Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake-Up Goldie, Hucky added to Peak's Woods main line

I'm thrilled to see a former limited edition sculpt Wake-Up Goldie added to the Peak's Woods permanent line. She's an SD-sized doll. Goldie has been in my top-five most gorgeous sculpts for while--she has such a pretty nose, I think--and now, to see her with half-mast eyes makes her even more interesting.

While you're visiting the Peak's Woods website, be sure you check out their newest addition, also: Hucky. He's an adorable new Fairy of Fantasy, just 26 cm (about 10.25 inches) tall. He's got the cutest little face ever. Almost makes me want to get into collecting male dolls, as well!

Now... enough doll posts for the day. I'm off to see the Wizard!

Photos courtesy of Peak's Woods.

Promo code for Ellowyne Wilde

Use the code SIGH at Wilde Imagination and save 15% off your entire order of in-stock merchandise. This offer is valid through midnight September 4, 2009 only, so don't delay!
Also, Woe and Whipped Cream is being offered with free shipping (no promo code is needed for this offer), and only a few items are left. As of this post, only 38 pieces were left.
Photo courtesy of Wilde Imagination.

TonnerDirect Sale...

Now through midnight tonight only (sorry for the late post!), use the code 15FS and save 15% off your entire order on in-stock merchandise from TonnerDirect. They've got a bunch of new stuff that's just arrived, too!

More on Barbies...

Several new Silkstone Career Barbies have been announced, as popular career choices from the 1950s and 1960s, available now for preorder:
  • Miss Astronaut Barbie Vintage Reproduction $49.95 retail (based on the 1965 original), shipping spring 2010
  • Registered Nurse Barbie Vintage Reproduction $49.95 retail (based on the 1961 original), shipping December 2010
  • Student Teacher Barbie Vintage Reproduction $49.95 retail (based on the 1965 original), shipping December 2010
Plus, I caught a glimpse of a real-life photo of the Heidi Klum Barbie, on Joe's List. She's a newly released Blonde Ambition series Barbie, and retails for $44.95. I think she's a pretty decent likeness, and she's really cute!
Photos courtesy of Mattel, My Favourite Doll and Joe Blitman.

Great prices on resin Goodreau BJDs Secret and Whisper!

One of my favorite shops, Still Plays with Dolls, has an amazing deal right now on resin Whisper and resin Secret ball-jointed dolls (both MSD-sized dolls by Goodreau). These girls retail for $310, and they are on sale for $155.
In addition, when you spend $100 or more (yearly) at Still Plays, you can join the Player's Club, which entitles you to special club pricing on their items, even on your first order. This is a fantastic deal--you get access to tons of great items (including Monique Gold wigs for $15). They have a great selection of items and great prices (and did I mention their service is great, too?). Check out this link for the details.

In addition, Still Plays has recently become a retailer for DollHeart, a wonderful supplier of BJD clothing with fantastic detail. And they offer great pre-order pricing (truly, some of the best I've seen) on this line of clothing. Check them out!

People-sized Tonner Items for sale on Ebay

Tonner Doll Company has five outfits listed on Ebay right now -- these are full-sized items (well, if you count size 2-4 (5'10") a real person size, LOL!). The profits of these sales will benefit A Friend's House Charity in Bluffton, IN. Read all about it in the individual auction listings.
The outfits listed are:
  • Holiday Gala
  • Very Valentine
  • Absolutely Aspen
  • Black and White Ball (I love this one!)
  • Florentine
I personally think it would be awfully neat to own one of these, along with the original Tyler doll. (Or is it just me?)

