Monday, February 28, 2011

Um from Umbridge

Um from Umbridge, originally uploaded by alington.
Um from Umbridge, by Tonner Doll Company, made her arrival on Saturday. She's an enlarged Alice Kingsleigh sculpt on an American Model body (not the new one with articulated wrists, unfortunately).

Her outfit is amazing. I think it's very much like the one from the movie--lots of layers of black and white striped chiffon, red tulle and satin, tassels, a petticoat, you name it. Her shoes are adorable wedges (she has high heel feel), made of black and red polkadot satin.

Her face is lovely, also. She has the pensive, puzzled look of Alice in the movie.

My three pet peeves:
  1. The American Model body's hands. They are sort of lifeless looking. I think for such a large scale, Tonner could make these dolls have lots of details (like separated fingers and gorgeous hands and feet), and he didn't.
  2. No rooted eyelashes. Does it add that much cost? This doll retails for $299.99, and I think eyelashes (which seem to be included on previous American Models) would add a lot.
  3. Her hair. It looks nothing like the promo photo, and there are bald spots in the back. I'm sure I can fix this with a rinse and restyle, but to me, if I pay anywhere close to $300 for a fashion doll, I expect perfection. The original Alice Kingsleigh came with perfect hair--why not duplicate that hair style, only in a larger scale?
Even those three pet peeves aside, and her larger than life price tag, this girl is simply lovely. Her face more than makes up for her hair. I'll post more photos after I fix her up.

For now, you can see more photos, including close-ups, on my Flickr photostream.
Um from Umbridge, by Tonner Doll Company. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR: The New Close-Ups

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

All dolls will retail for $110

L-R are as follows:
Breaking The Mold Veronique (600 dolls)
Dress Code Vanessa (600 dolls) *new face!*
Easy Elegance Korinne (500 dolls) *new character!*
Porcelain Beauty Kesenia (400 dolls)
Pencil Me In Eugenia (600 dolls)
High Brow Adele (400 dolls)
Scene Stealer Isha (400 dolls)

Note: All production FR dolls will have applied eye lashes.

High Brow Adele
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Pencil Me In Eugenia
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Scene Stealer Isha
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Porcelain Beauty Kesenia
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Easy Elegance Korinne
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Breaking The Mold Véronique
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011
Dress Code Vanessa
Delivery: Second Quarter 2011

Nu Fantasy: Snow White

Pre-ordering begins on Wednesday, March 2nd
**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

Malicious and Pure

Malicious uses the TJ/Jasper facemold and Pure uses the Erin facemold.
Dolls will retail for $125 and are edition sizes of 300

Delivery: June/July 2011

Delivery: June/July 2011

Nu Face: The Close-Ups Collection

Pre-ordering begins on Wednesday March 2nd
**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

2 dolls retailing at $110 (edition size of 300)
2 fashions retailing at $75 (edition size of 300)

Note: The production dolls will have applied eye lashes.

London Mist Imogen (new sculpt/character)

Delivery: Late June 2011

Quiet Storm Annik (new sculpt/character)
Delivery: Late June 2011

In The Trenches (FASHION ONLY)
Delivery: Late June 2011

**we were told that the prototype doll modeling this fashion will be available at a later date**

Delivery: Late June 2011

FR: Hommes

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

Hommes are limited editons of 400 and will retail for $125

Leading Man Lukas

Delivery: Late April/early May 2011

Fast Track Victor James
Delivery: Late April/early May 2011

Silent Partner Romain Perrin
Delivery: Late April/early May 2011

FR2 - New dolls!

Pre-ordering begins on Wednesday March 2nd
**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

$175  The Minimalist Dasha  (300 dolls)
Delivery: Early third quarter 2011

$175  Grand Gesture Dominique  (300 dolls)
Delivery: Early third quarter 2011

Note: Under the turban, Dominique's hair is styled in a twisted up-do. 

Color Infusion

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

This collection uses a Nippon/Misaki torso and Brides of Dracula legs with the Amelie facemold.

$125  Cosmic Love Amelie  (300 dolls)
Delivery: Early/mid July 2011

$125  Rebel Spirit Amelie  (300 dolls)
Delivery: Early/mid July 2011

Poppy Parker - New Dolls!

