Friday, March 30, 2012

Superfrock new release - Katana

Katana - photo property of Superfrock.
Katana is now available to order from Superfrock. She is a new Sybarite resin fashion BJD in pale skin tone, and Fuju clone. She is in stock and ready to ship. Her price: £344.12 (about $550)

Katana is the first of the "Fashion Police" collection, and she is a criminologist. She has pale grey eyes, dusted with charcoal shadow and lined with black with hand-applied eyelashes. She wears a lovely white and gray braided wig and tied with slim red ribbon which accent her lips.

Her outfit is a belted strapless white cocktail dress with a black, laser cut overlay and inset bustle. She includes white sheer footless hose and fabulous white, black, and lime platform shoes.

Additional accessories include a face mask, "forensic size" handbag, enamel earrings, and "suicidal wrist wraps." She includes a stand, as well.

FDQ Photo contest

Love dolls? Love jewelry? Oh my goodness--eye candy galore!

Check out these submissions for Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine's photo contest. I'm simply blown away by some of the submissions. I could spend all day looking at them. Wonderful!

I have to admit, some of the entries are quite clever! I can't wait to see the winner!

New JAMIEshow Evil

JAMIEshow Evil - photo property of Angelic Dreamz.
As seen on the cover of the summer issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine, Evil is a brand new full-set resin BJD JAMIEshow fashion doll available for order now from Angelic Dreamz. If you're a fan of fashion and fairytales, this doll is for you. (These dolls are SO much fun!)

She uses the lovely Grace head sculpt and includes a red wig cap and a smooth cap as well. Her face-up is amazing--black lips, and smokey makeup which enhances her blue green eyes. Her outfit is an amazing black chiffon dress with a silver laser cut breast plate, velveteen cape with black feather trim, black arm gauntlets.

She also includes a unique silver holster and a knife. And her shoes--wow. I need a close-up of those lovely shoes!

She's limited to just 50 dolls, and her retail is $450.

I think she would look amazing next to the White Swan--especially since I missed out on the Black Swan. (And oh--do I ever want to attend that convention!) I think I might have found Carolyn's first JAMIEshow!

Close-up of Evil JAMIEshow - photo property of Angelic Dreamz.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

2012 BFMC Atelier #4 Gala Gown

Photo property of
Sandi Holder's Doll Attic has just posted information about the gorgeous new Barbie Fashion Model for sale, due to be released in the Fall of 2012. She is available for preorder now for $149.99, with her name, price and product details subject to be changed.

She is called Gala Gown and is a part of the Atelier collection. She is a stunning side glancing redhead, dressed in a fantastic yellow chiffon gown with feminine ruffles and adorned with grey flowers, pearls and rhinestones. She includes stockings, gray shoes and gloves.

Just lovely!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Melissa is broke! Episode 6: Equa

"Why is that crazy Melissa always trying to sell things?"

I will tell you exactly why! I am not very good with money, which is bad when you don't have much of it to begin with! My husband and I are in the process of closing on a condo, and, as you might expect, are strapped for cash. As a result, I am attempting to turn around she who receives the least amount of attention around my house - a beautiful OOAK custom Susie doll named Equa the Messenger by Cholo Ayuyao.

I received this doll at last year's IFDC, and she is just stunning. The only issue is she is really the only true fashion doll that I own, and since she is OOAK, I am very afraid of anything bad happening to her. As a result, she has spent the better part of her dolly life safely stored in her lovely box.

It is definitely a shame to see her go, but I will be happy knowing that she is receiving more attention in another dolly fan's collection.

You can bid on Equa, the Messenger here.

Happy bidding, and best of luck to all Susie fans out there!

Tonner Doll Company's 2012 Releases

Tonner Doll Company's 2012 Releases

Check out our latest podcast - an audio recap of Tonner Doll Company's latest release! Thanks for listening!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barbie at Gilt!

