don't actually know her personally, so I can't help you!



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