Friday, July 31, 2009

New Fall/Holiday Collection at Tonner Doll!

Lots of new goodies went live today at 5 PM EST at Tonner Doll. Check them out:
  1. New Basic DeeAnna Denton™ $99.99 LE500 (cute new blonde)
  2. Va, Va, Voom! Basic Peggy Harcourt™ $99.99 LE500 (redhead and brunette) new sculpt!
  3. More Than You Can Chew Peggy Harcourt™ $199.99 LE300 (dressed doll) blonde
  4. Favorite to Win outfit $99.99 LE300
  5. Sweet & Haughty oufit $99.99 LE300
  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall $199.99 LE1000 new sculpt Queen--I love her!
  2. Beauty Dressed Doll $199.99 LE1000 new sculpt, and she's adorable
  3. Belle $149.99 LE1000 dressed in her basic dress
  1. Dancing with a Star dressed doll $179.99 LE500
  2. Dinner with Ol' Blue Eyes dressed doll $179.99 LE500
  3. Red Baroness dressed doll $179.99 LE500
  1. Simon Chase™ dressed doll, $189.99 LE400 (no images yet)
  2. Ultra Basic Simon and Jeremy $54.99 LE300 (also no images, and these will be TonnerDirect exclusives)
  3. Various shoes
  • Brand new character - Monica Merrill™: She's 16" tall and shares Tyler's bust and convertible feet, but has inset acrylic eyes. She comes in both wigged and rooted hair styles.
  1. Sweet Nothings basic doll $89.99
  2. SoHo a Go-Go dressed doll $174.99 LE500
  3. Jonquil Sass dressed doll $169.99 LE500
  4. Taking a Letter dressed doll $169.99 LE500
  5. Girl Friday outfit $99.99 LE500
  6. Jazz Baby outfit $89.99 LE500
  • Hollywood Glamour Collection - new line designed for Tyler Wentworth 16" sized bodies - gorgeous! Seven new outfits, ranging from $99.99 to $129.99, white, gold, red, pink, blue, black & silver and chartreuse.
  • Antoinette - I'm thrilled to see more additions of both dressed dolls (all with the Cameo skin tone, though) and outfits:
  1. Evocative TonnerDirect Exclusive $249.99 LE150
  2. Pure (another raven with blue eyes) $174.99 LE400
  3. Exceptional (auburn in a white evening gown) $229.99 LE300
  4. Extravagant $249.99 LE250
  5. Three new outfits--and I love all three--two listed for $99.99 and one for $109.99
  6. Three new shoe packs
  • First Mate Piggy $159.99 LE1000 (from Pigs in Space)
  • NYCB has added a few new dolls, in addition to Peppermint Twist also:
  1. Fiddle-Dee-Dee (inspired by Gone with the Wind) $199.99 LE250
  2. Moonlight & Magnolias (also GWTW inspired) $199.99 LE250
  1. Ginny Weasley™ at Hogwarts™ $159.99 LE1000 sculpted in the likeness of Bonnie Wright
  2. Lucius Malfoy™ Death Eater™ $249.99 LE1000 sculpted in the likeness of Jason Isaacs
  • My favorite line - ReImagination has a bunch of new dolls--Tonner Character Figures, or the Athletic Female Bodies and Superheros are used for these new dolls!
  1. Forest Frolic - Red Riding Hood (Diana Deluxe sculpt on Athletic Female Body) $234.99 LE500
  2. This Dish is Too Hot - Goldilocks (Circe Deluxe sculpt on Athletic Female Body) $219.99 LE500
  3. Glutton for Gingerbread - Hansel (Hal head sculpt on Superhero Male Body) $189.99 LE300
  4. Insatiable Sweet Tooth - Gretel (Pamela Deluxe sculpt on Athletic Female Body) $224.99 LE300
  • Sinister Circus Dolls - gothic circus dolls that are over the top (at least for Tonner). I love them, though they won't be to everyone's taste!
  1. Brute - Batman sculpt on Superhero male body $224.99 LE1000 (love his mohawk and skull dumbbells)
  2. Ring Mistress - Breathless as we haven't seen her before on convertible foot body -- $209.99 LE1000
  3. Lucine -- Sister Dreary sculpt, on convertible foot body $199.99 LE1000
  4. Teezer - Sean sculpt on Matt's body $189.99 LE1000
  5. Giggles - Muchkin head on Marley body
  6. The Waif - Alice's Sister sculpt on teen body $179.99 LE1000
  1. Au Printemps Renée: gorgeous new blue dress with matching satin jacket, LE500, $179.99
  2. L'Hiver Louise: black sheath dress with embroidered coat with faux fur collar, LE500 $179.99
  1. The first new dressed doll listed is a gorgeous blonde Daphne. Thrilled to see her again (but I wish she was brunette!). An Evening with Simon $189.99 LE500
  2. Wentworth Dynasty dressed Tyler 1.0 $174.99 LE500
  3. Guilty Pleasure dressed Kit (love her!) $179.99 LE 500
  4. The Eyes Have It Sydney (could it be any pinker? Wow!) $224.99 LE200
  5. A Night To Remember Tyler (so classic Tyler) $219.99 LE500
  6. Corporate Couture outfit $109.99 LE 100 (Sydney is gorgeous!!)
  7. Convertible Cocktail outfit $89.99 LE500
Anything you have to have? Anything you love or adore? I have to say, I was shocked and delighted by the Sinister Circus dolls! I will be adding at least one to my collection.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New default makeup on Peak's Woods BJDs