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

(L-R) Youthquake Poppy (May 2011) and Twist N Shout Darla Daley (May 2011)
Dolls will retail for $90 and are limited editions of 400

$119  Perfectly Purple Poppy (400 dolls)
Delivery: June 2011

$119   Fab Foto  (400 dolls)
Delivery: June 2011

$119  Hit Single Darla Daley  (400 dolls)
Delivery: June 2011

DG: Plastic Inevitable

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

(L-R) Heart of Glass Aria, Most Beautiful Boy Auden, Downtown Darling Jett, Radiant Child Remi, Rock Candy Rufus Blue
Dolls will retail for $60 and are limited editions of 300
Delivery: Mid to late May

DG: Check Mates

Pre-ordering begins Wednesday March 2nd
**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

(L-R) Aqua Jett, Heat Wave Aria, Beach Bunny Sooki + Summer Daze Kyu (on Homme body)
Dolls will retail for $45 and are limited editions of 300
Delivery: Mid to late July for all these dolls.

FR Monograms - New Line!

**photo is property of Integrity Toys**

(L-R) Passionate, Bemused, Envied
Dolls will retail for $125 and are limited editions of 350

Delivery: Third quarter 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Carol Roth doll arrives

Carol Roth (affectionately known as CJ on the WClub board) and her company created WClub and currently run it. CJ can also be seen hosting the FR Convention each year alongside Alain, and she has recently published a book called “The Entrepreneur Equation” (website here: This special edition doll is to promote her new book and WClub members got a first chance to obtain this doll.

The doll uses the Anja facemold and comes on a NF body. She comes with pink “leather” shoes, black “snakeskin” handbag, bangle bracelet and a miniature version of CJ’s book “The Entrepreneur Equation.” She arrived today, and I took some quick pictures in the midst of cooking.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Revlon in Moxie Teen

Miss Revlon in Moxie Teen, originally uploaded by alington.
Miss Revlon tries on a Moxie Teen outfit. It's a bit snug in the bust, but it still fits (barely). The velcro (not my favorite closure method) does not close all the way in the back.

With the jacket over the top, you don't notice the poor fit in the back. Plus you have some extra jacket coverage in the front for any sudden wardrobe malfunctions.

The shoes are a not quite right--the arch is a bit different and a bit big, but they work in a pinch. The gold belt and jewelry is from Shimmering crush.

All in all, I think this Moxie Teen outfit isn't bad for her size. At $9.99 from Target, you really can't go wrong. It's pretty cute. And also, she looks great in fuchsia!

More photos on Flickr. She's really a fun size--a little taller than Barbie, proportioned like Antoinette. And she hunches like Antoinette, too. She's adorable.

Miss Revlon in Liv outfit

Miss Revlon in Liv outfit, originally uploaded by alington.
Next, we're trying Miss Revlon in a Liv doll outfit. It's a bit snug, to say the least. She's wearing what is meant to be a dress, and it barely covers as a tunic and won't velcro in the back.

But with the cute shrug over the top, you can't see the lack of closure in the back. She's also wearing ill-fitting 1980s superstar Barbie hose (which are still too big on her, as they were on Barbie), for some extra sparkle.

I have her in her original bracelet and necklace, but the bag is by Liv. Liv shoes are too small for her feet, so she's wearing her own.

I think she's cute, but she needs a bigger size. You can still see more photos of this outfit on Flickr.

Miss Revlon in Shimmering Crush

Miss Revlon in Shimmering Crush, originally uploaded by alington.
I couldn't buy just the doll without an outfit. I chose Shimmering Crush. It's quite well-made--snaps in the back with a perfect fit. It does have invisible straps, which I might remove.

The necklace and bracelet are pretty, but I was surprised it didn't include earrings. Also that the outfit cost even more than the doll. Though it is lined and well made.

The shoes are fabulous, though. You can see close-ups on Flickr.

The purse is actually a Silkstone purse--possibly from The Interview.

Miss Revlon, Ultra Basic

Miss Revlon, Ultra Basic, originally uploaded by alington.
My Ultra Basic Miss Revlon has arrived. I took her hair down. Despite her promo photo, her hair comes tied back with the tie sewn into the hair. I've also curled the ends under with a large warm curling iron.