New exclusive BJD by Kim Lasher - Drucilla

An exclusive to The Toy Shoppe, Drucilla is now available for preorder. Maybe you've been waiting for the perfect Kim Lasher doll for your collection, and this one is a cutie!
She's a 15.5" tall resin BJD (a standard MSD size), a limited edition of just 43 dolls, and only available through The Toy Shoppe. Her expected delivery date is December 2009. Her retail price is $545, and she includes a hand-painted face-up, dark brown eyes and black mohair wig. Her outfit is a gray cotton dress, white cotton slip and bloomers, striped socks, mary jane shoes and a black bow. She also includes her very own zombie doll.
Photos courtesy Kim Lasher.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Barbies for pre-order, plus sale at Angelic Dreamz

Several fun new Barbies have caught my eye at Angelic Dreamz--these are available for pre-order now (billing is in full):
Plus, there are lots of sales going on right now, too--on Tonner dolls, Integrity, Madame Alexander, Barbie and other items.
You can take 20% off all in-stock items not on sale using the coupon 20OFFSTOCK on all in-stock items not on sale through August 31. (You can't use this code on pre-orders, Poppy Parker, Tonner Fall/Holiday items, Mannon Doll by FDA or Barbie Prints.) Plus, save an additional 10% off all items on sale using the coupon code 10OFF through August 28.
Free shipping on all orders over $150, also! (All sale items are considered a final sale, though, and cannot be returned or exchanged.)
Photos courtesy Mattel.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exclusive AvantGuard Attention!

Exclusive to Chelsea's Collector Cottage in Australia, this lovely doll is a limited edition of 300. Priced at $304.99 AU (about $254 US), Attention! should be available in early September.
This doll comes dressed in an exclusive black mini dress with jewel-tone green trim and matching green heels. She also wears a feathered green chapeau. Her dramatic airbrushed face-up, stud earrings and hose finish her look. The doll also includes a blonde ponytail wig, two sets of hands and feet for extra versatility.
Photos courtesy of Integrity Toys.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Avant Guard No Exaggeration

From Integrity Toys, this limited edition of 400 is available for pre-order now. Retail is $220, and she will ship in October/November. She is wearing a black modern harem-style pantsuit with a fitted blazer. A sequined mesh top provides just bit of fresh color to her outfit. She also includes a feathered hat and opened toed t-strap sandals.
She includes a chocolate brown pony-tail wig, two sets of hands and two sets of feet, and stud earrings. (Where is my doll-budget when I need it, and why did we switch to a cash-based system now??)
Photos courtesy of Integrity Toys.

Fashion Doll Shoes Blog

I just came across this blog today, Fashion Doll Shoes. It's got tons of great information for doll enthusiasts like me. You can even follow the blog on Twitter. It's all about the art of making doll shoes, both high heels (like for fashion dolls like Tonner) and flat-footed dolls as well, including some ball-jointed dolls as well.
I just browsed through some recent posts, and I was amazed. There are even YouTube instructional videos posted online as well. Anything and everything you could want to know about making doll shoes is right there! Amazing site!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ahoy Convention Dolls

From the Hollywood Ahoy convention in Long Beach, CA, some souvenir items may still be available for purchase. Visit their website for details.
Info on these lovely dolls: Awards Night Joan Crawford was the event doll, and she retails for $225. Bon Voyage Joan Crawford was the companion doll and the centerpiece. Her retail value is $190. Making a Splash is the fashion, and it retails for $35. Quite elegant and lovely, if I do say so myself.
Many other items are listed on the blog as well. Be sure you check it out!
Photos courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whisper - Body Blushing

Whisper - Body Blushing, originally uploaded by alington.

I've made my first attempt at body blushing a ball-jointed doll, and I'm hooked. My guinea pig was Whisper, a resin BJD by Goodreau, 17" tall. Here are some safe results, which I've uploaded to Flickr.

The technique is super-easy--I'm (really) no artist. All it takes is some soft chalk pastels, some acrylic spray primer (I used All Purpose DullCote by Testors), Magic Eraser to clean the doll before I got started, and some brushes--an angled one, a tiny one, and a large round soft one for blending.

I have, of course, uploaded all the results to Mobile Me and also to Flickr, if you'd like to see the rest of the photos. But don't look at those if you're offended by photos of nude dolls. I have some before/after photos of what nude Goodreau bodies look like without body blushing as well.