Don't miss Barbie at! Several great deals can be found here, including My Favorite Fashion Model gift set, To Catch a Thief, Grace Kelly Bride, Elvis and Sinatra.

Some of these dolls are sold at through Barbie Collector and are selling out fast, and the prices on Gilt are about 50% off retail, so it's not a bad deal! Go through my link here and support my habit!

First ever JAMIEshow Convention!

JAMIEshow Premiere Convention
September 28-30, 2012
The Firehouse
Canandaigua, NY

This sounds like a really fabulous event for fashion doll and resin fashion BJD collectors alike. Registration is $475 and includes convention doll, events and workshops. Check out the website to register today (deadline and payment must be received by May 31, 2012).

Events include an opening breakfast, three workshops (photography by George G, repainting eyes and lips by PegFamousGirls, and styling doll wigs and hair by Michael Scott), all-day VIP shopping at Angelic Dreamz, a Sonnenberg Gardens cocktail reception (on the veranda of the mansion!), a trip to the Strong Museum of Art & Toy Hall of Fame, a Speakeasy costume event, and a closing brunch.

A special convention rate at The Inna on the Lake has been arranged (between $134-204 per night), including rooms, suites, and jacuzzi suites (!!!). Plus, there are lots of bed and breakfasts and hotels in Canandaigua. The closest airport is Rochester International.

I'm trying to figure out how I might be able to talk my husband into attending!

Friday, March 23, 2012

New and improved dolls, or sticking with tradition?

Au Milieu de L'Hiver Tyler Wentworth (version 2.0), bendy wrist body by Tonner Doll Company
What's your preference? Do you like new and improved dolls--new body styles, new body sizes and scales, new types of knees? New couture styles? New doll lines? Character and movie figures that appeal to people other than traditional doll collectors?

Are you more of a traditionalist? Do you keep your dolls NRFB? Do you like the doll's original body type? Do you collect a single scale, or a single body type? Do you like classic fashions? Does it bother you when a company creates a new body type, or ignores the original body style you collect?

My daughter and I were discussing the issue the other day. She said she thinks it's a good idea when a company introduces a new body to the line, especially if you have the original. Eventually, the original body will become obsolete and hence, more valuable over time. You might have to wait a while, but the original body will become rarity, both in your collection and on the market.

My personal collection is varied--I have a lot of body shapes and sizes. I love to have a variety of sizes of dolls, even if the outfits aren't exactly interchangeable--and yes, I'll admit that it can be annoying when the shoes don't work across the board. But I love the excuse to mix and match, and collect shoes on their own merit. I wonder--does this make me an exception?

I get excited when I see new additions to a doll company's line. It inspires me when an artist in inspired by a fashion icon or an era, and I love to see new body types in the line up. I love to try them out, and see how posing varies, even within the doll company's own line. Seeing a beloved face on a new body is a new treat for me as well.

Again, I tend to be more fashion forward in my own personal style, however. And even when I don't see something in a doll company's line up that I have to have, I don't tend to take it as a personal insult; I prefer to see it as an opportunity to build up my vintage or other (BJD) collection, or work on older grails for the season. I still enjoy seeing what the designers at the company are up to, and where they are headed. (My wish list seems to be pretty much bottomless, unfortunately!)

How about you? Does your collection stick to a single scale or body type? Can you imagine a doll or outfit that would make you add a size? Are you inspired to see what inspires doll artists, or do you wish doll companies would design only dolls to your tastes? Does it inspire you to see dolls that you wouldn't personally want in your own collection? I'd love to hear your opinion!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two little surprises from Tonner Doll

Two delightful little surprises in Tonner's mainline release are two new additions to the 13" fashion doll collection, 13" Siomone Basic and 13" Suzette Basic.

These dolls are limited to 500 each and retail for $89.99. They share bodies with the 13" Revlon dolls, and can share their fashions--I'm so thrilled to say! Simone is one of my favorite head sculpts, and I'm delighted to see a mini version of Suzette.