Additionally, I've added Liquitex gloss to her eyes and lips, and given her a French manicure and pedicure, sealed with Liquitex gloss.

I think she's really fun, if maybe a tad jaw-heavy and just a teeny bit wall-eyed, if you get too close.

She reminds me of a miniature Sydney, with a hint of a smile.

She has the same body type as Antoinette--smaller bust but same posability. She's so cute! The Ultra Basic dolls by Tonner include a doll in lingerie, no shoes and no stand.

I have a few more photos on Flickr, if you'd like to see how she poses.

Save 15% and get free shipping at TonnerDirect!

Starting today (Thursday, February 24, 2011) at noon EST (that's 9 AM for us West Coasters) through Friday, February 25, 2011) at 11:59 EST (that's 8:59 PM PST), you can save 15% on many items at Tonner Direct, and get free shipping!

Use the promo code FRZN at checkout. International customers can participate using the code FRZNINT for a $9.95 shipping credit.

Fine print, directly from Tonner:
Tea Party Crasher, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Um from Umbridge, Evening Twirl, Something Extravagent, IO, Diane Evans, Hog Wild, Wigged Anne Harper Basic, Wigged Carol Barrie Basic, Play on Words, and Frosty Touch.
Valid on IN-STOCK items only. Offer cannot be applied to any previous orders placed, and cannot be combined with any other offer. Free Shipping offer valid on orders shipped within the continental U.S. For customers outside of the continental U.S. please use FRZNINT for a $9.95 shipping credit. Expires 2.25.2011 at 11:59 pm EST.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OOAK Fashion Doll Series: TNT Julia doll in jennygrey fashion

This is a TNT (Twist 'N Turn) Julia doll who's had her hair rerooted in the Mod Barbie style. Her eyelashes have also been re-rooted. Her face paint is all-original. This doll was found with all her original hair chopped off so she was a perfect candidate for a re-root.

Julia's two-piece gown and jewelry are a creation of JennyGrey fashions. The colors suit her perfectly.

2 New Wake Up Momokos

Toy Goods is having a big sale today if anyone is interested, and they have up for preorder 2 new Wake Up Momoko's. They have a limited amount and the last set sold out very quickly. Each doll is selling for 8500 yen ($102 USD).  You can go to Toy Goods site here:

**Photos are property of Petworks/Momoko**

Collecting Vintage Barbie On A Budget: Part 5

Here is a list of Ken fashions in the $35 price range. Ken fashions are the most affordable of all the vintage Barbie family and will also fit Allan doll as he has the same body:
  • Campus Hero
  • In Training
  • Graduation
  • Sport Shorts
  • Fraternity Meeting
  • Going Bowling
  • Country Clubbin'
  • Roller Skate Date
  • Skin Diver
Both the molded-hair versions and flocked-hair versions of Ken and Allan dolls as well as original Ken doll cases can be found for about $25. Every Barbie needs her Ken. Have you redressed your Ken doll today?

The Impatient Doll Collector

Peak's Woods LE tan Briana.

I’m one of those collectors: the impatient kind. Spring is the hardest season, even considering my eclectic collection. If waiting for a doll's arrival is difficult, this post is for you.

Not my friends:

Pre-orders. I hate long lead-times for dolls. Most dolls are manufactured overseas, and it helps dealers to know how many to order. But really--is nine months necessary?

Date postponements. You manufacturers know who you are! If you promise a doll (or preview a doll) and either list a date as “to be determined” or just keep postponing it, it’s frustrating!

When all my dolls ship during the same month. I love getting dolls in the mail. But $1000 worth of dolls in one month might raise a flag in the usually friendly relationship I have with my husband. Couldn’t you manufacturers time your releases with new Apple product releases?

My friends:

Lay-away. If I’m waiting months for a doll anyway, why not distribute the cost over that time? Thanks to my dealers who offer this option!

In-stock dolls. Especially when dealers stock ball-jointed dolls. These are expensive with lots of options, so I understand why they are sold as preorders. But oh, do I adore you when you keep them in stock!