Peak's Woods has changed the default face-up on their dolls, including the Mintie sculpt (which formerly offered two options). Now, all dolls will be shipped with this default makeup, when a face-up is requested. It's an additional $60 upcharge to request a face-up.
These lovely ladies are currently vying for a place in my collection, as a friend for Sky:
Who do you like best? I'm kind of leaning towards a normal-skin Wake Up Cue, with an extra Cue head, since she'd be most versatile. They also used to carry a sleeping Cue--in fact, this doll is still listed on the Doll Heart website, but I've been reading on Den of Angels that that is not the fastest the way to go when ordering Peak's Woods dolls.
Photos courtesy Peak's Woods.

How Not to Negotiate Your Doll Budget...

From my Dolls Magazine blog:
Here are some tips on how not to negotiate your doll budget with your significant other. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth have their place when it comes to relationships, but not in your doll budget.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Tonner Fall/Holiday catalog blog and drawing!

Visit the new blog for the Fall/Holiday Catalog at Tonner Doll's website, and sign up for the free drawing! You have to leave a comment at the first blog post in order to sign up for the raffle.

The new collection will be released on Friday, July 31.

Photo courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Emphatic Antoinette in Hypnotic

Emphatic Antoinette in Hypnotic, originally uploaded by alington.

Here is lovely Antoinette Emphatic, one of my new additions, whom I purchased as a split (from Dreamcastle Dolls), dressed in Hypnotic. She's just got a gorgeous face, I think--perfect smokey eyes, even without painted lashes.

I'm also trying out the new background in my bedroom--red walls (woo hoo). So please pardon the exposure issues.

You can see more photos of this doll on Flickr, or larger photos of her on Mobile Me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anya in Froggy Duds

Anya, originally uploaded by alington.

Anya, my Kim Lasher BJD, is dressed in her original skirt and wig, and she's wearing a custom made hand-knit camisole by Brenda from Froggy Duds.

I am so thrilled with both the price and quality of this sweater--the scale of the stitches is just perfect, and there is a pink ribbon detail that's adorable. Plus it closes in the back with snaps, so it's easy to dress the doll (and it fits exactly, since Brenda also owns the same doll).

I can recommend Froggy Duds with the my highest rating! Go visit the store now and see if there is anything you need--they do both knitting and sewing for all sorts of dolls there.

Check out the rest of Anya's photo shoot on Flickr or larger photos on Mobile Me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Nippon Dolls from Doll-Collectible

Two new Fashion Royalty Nippon dolls are available for preorder from Doll-Collectible. Both dolls remind me of harlequin clowns. Super cute, if I may add my two cents:
  • Mod Misaki is listed for 14,763 yen with their 5% discount (currently about $155 US). She's a cute blonde Misaki sculpt, in a black and white costume with a ruff. I love her shoes!
  • Royal Amelie is listed at 14297 yen with their 5% discount (currently about $150 US). She's a strawberry blonde curly haired Amelie sculpt, wearing a harlequin outfit with a black puffy skirt. I adore her stockings.
Edition sizes aren't yet listed, but they are listed as limited. You must preorder by August 1 and pay for your items by August 3. Doll-Collectible does ship to the US, and their service is reliable, but EMS shipping is pretty pricey (just FYI).
Photos courtesy Integrity Toys.

Sky as Alice Shepherdess

Sky as Alice Shepherdess, originally uploaded by alington.

