Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shop Around Fashion Teen Poppy Parker

Shop Around Fashion Teen by alington
Shop Around Fashion Teen, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Another new arrival while I was away at IFDC, this is Shop Around Poppy Parker by Integrity Toys. She's on the new Fashion Teen body, about 16" tall, and she's a little slimmer and shorter than the FR:16 line (also slimmer than Antoinette and Tyler Wentworth by Tonner Doll), but she displays beautifully next to them.

I wasn't sure about adding a new size to my already eclectic collection, but here she is--and to stay. She is wonderful. I think her face is really unique. A larger version of Poppy's face, she is delightfully retro, pouty, and slightly anime--giving her face a feminine look with classic clean lines.

This doll has platinum hair in an elaborate bumped-up twisted ponytail with side-swept bangs, sultry side-glancing blue eyes with dramatic face paint, applied lashes, and red lips.

Her outfit is really cute: she wears blue gingham capri pants, a sequined lace top with puffed sleeve details, and adorable wedge sandals. Jewelry includes a classic heart charm necklace, gold bangle bracelets, and hoop earrings. She also includes a printed tote bag (it even says "Poppy" on it).

You can see lots more photos on my Flickr photostream.

She is sold out from most dealers, but our fellow blogger Kathie has one for sale on the Dollpage--so pick one up while you can! She's adorable!

Soho Sheer Cami - better photos

Soho Sheer Cami by alington
Soho Sheer Cami, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A few "real" photos of Soho Sheer Cami from Tonner Doll Company - and you can see a few more photos on my Flickr photostream.

She is really a gorgeous girl. I just can't express how thrilled I am with her hair! I adore her soft curls in the perfect shade of blonde. She reminds me so much of the Gold Label Cami I didn't get when I had the chance a couple of years ago.

Her facial screening is neutral and smokey, with eyelashes only at the sides. I really like how it's been done. I might add a little Liquitex to her eyes and lips, but she has a really nice shimmer to her lips already.

Her jewelry - just fabulous.

And again - she's sold out from Tonner Direct, so if you are hoping to add her to your collection, pick her up from your favorite dealer soon. Here are a few who still have her in stock:

Dreamcastle Dolls
Angelic Dreamz
Cherished Friends
Two Daydreamers
Toni's Collectibles

Shipping schedule update from Tonner Doll Company

Antoinette Flourish - Very Limited stock available for pre-order. Shipping August 15, 2012.
Gorgeous photo is property of Tonner Doll Company, and (I bet) taken by Ernesto Padró-Campos
As of July 26, 2012, there has been a shipping schedule update from Tonner Doll Company.

In stock
Penelope Cruz as Angelica
Ms. Beetlejuice
Divine Feminine
City Shoes
Just Right
Steam Funk Cami
Soho Jaunt
Star Sapphire
Wonder Woman Steampunk #1
The Glamour Set
DeeAnna Denton Susan Wig
DeeAnna Denton Bettie Wig
2012 DeeAnna Denton Wigged Basic
I Love DeeAnna
Lunch on Park
DeeAnna's New Look
Red Hot DeeAnna
Banker's Ball
On the Rocks
Captain Jack
Antoinette Goth
Scarlett's Wedding Day
Freedom for Fashion Neo Tokyo
Freedom for Fashion Akemi
Black Cat
Nu Mood Hands C and AA
No Mood In Step C and AA
Finishing Touch Ballet Black, Pink and White
Nu Mood High Heels #1-9
Nu Mood Flat #1-4
Nu Mood Flat Boot #1
Nu Mood Bags (all)
Nu Mood Angle Cut Black
Nu Mood Angle Cut Platinum
Nu Mood Side Part Wave Brown
Nu Mood Side Part Wave Blonde
Nu Mood Fringe Cut Blonde
Nu Mood Fringe Cut Chestnut
Nu Mood Jagged Cut Brown
Nu Mood Parker
Nu Mood Paige
Nu Mood Pant Black, Purple, Red
Nu Mood Chiffon Skirt Black, Champagne, Lilac
Nu Mood Ballet Skirt Champagne, Rose
Nu Mood Top Rose, Champagne, Black
Dorothy Gale
13" Simone Basic
13" Suzette