Each doll includes lingerie, shoes and a stand (hooray!), plus adorable ruffled lingerie. Ship dates are to be determined, but the dolls are available for pre-order. Simone is wigged, while Suzette is rooted.

New Antoinette releases from Tonner Doll

New basic and dressed Antoinette dolls and outfits have been released by Tonner Doll today. Shipping dates are still to be established.

The new basic dolls retail for $89.99 and are limited to 500 each. They are made in the Cameo skin tone and have the same jersey lingerie and a stand, and have side-parted straight hair. Antoinette Blonde Basic has brown eyes, Raven Basic has blue eyes, and the Redhead Basic has grey eyes.

Flourish is a brand new dressed doll, limited to 300 and retails for $199.99. She is dressed in a fun pink-on-pink striped gown with a beaded belt, oversized silk flower hat, and rectangular gem earrings. She has painted brown eyes and golden hair in an updo. I love her eye makeup, with bright blue liner on her waterline.

Desire is an outfit that looks like a miniature version of Belladonna. It's a black bustier with attached sleeves and a layered skirt. It includes a ribbon choker, lace gauntlets, cocktail hat, and short boots. Limited to 150, $109.99.

Sparkling, limited to 300 and retailing at $99.99, is a lovely strapless dress, and shining swing coat. Accessories include silver gloves, strappy sandals, beaded necklaces and silver earrings.

Winterberry is a classic monochromatic red outfit which includes a red wool jersey suit jacket, slim skirt, faux leather belt, tights, satin boots, purse, knit hat, and gold earrings. The outfit is limited to 300 and retails at $99.99.

DeeAnna Denton is back!

That will teach us to gossip--DeeAnna Denton and Peggy Harcourt are back in a brand new way, dressed and basic editions (now wigged), with new outfits to share with the Curvy Nu Mood dolls, Bettie and Paige. These dolls can be ordered from your favorite Tonner dealers. I've provided estimated arrival dates as available.

I Love DeeAnna, LE300 $174.99, is a dressed doll on a 16" curvaceous body, with rooted platinum hair, blue eyes with rooted eyelashes. This gorgeous girl is dressed in a lilac dotted Swiss day dress, complete with gloves and pearls.

Lunch on Park, LE300 $174.99, is a new version of Peggy Harcourt on the curvaceous 16" body. She has painted brown eyes with applied lashes and rooted copper hair. She comes in a twill suit trimmed with "fur" and a mauve ribbon. Her estimated arrival is April 20, 2012.

Wigged Basic DeeAnna Denton, LE500 $99.99, includes the wigged auburn doll with painted blue eyes. She's wearing a classic navy swimsuit. Totally reminiscent of Brenda Starr--I love her!

Peggy Harcourt Wigged Basic, LE500 $99.99, is a platinum wigged version with painted blue eyes. She includes black lingerie and a half slip.

For you fashion collectors, DeeAnna's New Look, LE200 $109.99, is a must have outfit. Based on Dior's New Look, this one-piece dress has a taffeta bodice and net skirt, rhinestone belt, rhinestone earrings, and black sling backs.

Red Hot DeeAnna, LE200 $84.99, includes a red fitted dress, leopard print wrap, matching gloves and pumps, black rhinestone necklace and matching earrings. This outfit is now in stock!

Banker's Ball, LE200 $109.99, tea-length tissue taffeta and embroidered net in classic ivory and black, with floral shoulder detail. Includes black gloves and peep toes, pearl bracelet and earrings. Estimated arrival is April 9, 2012.

On the Rocks, LE200 $89.99, fuchsia satin jumpsuit with leopard print coat with white organza collar and cuffs, and matching mules. Estimated arrival April 20, 2012.

The Glamour Set, open edition $39.99, includes a lamé scarf, sunglasses, handbag, and faux chewing gum, scaled for 2012 DeeAnna Denton.