My Peak's Woods BJD Sky has her first outfit. It was a commission by the talented Michele Hardy, who I heartily recommend. The outfit is a bohemian shepherdess style, in Alice in Wonderland colors. The outfit consists of several pieces:

  • a white stretch lace tube top
  • a blue microsuede corset which laces closed with a black lace bow
  • a pair of striped sleeves with white trim
  • a pair of striped white trimmed bloomers
  • a gorgeous tiered printed skirt which laces closed in the front with lots of layers of black and white lace and blue tulle
  • striped blue socks
  • a black hair bow
  • a heart charm necklace
Sky is wearing white shoes by Doll Heart. The wig is also by Michele, and it's Tibetan wool. I think Sky looks great as a blonde. (Sky is an SD-sized doll, about 58 cm tall, and she's a large bust model with white skin and a factory face-up.)

You can see more photos of her on Flickr, or more and larger photos on Mobile Me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Secret

Secret in Wavy Blonde, originally uploaded by alington.

My resin Secret by Goodreau has been redressed for summer. One of my favorite sculpts, she's always fresh and elegant.

She's sporting the wavy blonde wig (originally China Blossom's wig, also by Goodreau), which has been pulled back into a ponytail. I have her dressed in a hand-made top with pin tucks and a bow detail.

You can see her full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery or a few more photos on Flickr. Hope you have a great July weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Fall/Holiday 2009 Catalog at Tonner Doll

I just heard the complete line should be posted by 5 PM EST on Friday, July 31 (that's one week from tomorrow), on Tonner's website. Be there or be square!

In the meantime, you can check out their Fall/Holiday Preview, which is already live.

Save $15 from Tonner Direct - last three days...

Use the promo code HARRY at check out, and save $15 off any purchase of $75 or more from Tonner Direct. The offer code expires at midnight (EST) on July 26, 2009.

It can only be used on in-stock items, and only on new orders.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Luchia as a Blushing Bride

Luchia in Blushing Bride, originally uploaded by alington.

The lovely Bewitching Hour Luchia (a W Club exclusive) is celebrating her special day in a Dressmaker Details gown, Blushing Bride. I actually made an effort to pose the doll for these photos, which I should probably do more often.

The gown is well made--it's got a heavy bodice, and the embroidered satin circle skirt also has a short train, which can be bustled to show off the pink tulle petticoat underneath. The cathedral length veil has sparkling sequin accents. The outfit also includes a beaded tiara, pearl necklace and earrings, white pumps, a white bouquet and a blue garter.

You can see her full photoshoot on my Mobile Me gallery (with larger photos) or a shorter version on Flickr. Enjoy!

Ten more reasons to buy a new doll...

Like you need them, but here they are...

Check out my latest post on my new Dolls Magazine Voices of the Industry blog, The Doll Addiction. I think the bugs have been worked out now; meaning, I have now figured out how to enter my password correctly. (How embarrassing, says the Mac user who never has to remember anything herself!)

I should be updating this new blog two or three times each week, and I'll let you readers know when I do. It should be a more conversational blog than this one, and hopefully, fun and interesting to read. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashion Royalty dolls at Marl & B

I saw a couple of dolls I want from Marl & B... I mean, Fashion Royalty dolls on sale and available now from Marl & B! Maybe you can put them on your wish list, too!
  • Deconstruction Sight - Eugenia W Club exclusive, listed for $159.99. Love her short dark hair.
  • LifeBall - This new sculpt and charity event doll is available for $349.99. She's a limited edition of just 250 pieces.
Photos courtesy Integrity Toys.

New Chicago Comic Con Exclusives listed at Tonner Direct

Two new items are listed at Tonner Direct. These aren't available for sale, yet, but I'm sure if there are items leftover from the Chicago event, they will be for sale.
  • Feline Fatale Catwoman™: a limited edition of 200, this Tonner Character Figure retails for $174.99, and features the 17" athletic body. She's wearing a purple velvet bodysuit, faux leather armbands, lace-up boots and belt, and has a cat hood and whip for accessories.
  • Quest to Avalon Lara Croft™: another 17" athletic body doll, this limited edition of 100, the price is yet to be determined, this doll is wearing a wetsuit with contrasting collar and working zippers, and includes a scuba tank. Her accessories include a faux leather belt, holsters and dual pistols.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Feelin' Fierce Jett

Feelin' Fierce Jett, originally uploaded by alington.