I really like how the shadow adds more life to the doll, especially on her collarbone. I will definitely be doing more of my dolls like this. It's so much fun!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Plans for my doll display...

My doll display is too crowded. Here's an older photo of it when I first set it up. Now, it's packed with dolls, and I need to decide how to fix it. And I think I have an idea:
I think dedicate this display to my Alice in Wonderland dolls. I will redo each cube into a scene from the book, and make each cube into a miniature diorama. I have enough dolls to do it, I am sure. But I will need some accessories, I think. Here are several ideas I have so far for the eight cubes:
  1. Down the rabbit hole: I'll need dark sides and a back wall, with shelves on the sides (they should have books and jars on them, and a mini jar of orange marmalade). I'd like to display Alice as though she's falling. Maybe a grass floor?
  2. The hall of the doors: Black and white tile floor, with doors on the wall (maybe print these with a perspective), and a tiny door behind a curtain. I need a "glass" table, key, and "drink me" potion and "eat me" cake. I think I want the mini Alice, trying to reach the key.
  3. Alice getting stuck in the White Rabbit's House: I think I'd use my Peak's Woods doll (she's the biggest) to make this scene. She also almost fills up this cube, too. I'd make her posed as though she's growing.
  4. Alice and the Caterpillar: An outdoor scene in the grass (oversize), with the Caterpillar smoking a pipe. I haven't decided if this will be someone dressed as a Caterpillar or a figurine or stuffed animal. And I'd like to make a mushroom.
  5. Alice rocking the pig/baby: Maybe the Duchess should be here, and maybe she should be inside the Duchess's house. I'd like to have the other dolls dressed up as the characters from the book.
  6. Alice and the Cheshire Cat: I'm pretty sure I want the cat to be one of my dolls, sitting in a branch of the tree. Though I don't have any doll who grins like that. But maybe I have a figure who would work.
  7. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party: Not only do I need a Mad Hatter, I also need a March Hare and a Dormouse, table and tea set.
  8. Alice playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts: I'd need a flamingo for the croquet, some playing cards, I bet, and a Queen.
This really sounds like a fun project! I can't wait to get started!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Holiday Exclusive Antoinette from Angelic Dreamz

A limited edition of 200 dolls, this is the first holiday exclusive Antoinette angel offered by Angelic Dreamz, and Heavenly is available for preorder now (October delivery). Retail is $249.99. She's the third in the Angelic Dreamz angel series.

She's the lovely cameo skin tone with hazel eyes and red hair. She'll come dressed in a white silk burn-out gown with intricate shirring on the bodice and delicate silver trim. Her wings feature silver tips as well. She has a crystal silver headpiece and matching necklace. Her shoes are organza lace-up sandals.
Photos courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

Couture Doll

My seamstress friend, Jen Eugley, has entered the Couture Doll competition, which begins September 6, 2009. She's the friend who sews all the wonderful historical costumes you may have seen on this blog.

This competition will feature eight challenges--one every two weeks--in which 30 doll clothing designers compete to create original outfits for fashion dolls ranging in size from 12"-22". (You can see the complete rules here.) Points are given for adherence to the theme, originality & creativity, and construction & design.

And what's the point of a competition without a prize? The designer with the most points at the end of the competition will get his or her designs featured in the April 2010 issue of FDQ Magazine, and an Antoinette mannequin. Plus, the People's Choice winner will receive an Antoinette mannequin as well. And each challenge winner will get a gift certificate to shop in the PB Factory Store.

You can follow the competition on their blog. I'm posting a link to the blog on my Interesting Blogs to Followl. I just noticed that in Jen's biography, there is a reference to me, for introducing her to Tyler. Aww, thanks, Jen! And good luck!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poppy Parker

Some real life photos, courtesy of Joe's List, and she's in stock and available now. Summer Magic ($70) and Pillow Talk ($70) are both available, as well as the outfit, Three Hour Tour ($55). I keep thinking that Pillow Talk would make a gorgeous Alice!