Available for pre-order
Quorra - 9/5/12
Deluxe Goth Basic American Model - 8/1/12
American Model Glamour Basic - 8/1/1/12
Cami Basic - 8/1/12
Jon Basic - 8/1/12
Skyline - 9/14/12
All Business -8/15/12
Deep Pink Dream - 9/14/12
New York Jet - 8/15/12
Dynamic Red - 8/30/12
Antoinette Blonde Basic - 8/15/12
Antoinette Brunette Basic - 8/15/12
Antoinette Redhead Basic - 8/15/12
Desire - 9/5/12
Sparkling - 8/30/12
Winterberry - 9/14/12

Sold out
Court Gown - 9/5/12
SoHo Sheer
Radical Red
22" Batgirl
2012 Peggy Harcourt Wigged Basic
Madame de l'Amour
Finishing Touch Ballet Champagne
Nu Mood Tyler
Nu Mood Sydney
Nu Mood Jess
Nu Mood Bettie

Waitlist only
Party Girl - 9/14/12
Scandal - 9/5/12
Intriguing - TBD

Nu Mood Ankle Boot #1
Nu Mood Jagged Cut Bright Red
Nu Mood Carrie
Nu Mood Ballet Skirt Black
Flourish - 8/15/12
Simply Precarious - 8/30/12
Swing Time - 9/14/12
Anything Goes - 9/14/12

Sam Flynn
Decadence (Limited)

Just because the dolls are sold out at Tonner doesn't mean you won't be able to find one, by the way! Some dealers may still have a doll or two in stock. Post here if you're looking for one, and I'm ever so happy to help you find one!

As the dolls get towards the "limited" category, they will be harder to find, however--so don't wait too long!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Soho Sheer Cami IRL

Even more lovely in person, Soho Sheer Cami by Tonner Doll is in stock and shipping. She is apparently sold out at Tonner Doll, but she is still available from many dealers, including Dreamcastle DollsAngelic Dreamz, Toni's Collectibles, Two Daydreamers, and Cherished Friends.

She retails for $169.99 and is a limited edition of 300. She has blue grey eyes, rooted golden blonde hair with gorgeous soft curls with not too much gel (my iPhone photos are of the doll just out of the box), and she uses the Cami/Cinderella sculpt an a Cameo skin tone Antoinette body. 

She is wearing a two-layered dress: a silver lamé tank dress beneath golden chiffon. Her jewelry is gorgeous--a multi-strand necklace with beads, beaded earrings and a bracelet. And her fantastic buckled boots zip up in the back (so no tears or broken buckles when putting them on!).

You can see a few more candid shots on Flickr, but I'll try to do a for-real photo shoot soon, too. I just love her wonderful summer look!

Tonner promo code

Soho Sheer Cami
Save 15% off your purchase and free domestic shipping through August 1 when you use the code HEROES2012 at check out. This is valid on all in-stock items orders, though promo codes can't be combined or used with previously ordered items.

International customers, you can email your order number to Tonner to receive a $9.95 shipping credit.

I have a Tonner shipment coming today - above, Soho Sheer Cami, and also, finally, Madame de l'Amour. Hooray!

Barbie gets a Tim Gunn makeover

Keep your eyes peeled at Target at Barbiecollector.com starting next month (August) for these new Barbies and accessory pack, restyled by Tim Gunn. Above, the accessory pack includes a trench coat, houndstooth scarf, and booties for $25. 

Barbie's Casual Look "makes it work" in her skinny jeans, yellow blazer, classy patterned blouse, and metallic bag for $30.

Barbie's Work Style includes a classic pencil skirt and structured white button down shirt, wide belt, black sandals, and red bag. This look retails for $30.

Barbie's Evening Look is ready for a night out with this $25 accessory pack. It includes a black asymmetric top, patterned skirt, sandals, jewelry and black clutch.

Original story courtesy of InStyle Magazine.