Several open edition wigs are also planned for DeeAnna and Peggy for $39.99 each: Susan is a red/brown wig, and Bettie is a raven wig.

New Cami & Jon from Tonner Doll

Several new and fabulous Cami & Jon dolls and outfits have also been released today. These dolls are available for pre-order.

Cami Basic is limited to 600, $109.99, and includes inset blue eyes in the Cameo skin tone. Cami arrives  in yellow lingerie, and a removable brown wig with a center part.

Jon Basic is in the Honey skin tone, limited to 400, with blue eyes and a raven center part wig. She retails for $109.99, and includes the same yellow jersey lingerie as Cami Basic.

Soho Sheer, LE300 $169.99, is a rooted curled (not wavy!) Cami with painted blue eyes in the Cameo skin tone. She includes a pretty 1970s era silver lamé slip dress and chiffon tank dress, sheer hose, beaded necklace and bracelet, gladiator boots.

Skyline, LE300 $189.99, is a rooted crimped hair Cami with painted green eyes in the Cameo skin tone. She is wearing a sleeveless red dress with a cowl neckline, black coat, and black boots and earrings.

Steamfunk Cami, LE300 $169.99, is an inset green eyed Cameo skin tone girl with a medium brown wig with bangs. She's wearing a faux leather dress with faux studs, an eye patch, gauntlets, hose with attached panties, and tall brown boots.

All Business, LE300 $189.99, is a Honey skin tone Jac with brown painted eyes and rooted brown hair in a ponytail. She is dressed in a silver ruffled lace dress over an off-white tank dress, with a printed brocade coat. She has studded strappy sandals, earrings and a necklace.

Deep Pink Dream, LE300 $99.99, is a gorgeous fuchsia off-shoulder gown with chiffon accents, including black gauntlets, black rhinestone earrings and pink satin pumps.

New York Jet, LE300 $124.99, includes a fun black cocktail dress, short black wig with bangs, black rhinestone necklace and bracelet, and strappy sandals with organza trim.

Dynamic Red, LE300 $109.99, is a run sleeveless dress with black shoulder straps, red duffle jacket, knit hood with faux leather trim and black over-the-knee boots.

City Shoes are a set of vinyl shoes for Andy Mills or Matt O'Neill - a set of 3 pairs in grey, black and brown. $19.99, open edition.

Shipping dates are to be determined on these items.

American Model - New Releases

Tonner has also released several new 22" dolls and fashions today. All of these dolls are available for preorder.

Limited to 250, the new Glamour Basic doll is wigged, and she uses the Cameo skin tone, has blue inset eyes and applied lashes, and includes a strawberry saran wig with bangs. She includes lovely pink organza lingerie, hose and heels. She retails for $159.99.

No photo is available yet for the American Model Deluxe Goth Basic. She is limited to 250 and retails for $199.99. She uses the Lily skin tone and has blue inset eyes, and includes both a raven wig with bangs and a silver wig with bangs. Her outfit will include an off-white net and ribbed cotton corset with lace trim, matching bloomers, and over-the-knee stockings. She'll also include boots with side zip.

Three new outfits have also been released for the American Model line:

Magickal is limited to 150 and retails for $159.99. (Could that be the new Deluxe Goth Basic modeling?) The outfit includes a gorgeous cotton muslin gown, hand dyed, ombré style and a faux leather harness. Very steampunk!

Another steampunk fashion is Divine Feminine, a gorgeous blue cotton muslin gown, also hand-dyed. This outfit includes a matching crinoline, faux leather harness and leather bag. It's limited to 150 and retails for $159.99.

Rococo fans weren't disappointed this release with the 22" Court Gown outfit. (I need it for my collection!) The outfit is limited to 100 and retails for $249.99. (Yikes!) The gown is gorgeous--pink satin with embroidery, flowers, lace and bows, and and included petticoat. It includes a feathered hat, pale blonde wig, pearl drop earrings, and slip-on shoes. A necklace is shown, but I'm not sure it's included.