Secondary market dolls. DollPage, message board, and eBay sales--it doesn’t matter. If the doll is in half-way decent condition, and can get into my hands in less than a week, I’m a happy camper.

Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and go for instant gratification: buying a wig or an in-stock outfit while you’re waiting is just the retail therapy the impatient doll collector needs. Good luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OOAK Fashion Doll Series: Molded-Hair Midge by Arnaldo Cardova

Here is a molded-hair Midge doll who has had her hair and face paint redone by Arnaldo Cardova. Arnaldo has given her the look of a Japanese Midge doll with Fashion Queen hair and band.

Midge's floral print sheath with gold-tone buttons was made by Kathy Kenney.

Blythe in Stylist Magazine: Issue 65

Stylist Magazine: Issue 65

Check out Issue #65 for a terrific Blythe fashion photo shoot in UK's Stylist Magazine. If you love these photos, you can download wallpapers (for your desktop computer) for free at this link.

I, for one, am glad to see our large-headed, large-eyed doll has made it in the fashion world, the savvy dresser she is!


Just wanted to share deboxed pics of the newest FR Monogram, Discreet.  LOVE the skintone on her!

Collecting Vintage Barbie On A Budget: Part 4

Here's a list of affordable Francie fashions for you to search for:
  • The Entertainer
  • Plaid Plans
  • Tuckered Out
  • Hi-Teen
  • Snappy Snoozers
  • Pony Coat
  • Sunny Slacks
  • Pink Power
  • Snooze News
  • Vested Interest
  • Note the Coat
  • Side-Kick
  • Slumber Number
  • Tennis Time
  • Somethin' Else
Many Francie fashions will fit Poppy Parker and Momoko dolls. Some soft-sided shoes will as well but watch for staining. Other Francie-related lower-priced items to search for include her original single doll case, coloring books, and paper dolls. Groovy!

Sticking to your budget during IDEX and Toyfair new releases...

While downloading my bank’s activity this morning, a transaction from my regular doll dealer appeared. Quicken helpfully asked, “Would you like to make this a recurring transaction?”

Hell no! And please don’t make this suggestion to my husband next time he’s reconciling our checking account!

It’s that time of year again--newly released dolls at IDEX and Toyfair always tempt me. Consider these dos and don’ts when adding to your collection:

  • Make wish lists and budget accordingly. Planning for anticipated arrivals is an exciting part of collecting. 
  • Take advantage of doll dealers' layaway plans, especially on pre-orders. 
  • Shop for previous years’ dolls, also--you may find them for a great sale price! 
  • Consider splits (just the doll or outfit), or new wigs or face-ups for dolls you already have in your collection, if your budget is limited. 
  • Enjoy the dolls you have! Rotate the dolls in your collection. If you redress your dolls or restyle hair, now is the perfect time. Take photos and play with your current collection. Upload then to Flickr or another website, and post your link here. I'd love to see your collection!
  • Spend too much time at photo sites like Flickr, or photo-heavy forums like Prego. These sites are the worst enablers of all! Seeing real-life photos of my dream dolls is the death of my budget. 
  • Feel like you have to add an entire line of dolls to your collection all at once. Go slowly and carefully, considering how each will fit with your theme. 
  • Be rash in adding many dolls to your collection at once. I’m a sucker for pretty faces or good deals. Often saving for the one more expensive doll you really love is a wiser choice than five dolls you only sort of like.
That being said, I did see and get to play with a Miss Revlon doll (Tonner's new 13" size) at a doll meet this month. Needless to say, I now own one. It's so much easier to give advice than to follow it! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Collecting Vintage Barbie On A Budget: Part 3

Here is a list of affordable vintage Skipper fashions for you to search for. Skipper fashions will also fit Skooter doll as she has the exact same body. A few Skipper pieces (usually top pieces) will also fit Poppy Parker and Momoko dolls.
  • Underpretties
  • Skating Fun
  • Dreamtime
  • Rain or Shine
  • Party Pink
  • Chill Chasers
  • What's New at the Zoo
In addition to these fashions Skipper and Skooter dolls themselves as well as common Skipper doll cases can all be found for under $50.


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