IFDC exclusive dolls by Integrity Toys

Rock Me, Baby IT Direct Exclusive doll
Three exclusive dolls were offered by Integrity Toys for the 10th anniversary Shock, Rattle 'n' Roll theme at IFDC in Las Vegas this year. First, Rock Me, Baby was the direct exclusive offered in the salesroom. She uses the Rayna head sculpt on a vampire body, and her suggested retail price is $150. She is limited to 300 dolls. She comes dressed in a two-piece suit including a purple and black lace overlay jacket, and a black lace-up blouse, lots of fabulous jewelry, and platform sandals in purple, silver and black.

Shake It Up companion doll
The companion doll offered in addition to the souvenir doll is called Shake It Up. Also on a pale skin vampire body, this doll uses the Korinne head sculpt, I believe. In a structured silver cocktail cocktail dress, patterned hose, and supercool black and silver heels, Shake It Up includes all the necessary jewelry to get the party going. Her suggested MSRP is $150, and she is limited to 300.

Long Cool Woman souvenir doll
The event doll of the evening was Long Cool Woman. She uses the Kesenia head sculpt in a tan skin tone, with rooted dark blonde hair. She wears a long black gown with a dramatic front slit, strappy sandals, corset belt, and lots of fun jewelry.

Additional dolls are being offered to W Club members in a lottery for $150 each through August 6.

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IFDC, here we come!

I'm making my final preparations for IFDC today--including a trip to the salon with my two daughters this morning--hooray! And I should post a photo of my living room--it's such a mess. I have managed to stay off the evening news, which is a good thing.

I have many boxes of goodies for sale, books, dollar bins, a freebie bag, table gifts, hostess gifts, and items for my workshop, plus a catalog for the Peak's Woods dolls I'll be able to order for you at convention as well.

I can't wait to see you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Suggested reading - more doll blogs!

Love reading about dolls online? Here is a handy way to keep track, and don't forget to leave comments and add your own favorite sites as well.

Like lists? Top sellers from Tonner Doll for the week

The top selling dolls from Tonner Doll Company this week are now available in list format. (I really think this is cool--you can make your own lists as well.)

Alice: Out of the Box - Look Inside the book!

Finally - you can use Amazon's Look Inside feature to peek inside my latest publication, Alice: Out of the Box. I'll have it for sale at IFDC, so come see me if you'd like a signed copy!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Barbie Con fashion show

This year's Barbie convention fashion show had a Parisian "young debutante on a grand tour" theme, live piano music provided by Paul Bruce, and was narrated by Robert Best. Modeling replica's of Barbie's Pan Am Stewardess uniforms (designed and sewn by Tamara) are, from left to right, Tamara, Valerie, Alicia, & Kathie.

*Look Inside* Steffie: Out of the Box - my new book!

The Look Inside feature is available now for my new book, Steffie: Out of the Box. You can browse through selected pages on Amazon before you commit to buy.

I'll have this book at IFDC next week, as well as the Alice: Out of the Box book.

Dream Teen Poppy Parker

Just in time for the weekend, Dream Teen Poppy Parker makes her grand arrival. I haven't been this excited about a small vinyl doll in a while! She's gorgeous.

Pardon my quick iPhone snapshots. She's an adorable grey-eyed brunette, with her hair styled in a classic swirl ponytail. Her eyes have applied lashes and pink and grey shadow with winged eyeliner. Her bubblegum pink lips have a nice shine to them.

Her dress is actually a satin floral print, trimmed with cotton, and includes a net petticoat. Accessories include a fabulous pink purse, matching pink shoes and bracelet, white gloves, and pearl earrings.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Worth the Wait

Here are the OOAK Matt Sutton dolls Valerie and I waited in line for two hours for the opportunity to purchase. For me, this was a several year quest so I am thrilled. From the left: Dark Romance, Citrine, and Benefit Luncheon.

News from Wilde Imagination

Ellowyne, Totally Refined, is now available for order from Wilde Imagination. She is the new resin fashion BJD from Wilde Imagination, and I'm thrilled to see her applied eyelashes. She is limited to 150 dolls (only one per collector), retail $450, and includes changeable teal acrylic eyes, a reg wig, and a rose lingerie outfit, panties, stockings, corset, and gold shoes. She will ship August 6.