Shipping dates are to be confirmed for these items.

Can I just say how excited I am for Tonner Con?

Wow--new line from Tonner Doll: Precarious!

Nice and edgy, couture and fabulous, this doll shares the Antoinette/Cami body and has a brand new fashion sense. She was just released (today) as part of the new Tonner mainline release. One new basic doll is available, plus three dressed dolls and three outfits are available from pre-order from your favorite Tonner dealer. Shipping dates for the dolls and outfits are to be announced.

Precarious, the basic doll, is anything but basic. Her retail price is $124.99, and she is limited to 500. She has applied eyelashes, painted blue eyes, and two wigs: a black and white long wig with a partial updo, and a red wig with bangs.

My favorite of the three dressed dolls is Intriguing. She has rooted blue hair, styled in a bejeweled updo, painted blue eyes with applied lashes, and she is limited to 300. She retails for $199.99. She comes dressed in a sleeveless lace catsuit, tied with a satin belt. She's draped in a blue rose embroidered cape, reminiscent of Idyllic Antoinette. Notice her jewelry--earrings, necklace, bracelet and a ring! I adore her blue suede heel-less pumps, too. Wow!

Next up, Scandal - limited to 300, also $199.99. Reminiscent of Alexander McQueen, this sharply tailored winged jacket sparkles in black and is trimmed with beaded cuffs and collar. The raven-haired doll sports a sheer embroidered skirt with sequins, black hose, and sparkling black heel-less shoes. Her clustered earrings and silver brooches finish her look.

Party Girl is the final dressed doll of the Precarious collection. She is also limited to 300 dolls and retails for $199.99. She has painted blue eyes, and a rooted platinum and black ponytail. Her silhouette also reminds me of an Alexander McQueen design. She is wearing a brocade gown with a chiffon and eyelash skirt, with beading at the neck. Her accessories include silver tights and shoes and a crystal bracelet. I think this look could have used some earrings.

Swing Time is the first of three outfits, and I adore it. It will fit Antoinette, as well as Precarious, Cami and Jon. It's limited to 300 and retails for $79.99. It includes a red jersey dressed trimmed with sea stars, black tights, platform sandals, and a tiny red sculpted hat.

Decadence is limited to 300 and retails for $89.99. This painted cotton canvas dress also includes a belt with rhinestone buckle, scarf, sparkling tights, strappy shoes, gauntlets and earrings.

Last but not least, Anything Goes. This outfit is limited to 300 and retails for $99.99. It includes a black jersey tank bodysuit, faux leather jeans, cape with detachable yarn hood, tie-on rhinestone necklace, beaded belt and black brocade zip boots.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Clearance at Angelic Dreamz

Save 30-50% off select Barbies (including just a few Stardolls and Monster High items) and save 50% off select in-stock Tonner Dolls (including some hard-to-find past editions and convention dolls) from Angelic Dreams!

Stocks are limited, and this spring Barbie sale ends March 25, so don't delay! The Tonner sale ends March 21, so don't wait!

Save the date!

Wilde Weekend
October 5-7, 2012
Louisville, KY

More details to follow, but the first ever Wilde Imagination weekend is in the planning stages. If you love Ellowyne, Lizette, Prudence and friends, Evangeline Ghastly, Amelia Thimble and the brand new steampunk flavor of Thea and Phin, be sure to keep in touch with Wilde Imagination on Facebook or their website for updates!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Save 25% from Tonner Doll

You can save 25% and get free domestic shipping from Tonner Doll when you use the code SAVE25 at checkout. (International orders, email your order number to for a $9.95 shipping credit.)

