Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sold out LE at Peak's Woods

Limited edition of 2 FOC full set Yulli, sold out.
This lovely girl is the 15th limited edition BJD offered by Peak's Woods from their limited edition specials. Thank goodness she's also sold out already. She's also on my list. (My wish list at Peak's Woods is pretty long, if you have not gathered this already.)

Yulli with limited edition face-up
Yulli included the limited face-up, pink wig, eyes, and the outfit and boots shown. Isn't she cool? I love funky colored hair on dolls.

I recently had a fellow doll collector ask what the difference between a limited face-up and a regular face-up was, and this doll is a great example.

Yulli with basic face-up
In Yulli's case, the lips are the biggest difference. With the basic doll, I have always considered this doll an open-mouth sculpt. With the limited edition make-up, however, the lips have been painted in lighter shades in the center, so it looks like she has a poutier mouth and bee-sting lips instead.

Additionally, the eye shading makes a significant difference in the doll as well. The limited edition has more liner at the bottom inner corner of her eye, which makes them look more defined, and possibly makes them look closer together. It also changes the appearance of her nose.

I like both versions of the doll. Peak's Woods is a great company, and does fantastic face-ups. If you want something specific, you can always ask. Now, I will need to decide which style I like better, when I finally do add Yulli to my collection.

All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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  1. I perhaps should make a note--Peak's Woods charges $60 for a face-up, limited or basic. Many companies charge similar amounts for a quality face-up. They really do look like their photos, and they are worth it, in my opinion.


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