Additionally, many new items have been added to Evangeline Ghastly's line, including Parnilla Ghastly. Limited to 350, retail $225, this lovely redhead is dressed in gold and cream crinkled lamé and net. She is wigged and has green inset eyes (not changeable). 

A new basic Evangeline, Now and Forever, is also available. She has blue inset eyes, applied lashes and a red wig. She also uses the new 18.5" vinyl and hard plastic body with 15 points of articulation. Retail $145.

Check out the rest of the new releases here.

Plus, through July 29, 2012, you can get free continental US shipping on orders of $75 or more with the promo code SMILE19

International customers, use the cost SMILE19INT to save $9.95 on any purchase of $75 or more.

Photos property of Wilde Imagination.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Barbie Con Golden Ticket Drawing Winner!

This year's Barbie convention included a "Golden Ticket Drawing" at the opening night reception. 20 one-of-a-kind artists donated beautiful dolls that they'd created and all conventioneers were given 20 complimentary tickets for the drawing. You could place one ticket in each box or distribute the chances amoung a few or just one doll. (The tickets were actually golden in color and were pre-printed with our names)

My fellow blogger and roommate, Valerie, won one of the dolls. We were so excited for her.

This doll was designed by Natalia Sheppard of Natalia Designs.

You can view the entire line-up of Golden Ticket dolls here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Barbie is Eternal, blonde version

Here is the caucasin version of this year's Barbie convention doll, Barbie is Eternal. She was designed by Gianni Grossi and Mario Paglino of Maggia 2000. With her Roman-inspired gown and elegant accessories she is truly a beauty.

2012 Barbie Con Dressmaker Details Fashions

Parisian Pleasure was presented to conventioneers at the Paris breakfast and fashion show. It consists of a black one-shoulder sheath with sequin detail on half of the bodice, hat with faux feathers, purse with beaded detail, black gloves, and black open-toe shoes.

St. Petersburg Sophisticate was given to conventioneers at the White Nights dinner. It consists of a 2 piece white suit with pink embroidered accents and faux fur trim, earrings, necklace, white gloves, faux fur hat, hose, and white closed-toe shoes with sling backs.

Both fashions were designed by Steven Fraser of Dressmaker Details Couture and will fit Silkstone Barbie dolls.

White Nights in St. Petersburg

Sassy Tarina, my travel doll, all ready for the White Nights in St. Petersburg dinner event and charity auction on Friday evening at Barbie convention 2012.

She is dressed in a Jennygrey fashion, Barbie Basics belt, and Facets by Marcia jewelry.

Barbie Con Passport souvenir

One of our convention goodies this year was this set of convention pins and a passport to hold them all. The 2012 theme was "Barbie: The Grand Tour" and the set of pins included the official convention pin (a globe with a Barbie plane that actually "flys" across the globe), Bon Voyage pin (luggage), and pins representing Barbie in London, Paris, St. Petersburg, and Rome.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Artist Creation's charity auction doll

Bon Voyage by alington
Bon Voyage, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Another doll from the Barbie convention charity auction, this one-of-a-kind Silkstone doll was created by Artist Creations.

Rob Thompson's charity auction doll

Bon Voyage by alington
Bon Voyage, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of the lovely dolls from the charity auction at Barbie Convention, this lovely doll was created by Rob Thomspon and I believe Steven Fraser from Dressmaker Details.

Her hair has a rose cast to it--I got to see a close-up of her during room sales. She's simply gorgeous.

See more photos on Flickr!

Barbie Eternal

Barbie Eternal by alington
Barbie Eternal, a photo by alington on Flickr.
She's the convention doll from this year's Barbie convention, designed by Magia 2000. I think she's simply gorgeous!

I chose the African American version--the Caucasian version uses the Mackie sculpt, I believe.

Check out more convention photos on Flickr. I'll have lots more updates soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sarah Screams

San Diego Comic Con Monster High Sarah Screams with Hoodude  - Valerie was selling them this past week at Barbie Convention in the salesroom. My dear husband Mark brought them up from San Diego along with a couple more books.