Some exclusions apply to this offer, and it's valid through Monday only. Here's the fine print from Tonner:
Emily, Ms. Beetlejuice, Penelope Cruz as Angelica, Just Right, 22" Batgirl, Antoinette Goth Basic, Neo Tokyo, Black Cat, ALL Nu Mood® product, 13" Wonder Woman, 13" Supergirl, Strider, and Arwen Evenstar.  Cannot be combined with any other offers, and good on in-stock items only.  Use promo code SAVE25 at checkout to save 25% off and receive FREE SHIPPING (domestic only)!  International customers, please email your order number to to get a $9.95 credit.  Expires at midnight EDT on Monday, March 19th.  

St. Patrick's Day savings from Barbie Collector

Get free standard shipping on all Dolls of the World dolls from, from now through March 19 at 11:59 PM CT.

This offer is valid on standard shipping only, and additional charges apply to Canadian orders.

Several special items from Marl & B

Did you miss out on Nu Mood Bettie from Tonner Doll? Marl & B still has one in stock for close to retail at $51. She is sold out at Tonner Doll and at many dealers (limited edition 500).

Additionally, Marl & B received a limited edition (one of each) of several older and very hard to find Barbie Fashion Models Silkstone dolls, including my favorite, Violette. She is a limited edition of just 999, and I was hoping I might be able to pick her up for Mother's Day--but not at the retail price of $999.99! But you should go click on her photo anyway--she is lovely.

Additionally, you should check out super special platinum edition City Smart (LE600), who was sold only in Japan, listed at $1,999.99 in 2003.

And yesterday, there was a listing for a special brunette version of Chataine listed, for $899.99, but she is already sold out. Congrats to the lucky new owner! Wow!

New arrivals from Integrity Toys

The new FR:16 Monograms have started to arrive--Joe's List has new photos of Press Magnate Saskia Tate. (The last two links are the real life photos!)

I have to admit, I may need to cave in and buy this girl--several people in my doll group have bought this line, and I can't wait to see her in person. She really looks nice! Edgy, avant guard, without being to snobby or cartoony. I can't wait to see more!

I hope Super Poppy is as cute!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Imperium Park™ by Wilde Imagination

Theodora Curiosity Bennett by Imperium Park (Wilde Imagination)

Wilde Imagination has released its new doll and fabulous steam punk doll line, Imperium Park. You can qualify for free shipping when you use the code PARK (PARKINT for a $9.95 shipping credit for international customers) on your order, this week only (expires March 19).

There are two new characters:

Thea: 16" vinyl and hard plastic, rooted hair, 12 points of articulation with painted eyes (she shares Ellowyne's body and clothing). Her face reminds me a little of a scaled-up (fashion) Revlon doll.

  • Basic Thea has brown rooted hair, blue eyes, is dressed in striped Victorian under lovelies, and limited edition of 350, retail $99. 
  • Theodora Curiosity Bennett is the dressed doll, $165, LE500, will ship April 20th. She has rooted auburn curls and brown eyes, and includes a blouse, pleather vest with gold buttons, matching belt and holster, skirt with overlays and taffeta trim, petticoat with organza trim, tights, boots, and antique gold jewelry.

Phin: 17" tall vinyl and hard plastic.

  • Basic Phin
  • includes a raven wig (glued) and painted eyes, one-piece striped underclothing. $99, edition size not stated.
  • Phineas Jules Bennett includes a brown wig, painted green eyes, and is dressed in a terrific striped buttoned shirt, twill pants with pleather appliqué, matching pleather vest and belt, golden shoulder guard, pouch, arm band, leg wraps, cuff, chest strap, and holster. He also includes a faux gun, sicls and sjpes/ He is limited to 500 and is listed at $185. He will ship April 10.
Phineas Jules Bennett from Imperium Park (Wilde Imagination)

Three additional outfits have also been released:

Air Ship Escape - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Military Theory - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Air Ship Captain - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Clockwork Hypthesis - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Be sure to check out the Apothecary Case and the sets available, too!

Also, for you non-Ellowyne collectors--some slim MSD girls (at least) have been known to been able to fit into these clothing. I'm excited to see these lines, and hope the details live up to these delicious promotional photos!


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