Poppy is a new style of doll for Integrity--she's a new face sculpt on a small-busted Misaki body (with flat feet). She's event cuter in real life than her promo photos. The other two dolls and the outfit, Portrait in Black and Reluctant Debutant have sold out most places, but should be shipping next month. Poetry in Motion is still available most places.
Photos courtesy of Joe Blitman of Joe's List.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jonathan Adler and Barbie

Save up $20 on Jonathan Adler accessories for you and Barbie when you order $100 or more (or save $15 on orders $75-$99.99 or $10 on $50-$74.99) from now through September 1 on Barbie Collector.
There is lots of fun stuff on this site--my favorite has got to be the couch--oh, so tempting!
Photos courtesy of Mattel.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sky in Alice Fantasy

Sky in Alice Fantasy, originally uploaded by alington.

Hooray--my first DollHeart outfit has arrived, and I love it. It's called Alice Fantasy. Peak's Woods Sky is modeling here. She's also wearing shoes and a wig by DollHeart as well. (I pre-ordered these pieces from Still Plays With Dolls, who has excellent customer service, and offers a discount to Players Club members (!!), who are shoppers who spend over $100 during a year.)

The outfit includes many pieces, and it was easy (and fun) to get her dressed:

  • A short-sleeved cotton dress with ruffles, ribbon and lace trim
  • A pair of white cotton sleeves (they button to the dress sleeves)
  • A white pinafore with blue ribbon trim
  • A white tulle petticoat
  • A shorter white cotton petticoat
  • A pair of black and white socks
  • White bloomers with blue ribbon trim
  • An oversized blue hair bow with lace trim
It took me a while to figure out to cross the straps of the pinafore in back and snap them in place to get the best fit. Also, this is a large-bust doll, and there is a little extra room in the dress. I imagine it would be a pretty versatile piece.

I'm sure this won't be my last DollHeart outfit. It's wonderfully made, and very detailed. And the wig--wow! It's amazing: very full and a perfect fit for Sky. And her perfect color, too--I never noticed how golden blonde her eyebrows were till now.

More photos (full-sized) are on Mobile Me, or a few smaller ones on Flickr. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ethereal Anya

Ethereal Anya, originally uploaded by alington.

If you're on the fence about buying a Kim Lasher doll--just do it. Anya is my most photogenic doll ever. I'm not a great photographer, and even I have a hard time getting a bad photo of this lovely girl.

This is Anya, dressed in a gorgeous crocheted top (a OOAK which I'm sure that Brenda would recreate for you) by Froggy Duds (look them up on Etsy--they are AWESOME with great prices and amazing quality!), and in a Michele Hardy wig (sized for a Peak's Woods doll, but I'm borrowing it here--isn't it sweet?), and her original Kim Lasher skirt.

I think she looks like an angel. I need another Kim Lasher doll. I would be dead if I ever passed by a Kim Lasher booth at a doll convention--really! My husband would probably kill me.

More full-sized photos on my Mobile Me gallery, or the rest of the smaller-sized set on Flickr. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sister Dreary as Dark Alice

Dark Alice, originally uploaded by alington.

This is Marvelously Morose Sister Dreary, a convention doll from the 2008 Tonner Doll Halloween convention. She's an amazing doll--if you don't own a Sister Dreary sculpt, you need one. She's a wonderful sculpt from any angle.

This doll has been redressed in an amazing OOAK piece by Nancie of It's based on a previous set of mod Alice in Wonderland outfits, only in a darker version:

  • halter-style dress in a shiny polyester fabric with black lace trim
  • matching sleeves with ribbons
  • gorgeous black floral lace tights
  • blue dangling earrings

And Nancie even made a different set of sleeves and bow, which will show up in a separate photo shoot, but I ran out of light this evening. The hat, choker chain necklace and shoes are from her original outfit.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr, or you can see the full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery. Enjoy!