I really adore Hoodude!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bill Greening exclusive

Passport Pink will be delivered to all convention attendees after convention--she's a gorgeous platinum American Girl reproduction in a soft pink suit, with a Japan style hat.

We received her as part of the London luncheon today, along with a gorgeous Barbie steamer trunk.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Things have been so busy at the Barbie convention that I'm just now able to post about yesterday's "Ask me about my exercise" contest. Congratulations to Alison R.! She won a Barbie Basics Accessory Pack, an IT Convention exclusive Dynamite Girls jewelry pack, and an IT Convention exclusive Dynamite Girls fashion. She found me in my room during room sales and I told her about my sprint intervals.

Steffie of the Day: Feeling' Groovy

I've been wanting to add this gorgeous raven-haired beauty to my collection forever, and thanks to Stella, one of our table mates, I have!

She's pristine NRFB, which poses a small problem for me, who enjoys deboxed dolls. Designed by Billy Boy, she's from 1986. She includes a pink minidress, long pink skirt, long fingerless gloves, sparking fur trimmed coat, black necklace, sunglasses, bag, earrings (studs and drops), panties, glittering pumps, travel case with luggage, brush, hair dryer, camera, hanger, and various paper products.

Great OOAK outfits for Barbie

By Patita Taylor! If you're here at convention, do NOT miss this room--check the bulletin board for her room number. Lots of dolls for sale, and great boxed fashions, including hats, shoes and accessories for only $35! Just wonderful work!

I'll have an interview with the artist in the upcoming weeks.

Barbie Fan Club goodies

These are the exclusives from the goodie bag for BFC members offered to convention attendees this morning. We received a blonde I Can Be President doll, pink neck pillow, black eye shades, a deck of playing cards, and a pack of 3D note cards including glasses. The presentation is adorable in a white Barbie Fan Club bag with pink tissue.

Tarina has arrived!

We've just spent our first night at the Hyatt Regency in Garden Grove, and I've been having a blast! So much to see in room shopping alone!

I've really been having a great time so far--and aside from waiting for elevators and realizing I can't bring the right pair of shoes to save my life, things are going great!

I'm having connectivity issues, so my posts may be sporadic. I'll try to take lots of photos, though!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jason Wu at Target December 1st!

Jason Wu, along with 23 other designers, will be at Target starting December 1st as part of the Neiman Marcus collection. In addition to Jason, the 50 piece collection includes items from designers Diane Von Furstenburg, Tory Burch, Brian Atwood, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar De La Renta to name just a few. Click to read the full story at Target.

Barbie Convention Update

Yesterday was another fun day here in Garden Grove at the Hyatt Orange County. Kathie and I were fortunate to have a fairly close to the front place in line at Matt Sutton's OOAK sale that we had a lot of options from which to choose. Kathie's doll is entitled Dark Romance. My two dolls, yes that's right two I am a doll piggie, are entitled Citrine and Benefit Luncheon. Pictures to follow either when I get home or when I figure out this technology! No one asked about my exercise yesterday, I lifted weights, so Sunday's and Monday's prizes roll over to today and there are now three gifts to win. If you're attending the Barbie Convention, or in the Anaheim Garden Grove area, make sure you come up to our room for our room sales. We are the Ginormous Room in 1074 North Tower. We have tons of goodies from vintage to contemporary at all price points. Four different sellers in one room. If you can't find it here, you don't need it!

I'm on my way!

Alison, editor of the Fashion Doll Review
I'm off to Barbie convention today--just in case you need to see me there, I should be easy to spot! I'm the one with the pink and blonde hair.

I'd love it if you said hello! Come find me, and buy my new Steffie book (and Alice book) in room 1074 from Kathie. Also, I will have the Steffie book in the salesroom.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lines Are Not Just For Comic Con

Just a little update from the Barbie Convention. Kathie and I are currently waiting patiently in line for Matt Sutton to open his room for his OOAK sale. It is now approximately 3:30 PM, his sale starts at 5 PM. I'll provide photos when I figure out how to do it when posting from my phone. I'm just a little technically challenged!