Another Dynamite Girl has also made her arrival at our house, Feelin' Fierce Jett. She traveled with Dani from Vogue Collectibles, a shop that comes with my highest ratings, but she's listed as wait-list only. Angelic Dreamz currently has her listed for sale for $39.99 as well.

Jett's outfit is top-notch: a silver lamé trench coat with a working belt, over the top of a black chiffon blouse, white jeans with working front and back pockets and a black belt, black and pink pumps, and a satin beret. Accessories include sunglasses, and pink patent tote with two style "magazines."

You can see a few more photos on my Flickr photostream or larger photos and the full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jason Wu, dolls and real-life fashion on

An interesting article on how Integrity Toys and fashion designer Jason Wu uses dolls in real life--check it out.
Photos courtesy Integrity Toys.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feelin' Fierce Dani

Feelin' Fierce Dani, originally uploaded by alington.

She's here, she's here! I was thrilled to open my newest Dynamite Girl, Feelin' Fierce Dani. She's just wonderful.

A Canadian exclusive, I bought her from Vogue Collectibles, who I highly recommend. They have great customer service and excellent prices (including reasonable shipping), plus they let you know when your preorder arrives and ships, and they care about when your order gets into your hands. Also, you might want to check out their current specials--they have some great prices on Barbies, Tonner and Integrity items!

Back to Dani--she's a new sculpt with a pale skin tone, raven hair, violet eyes, dramatic face-up and fuchsia lips. Her fuchsia strapless dress has a petal motive and black accents. She's wearing black fishnets and fuchsia and black pumps. Plus, she has a short sequined jacket with amazing details, and black fingerless gloves. Her mesh hair net is accented with a bow. She also includes sunglasses and a sweet black poodle on a chain.

Check out more photos on Flickr or her full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery. And go buy one before she's sold out! She's a great price at only $39.99!

A quick note: I originally ordered this doll for my daughter's collection of Dynamite Girls, but I'm not sure I can share this doll! How pathetic is that? Does that make me the recipient of the worst mother of the year award??

R&D Spotlight blog

I just came across this blog today--referenced on the Dynamite Girls Yahoo Group--for R&D's website. What was of particular interest to me--there are some really fun photos on here of their exclusive Electro Pop Susie (the exclusive Dynamite Girl), and she's really cute.
Check out some really great photos of her on Flickr. Here is a link to her set on Flickr. This photographer really got some fun shots of her--outdoor photos, also. I was delighted to see the ones of her standing on her own, also! She's really fun.

Yikes, she adorable!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whisper in Cher Midnight

Whisper in Cher Midnight, originally uploaded by alington.

I've swapped out Whisper's eyes with China Blossom's slightly smaller amber eyes, and they look really nice.

She's dressed in Michele Hardy's OOAK Alice in Wonderland outfit here, and is sporting a long wig, Cher in Midnight (a black wig with blue highlights). Very fun. I actually put her in the darker wig upon a request from another collector, since she's almost always a blonde in my collection, and I actually love her in the dark wig, too--especially with brown eyes!

These dolls are a lot of fun--lots of versatility for play and customization with their interchangeable eyes and wigs. I'd love to get a Peak's Woods doll at some point with different heads--sleeping and awake, as well. Maybe someday... it's on my wishlist.

Check out the rest of Whisper's photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Fall/Holiday 2009 Dolls at Tonner Doll

Several new dolls are up at the Tonner Doll site. I heard from my dealer, Dreamcastle Dolls, that these dolls are available to ship now. These are the initial release of the 2009 Fall/Holiday collection. Here are the details:
  1. Flower Pot Spectator
  2. Lullaby Munchkin
  3. The Coroner
  • Ballerina - Peppermint Twist. According to the website, a studio shot of this doll should be up by next week.
The rest of the Fall/Holiday line should be up by the end of the month.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Antoinette Evocative Exclusive from Tonner Direct

Available for pre-order exclusively from Tonner Direct, this 16" Antoinette™, Evocative, would be a lovely addition to any collection. She retails for $249.99 and is a limited edition of just 150 dolls.
Evocative features the pale cameo skin tone with green eyes with dark hair (I can't tell from the photos whether it's raven or mink). Her gown is made from red silk shantung, accented with velvet flowers, with lots of shirring, a train and a sexy side slit. Accessories include opera-length gloves, pantyhose, and a coordinating hat made from velveteen petals. She also is wearing matching a bracelet and earrings. Her shoes are to die for--adorable red flocked sling back pumps with bows. An interesting note--the dress and gloves are lined in a neutral fabric to prevent staining.