Tea for Two special at the Doll Market

Of course, I go for this special--because "We're all mad around here." It fits in perfectly with my Alice in Wonderland theme! The Doll Market is having a Tea for Two special, sized for Tonner 16" girls and American Models:
I must say--this is quite a clever sale. I feel a tea party coming on!
Photo collage courtesy of the Doll Market.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Managing your doll collection with themes...

Want an excuse to shop and get your dolls organized at the same time? Check out my latest post on the "theme method" at The Doll Addiction:

How do you deal with organizing your collection and your ever-growing wish list of dolls? Develop a theme, or better yet, several themes.

New Momoko Dolls available from Doll-Collectible

Two new Momoko dolls are now in stock at Doll-Collectible:
  • Fruits of Passion is listed at about $104.50, a 25% savings. This gorgeous doll has long wavy chestnut hair, and is wearing a cute red bikini underneath a teal romper, and mustard peep-toe slingback heels and sunglasses complete her look. She was released in July 2009.
  • Honey Wild is also listed at $104.50, the same 25% savings. This blonde beauty has brown eyes, and is wearing a black blouse with a tie, and a grey sleeveless hoodie, black ball cap and a black skirt, white tie boots and black socks. Her release date is August 2009.
Additionally, Lazy Seventeen, a 2008 doll, has been restocked and is available again. She's available for about $139, a blue-eyed brunette with a bob, cap, long-sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, and plaid fanny pack with high-top sneakers.
Photos courtesy Sekiguchi.

Doll Zone outfits available now at the Doll Market

In SD sizes, MSD and YoSD (I believe), there are multiple selections available. These are pre-orders, so get your orders in soon.

Also, if you get on Doll Market's mailing list, they will often send you a coupon for $10 off your order during a particular month--"Doll Dollars." I'm not positive that these can be used towards pre-orders, but it would be worth a shot!

My current favorites:
  • Adorable Me - just love the green, plus I think that's Clovera modeling the outfit, and she's hot in a dark wig!
  • Blue Bell - for Sky, so she could match her new buddy Morphoa
  • Pearls & Lace - of course. How could I miss the adorable Alice outfit!
Lots of others are listed, too. And check out the other sizes--these are only a few listed in the SD category!
Photo collages courtesy of the Doll Market/Doll Zone.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Catherine of Aragon

Black Hills Doll Designs has posted the first of Henry's Wives on Ebay, Catherine of Aragon. It's the outfit only. Gorgeous details on this outfit for Tonner-sized girls--you must check out the auction if you love history, or the Tudor saga.
More outfits to follow--you can see the rest on their website.

The Hardy Girls

The Hardy Girls, originally uploaded by alington.

My Michele Hardy collection on display together: I bought most outfits individually, one on a complete doll. Some of the wigs are by Michelle as well. From the back to the front:

  • Peak's Woods Sky with white skin (wig also by Michele) - her shepherdess outfit was inspired by Alice in Wonderland
  • Goodreau Whisper (in Roxie wig by Monique Gold) in an Alice in Wonderland outfit
And the front row of Berdine Creedy girls:
  • Mod Alice (Uniti sculpt) - outfit and wig by Michele
  • Destini (with smiling faceplate and stock JRock wig by Monique Gold) - shepherdess outfit by Michele
  • Harmoni (wig by Michele) - exclusive set Precious in Pink to Sweetheart's Dolls

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Tudor Items from Black Hill Doll Designs

The first of these ensembles will be available on Ebay on Monday. The craftsmanship looks to be superb, though I haven't personally ordered from this store before. You must check out the website to see the amazing detail on these outfits! The items will be listed in the following order, in 5-day auctions:
  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Jane Seymour
  • Anne of Cleves
  • Katherine Howard
  • Catherine Parr
  • Henry VIII

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Elloyne Wilde - Sweetly Sullen

New Sweetly Sullen Ellowyne Wilde (she's really cute!) is available now. She's got gorgeous long blonde hair and is wearing a lovely green chiffon printed dress with lots of layers and floral chiffon trim and bow. She has a matching rose in her hair, and adorable strappy shoes. Retail is a reasonable $124, and she's a limited edition of 1000 dolls.