Shop Room 1074

Greetings from the National Barbie Doll Convention! We spent a good portion of the morning getting our room set up with all of our doll goodies for sale. We will be open every evening beginning at 6 PM. We are located in room 1074 and have just about everything from vintage to contemporary. Also, don't forget my little contest. No one asked me today about my exercise, I did sprint intervals, so I'm rolling today's prize over to tomorrow. So someone can win two prizes on Monday!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flying Dragon Ling Lan - JAMIEshow exclusive from Haute Doll

Angelic Dreamz announced the arrival of "Flying Dragon" Ling Lan, a new sculpt JAMIEshow on a new generation body, exclusive to Haute Doll magazine on Facebook yesterday. She is gorgeous!

Inspired by Guo Pei's "Flying Dragon" couture wedding gown, Ling Lan's gown is actually a hand beaded in Guo Pei's studio. The skirt is layers (and layers) of silk tulle, with golden laser cut dragons on either side of her bodice.

The jewelry accessories included are really stunning--a rhinestone beaded tiara, lovely beaded drop earrings, and a fantastic gold dragon ring with dripping golden chain. And her crystal shoes--they deserve their own place in my cabinet, of course. So adorable!

She includes a fantastic dark wig cap as well as a full plate head cap to allow her to wear size 5 wigs. JAMIEshow dolls are created with a non-toxic resin called J-Resin, which is slightly opalescent. Her new hand style allows them to be interchanged simply by snapping them on and off at the wrist.

She will be available to order on July 12, 2012, retail price at just $475 and she's limited to just 50 dolls! You'll be able to order her directly from DOLLS Magazine. You can get regular updates on Facebook.

Photos are property of Angelic Dreamz.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Notice our counter?

I think I see a prize coming up!

The Fashion Doll Review's total page views--well, since we started counting in May 2010--is 929,058 as of this morning's post. That is getting very close to one million! I think it's nearly time for another prize drawing...

I'll come up with something good, I promise!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We're in Europe!


For my European customers, Steffie: Out of the Box is available today in Europe. The Look Inside feature should be uploaded and functioning within a week.


Alice: Out of the Box is also available:


Some of the prices are updated with a 5% sale. Also--if you're an Amazon Associate, I'd love it if you posted Associated links on your blogs for my books--that would just make my day! Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support!

Avenue George V Victoire Roux - Les Silhouettes by Integrity Toys Direct

A new W Club lottery opportunity has been announced--the second Victoire Roux dressed doll from Les Silhouettes collection, an Integrity Toys direct line. She is called Avenue George V, has a retail price of $125, and is limited to just 285 dolls.

She is dressed in fabulous 1950s style: a tailored soft grey suit, pink sleeveless blouse, matching gloves and tasseled hat, alligator purse and pumps, and rhinestone earrings and brooch.

Victoire is a blue-eyed brunette with applied eyelashes.

All photos are property of Integrity Toys.

My books are listed on Amazon...

As previews only, so far.

If you are in Europe, this will probably be your best bet! Thanks so much for looking!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alice: Out of the Box has also arrived!

As if working on one project at a time weren't enough:
Alice: Out of the Box is an eclectic scrapbook of Alice in Wonderland-themed dolls that have graced the author’s collection over the years. Alice fans and doll collectors alike will enjoy this friendly showcase, including both traditional and contemporary dolls.

From vinyl to resin, the editor of the Fashion Doll Review introduces both restyled, one-of-a-kind, and manufactured eye candy, from girlish befuddlement to Lolita-style ball-jointed beauties. While the author herself does not profess to be a photographer, she hopes to bring her passion for Lewis Carroll’s timeless heroine to the page--in a tiny, redressable, posable art form.

The Out of the Box series is a casual visual reference for doll collectors and fans of the Fashion Doll Review blog. An affordable paperback collection, this series examines specific doll styles, sculpts, and collections in pages filled with color photographs with descriptions. Fashion dolls are styled, dressed, and fashioned according to the book’s theme. Resources and references are included.
Currently for sale on CreateSpace directly, this print-on-demand title is also for sale on Amazon--I'll keep you posted as soon as a preview is available. If you live in Europe, check out this post. I will have copies of this book with me at the Barbie convention and also at IFDC.