To pre-order, you have to call Tonner Direct. I think I saw that she's scheduled to ship in the fall (on the back of the most recent Doll Reader magazine). I think she's lovely--if a little pricey.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Any Australian Readers?? Free Barbie with subscription!

If you love fashion magazines, I just saw a post about this deal on another list. It's too expensive for me (since I live in the States!), but maybe it would be better if you live in Australia.
Subscribe to Vogue Australia, and your subscription will include a free Shopgirl Barbie, valued at AU$119.95. It's AU$75 for the year, AU$40 for six months if you live in Australia. If you're in the States (like me), it's AU$170 (about $132 US) for the year (and only a year is available).

I have to admit--Vogue is one of my favorite free-time reads, though, especially non-US versions of the magazine... and I'm sorely tempted!
Photo courtesy Mattel.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Harmoni in Going Green

Harmoni in Going Green, originally uploaded by alington.
Here are a few more photos of Harmoni, a Butterfly Child BJD by Berdine Creedy. She dressed her in her original outfit, Going Green, and wearing one of her two original wigs, Hannah in bleach blonde and lime green (by Monique Gold).

These photos are the first photos I have taken of my dolls outside in our backyard, but they definitely won't be my last. I have decided I love outdoor photos of dolls--they have great light, and they are lots of fun. But I have to admit I was a little afraid the resin doll would fall over on the concrete and either chip or scratch--neither of which happened.

You can see a few more photos of Harmoni on Flickr or see the full photo shoot with larger photos on my Mobile Me gallery.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive by Tonner Doll

The two exclusive Comic-Con event dolls have been announced and can be seen (but not purchased--though they will be available online if there are any leftover after the convention) on TonnerDirect's website:
  • The Black Canary™ Deluxe is a new Tonner Character Figure (17"), LE 200 in a pewter faux leather body suit, with a matching jacket, lace-up thigh-high boots, fishnets stockings, mesh arm bands and a choker. Retail price is $175.
  • Hungry, Edward from Twilight™ is another limited edition of 200, retailing for $129.99. He features black eyes, and comes dressed in a long-sleeved tee and dark jeans, socks, faux leather shoes with real laces, and a faux leather bracelet with the Cullen family crest.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

A new blog...

I'm a voice of the industry! Check out my new blog for Dolls Magazine, The Doll Addiction, when you get a chance, and leave a comment for me. (A positive one would be nice.) Yay!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sky with Blue Eyes

Sky with blue eyes, originally uploaded by alington.

In my discovery of Mack's Silicone Ear Plugs, I've been recklessly changing my BJDs eyes. Sky, my Peak's Woods SD-sized resin doll, included two pairs of eyes, and I recently changed them to blue. I think they suit her well, especially while she's dressed in the Mod Alice dress by Nankattz. I have a thing for blue-eyed ravens, I guess.

See a few more photos on Flickr, or the full photo shoot with larger and full-length photos on my Mobile Me gallery.

I also have to confess, of late, I've been hanging around the Peak's Woods website a little too frequently. Plus, I've been checking out the in-stock dolls at Denver Doll and noticing that Dollesque offers free shipping with the purchase of any BJD from Peak's Woods. Maybe after all my summer pre-orders are paid off, then I will consider a layaway for a friend for Sky.

My top two choices right now are Goldie and Mintie. But I need to think about it some more. And wow, did I pick the wrong year to switch over to a cash-based system!

Or maybe I can hope my husband will blow a ton of money (like on that new Nikon lens he's been obsessing over) and feel really guilty about it, and maybe he will buy me a new BJD without my having to do layaway! Now, what else can we fight about?

So just kidding, honey! (I know he reads this blog sometimes!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Sun

The Sun, originally uploaded by alington.

One of my recent additions, The Sun, has arrived. By Tonner Doll, she's a Cinderella sculpt on a small-bust fashion body, and she represents Juliet from the classic Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. I love her funky "reimagined" outfit. She even includes a small dagger.

She has raven curls (which I have not yet rinsed) and blue eyes, and a super neutral lip color and face-up, which I appreciate. It seems to make her face much less round.

Her dress is a modern interpretation of medieval style--an above-the knee pannier skirt empire waist gown in black velvet with slate blue satin ruffles and gold trim. The gown is surprisingly detailed. It's held up by "invisible" straps. The outfit also includes a white lace three-quarter sleeve shrug that ties at the elbows. In addition, she came with black lace tights, high lacing black shoes, and a ribbon choker.