Plus enjoy free shipping in the US when you use the code EBK at checkout (international customers--use the code EBL and save $9.95 off your order). This offer is valid only on orders over $75 and expires on August 20, 2009 at midnight.
Photos courtesy Wilde Imagination.

Kim Lasher's newest prototype Adeline

Kim Lasher has a new doll debuting at The Toy Village on August 15, in Lansing, MI: Adeline.

Adeline is 40 cm tall (16 inches) and is a limited edition of 75. She's a resin ball-jointed doll (these are prototype photos), who should be shipped by Christmas.

Her $475 price tag includes:
  • hand painted face-up
  • light blue eyes
  • light blonde hair
  • blue dress and matching hair bow
  • white leggings
  • white leather mary jane shoes
Adeline can be pre-ordered through Kim Lasher's dealers. I recommend Happily Ever After as a reliable source. I bought Anya there, and they are wonderful.
Photos courtesy Kim Lasher.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My next new SD doll is...

My doll budget is officially spoken for! I've decided on a DollZone Morphoa, and I ordered her on a flexible layaway plan through the Doll Market. Amanda was very helpful, and as planned, Sky's new friend should arrive by December--unless I go through another selling spree or make some serious ad income.

I may add Clovera's dress later--if my budget allows. Hooray!
Photo courtesy the Doll Market/Doll Zone.

Or do I prefer Iplehouse?

Another ball-jointed doll I am considering is an Iplehouse Silvia. I like that she is also available in a "dreaming" head sculpt. What I would do is order her body (an SD-size) with the dreaming head, and then also add a regular smokey-eyed Silvia head in addition. I'd be sure to match the color, of course. And then, I would be able to take fun photo shoots of her sleeping and waking up.

These dolls appear to have fantastic bodies, as well--they seem to be able to pose and move quite well, at least according to the photos on the website.

I think she looks different enough from Sky that she'd be a fun addition, but proportionally, she looks more like a real person, and not so anime. I wonder if I could pose her with Sky together, or if she'd look out of place?
Photos courtesy Iplehouse.

DollZone BJDs I'm coveting...

I was surfing the web the other day and came across some lovely DollZone ball-jointed dolls I'd like to add to my collection. I've been wanting to add another SD-sized doll to my collection for a while (as a friend for Sky), but I wasn't sure I wanted to invest in a second Peak's Woods, as lovely as they are. I have two options, now. Here is a list of dolls I found and considered:
  • Morphoa. She's a full-set, and costs as much as nude Peak's Woods doll with a face-up. I'm not wild about her face tattoo, but I do like everything else. And she's got the funky hair color going on--plus she's got a larger head and big eyes, so I think she'd look great next to Sky. She's my top choice from this line.
  • Clovera. Of course, she's the doll who first got my attention, since she's dressed as Alice. I love everything about this doll--but she looks too much like Sky already, only a tad more cheerful. I think I'd want a doll that was a little different. Maybe I'll buy her outfit, though.
  • Violeta. This is an interesting doll. I like her, too--mostly because of her rather, well, crabby (?) expression. But I'm not sure I'd like her mouth in person. But her eyes are gorgeous.
  • Beeta. She's really cute, too. Almost androgynous, she'd be an excellent friend for Sky as well. But I don't care for her outfit, and I think I prefer Morphoa's sculpt (especially her eyes) over Beeta's.
Of course, I've never seen these dolls in person. And these four dolls are quite different than the other more realistic-looking dolls in the DollZone line. I also have to confess I really like the X-3 male doll. He's fabulous with his freckles and teeth. And I love his costume, too. I think he's adorable, and I'm tempted to get him. I'm just not sure I'm ready for a male BJD yet.

I also have to compare these dolls to the Iplehouse dolls. Those are the other dolls on my wish-list. I'm thinking of getting one of those dolls, since they also have sleeping faces. But I really like Morphoa. And she's available at the Doll Market, which has great layaway options, too. So, I'll think about it some more.
Photos courtesy Doll Zone.


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