List Price: $16.00
8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm)
Full Color Bleed on White paper
76 pages
The Fashion Doll Review
ISBN-13: 978-0983681625
ISBN-10: 0983681627
BISAC: Antiques & Collectibles / Dolls

I am so excited to share the Out of the Box series of books with you. I can't wait to share what else we have in store!

Attention, Steffie fans!

It's here, it's here!

My new book, Steffie: Out of the Box, is now available for ordering.

What is it? Here's my description:
Fashion doll, Barbie fan, and Steffie collector Alison Rasmussen shares her eclectic collection with untraditional color photographs in this fun reference book. While not a professional photographer, the author includes many candid photos of various dolls created between 1971 and 2011, as well as a reference list of Steffie-faced dolls manufactured by Mattel and its licensed affiliates.

Publication Date: Jul 02 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 0983681635 / 9780983681632
Page Count: 90
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Language: English
Color: Full Color with Bleed
Related Categories: Antiques & Collectibles / Dolls

About the Out of the Box series of books:
The Out of the Box series is a casual visual reference for doll collectors and fans of the Fashion Doll Review blog. An affordable paperback collection, this series examines specific doll styles, sculpts, and collections in 90 pages of color photographs and descriptions. Fashion dolls are styled and dressed according to the book's theme. Resources and references are included.
Why should you care? Well, first I just about killed myself to finish the book before Barbie Convention. I should have a few copies for sale, if I can get them in time--look for Kathie's Fashion Dolls and the girl with short pink hair if you're interested in an autographed copy. (I just don't know what I was thinking with planning to finish the book after school was out for summer, LOL!)

Second, the retail price of the book is $20. From now through July 31, you can buy the book for just $15. Use coupon code PTUB5SGH when you check out, and you will save $5 off the cover price. That's less than the cost of a basic doll! (The coupon only works through CreateSpace.)

This book is now also available from Amazon. If you have prime shipping or if you are in Europe, this might be a better deal for you, so just hold tight. Plus, I'm hoping to provide a Look Inside preview of this book on there as well.

These books are printed and shipped on demand from CreateSpace--this allows me to print just the copies I need and not have a garage full of them. It's a really affordable way to go in the printing business. In fact, if you have a book you'd like to write, I can highly recommend their services!

Third, you'll know you're supporting this doll blog when you buy a copy of this book. I think you'll like it. In fact--I think you'll like it so much you might want to recommend it to a friend!

New Tonner Dolls previewed yesterday

Yesterday, Tonner Doll sneaked a peek at four new dolls coming out in its Fall/Holiday release, including Wonder Woman Steampunk and Tron: Legacy collection. You can preorder them directly from Tonner with free shipping, and from your favorite Tonner dealers.

I'll just say right now that while I'm not usually a huge superhero fan, I'm a little taken with Wonder Woman, Steampunk #1. She's limited to 500 dolls, retail $174.99, and she's estimated to arrive on July 13. She uses the Diana head sculpt on the 16" Heroic body. Check out this boots and goggles! I'm sure using this head sculpt helps--she is really gorgeous!

Sam Flynn from Tron: Legacy is also limited to 500, $179.99. His delivery date is to be decided. He uses a new Garrett Hedlund portrait head sculpt with wigged hair. He's a cutie! (I see an Arduino project on this bodysuit, if I could find a place for the battery pack!)

Gem uses a new Beau Garrett head sculpt with applied eyelashes, platinum hair, on a Lily skin tone body. She includes an extra pair of hands in addition to the white ones shown here with painted silver fingertips. Her outfit looks fantastic! She'll arrive July 20, is limited to 500, $174.99.

Olivia Wilde makes her first appearance as a Tonner Doll as Quorra. She's got a raven wig, painted blue eyes, and two sets of hands. Her delivery date is to be determined. She's limited to 500, $174.99.

I really can't wait to see photos of the production dolls!

Additionally, Tonner has announced that any leftover San Diego Comic Con Zombie Boy dolls will be sold beginning July 18, $159.99.

Images are property of Tonner Doll Company.


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