The earrings are by LVNV Dolls (this doll did not include earrings--a fault of many ReImagination series dolls, in my humble opinion), and they happen to match very well.

You can see a few other photos on my Flickr photostream, or her entire photo shoot with larger photos on my Mobile Me gallery. I will need to reshoot to get a few full-length shots, which came out blurry this time around.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New message forum - Dollywood

Dollywood is a message forum is designed for the collector 18 years and older for posting all kinds of pictures of fashion dolls with a fierce angle. There is a chat room available as well.

No prejudices or boundaries--just fierce dolls. It's a great board so far, and it just opened on July 3. Go check it out and introduce yourself!

New items at Superfrock

Innoquii is now proudly selling its porcelain nurse doll, a lovely 14" tall limited edition of 300. She has black hair and violet glass eyes with applied lashes, red lips, pierced ears. Her tattoos are mostly medically related--a syringe, pills, various symbols and a barcode.
Her outfit includes underwear, a white cotton dress and organza apron, white nurse's hat and transparent IV handbag. She's selling for 200 GBP.

Also, a new accessory pack called Knife is on sale today as well. 35GBP will get you a new bag, matching stiletto heels and nameplate necklace.
Photos courtesy Superfrock.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Harmoni in Pink

Harmoni in Pink, originally uploaded by alington.

My newest Berdine Creedy doll has arrived, Harmoni. She's actually from the 2008 Butterfly Child collection, a 12-3/4" resin ball-jointed doll, which I got on a great sale from Sweetheart's Dolls. This size is just so perfect for play and photography--easy to dress, fun to pose.

This is not her original outfit, though I do plan to photograph that soon as well. Harmoni is shown here in an exclusive outfit for Sweetheart's Dolls by Michele Hardy called Precious in Pink. It just suited her too well not to snap a few photos. You can see a few of them on Flickr or the full photoshoot on Mobile Me.

Harmoni includes two wigs (a blonde bob with lime green highlights and a black longer wig with bangs), and two pairs of eyes (these green ones and a pair of brown eyes), plus the outfit Going Green, a harlequin style fun suit designed by Paulette Goodreau, with a matching teddy bear and black and green back-zip boots.

I just love this doll for her pouty little expression. She just does not look thrilled. I see this look on a daily basis from my two girls at home (and sometimes from my boys), so she's as close to my own kids as I could get. She's just adorable! And again, very photogenic.

Peak's Woods Haute Doll Exclusive Claudine

I see a new Peak's Woods doll in my future... but probably not this Goldie, named Claudine. She's the new exclusive doll featured in the upcoming Haute Doll magazine. An SD size, these lovely ABJDs are 58 cm tall, and are really some of my favorite sculpts. This one has a normal bust, white skin, and is sold nude with eyes, with bite marks on her neck--with a face-up prototype by Val Zeitler.

She retails for $760 for subscribers and $810 for non-subscribers. Just a reference point--basic Peak's Woods SD dolls include two sets of eyes and a random wig for $522.

There will also be a fun-looking collection of clothes, also designed by Valerie Zeitler and produced by Doll Heart. The clothing and accessories are from the Eerie Attic of Val's Rag Patch--and if it's at all close to last year's collection, we're in for a real treat.

Claudine and the clothing line goes on sale July 20, but we should be able to preview them tomorrow, July 6.
Photos courtesy Haute Doll Magazine.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Updated shipping schedule at Tonner...

The Tonner shipping schedule was updated on June 30 (sorry, my husband has been on vacation this week--hence my slower posting), and here are some updates for you:
  • The Woman is Certain - end of July
  • Miss Piggy Basic - middle of August
  • Miss Piggy Takes Manhattan - middle of August
  • Antoinette Symphonic - beginning of August
  • Obsessed - end of July
  • Dramatic - end of July
  • Sensual - middle of August
  • Clark Gable as Rhett Butler - beginning of August
Items now in stock
  • Bubbling with Charm
  • Antoinette Bloom
  • Antoinette Spice
  • Mannequins (all)
  • Influential
  • Frivolous
  • The Sun
  • Private Affair
I have a few new arrivals to share with you as well, including some real life photos of the Sun and Antoinette's Frivolous outfit. Plus my made-over Rapunzel is complete. But I will be sharing these next week, I hope!


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