Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Barbie Fan Club - save the date!

2013 Barbie Fan Club registration opens on February 6, 2013! It's limited to 8000 registrants, and it sold out last year in July. There are lots of goodies in store for members this year, including:

  • the same membership price of $24.95
  • the chance to purchase up to four exclusive dolls
  • up to $80 in shop rewards
  • surprise gift with membership
  • designer video interviews
  • and more!
Find out more information here.

Monday, January 28, 2013

New BFMC Silkstone Dolls from Barbie

Several new Silkstone Barbies have been announced and are available for pre-order from your favorite Barbie dealers--I'd recommend Angelic Dreamz.

First up, Mermaid Gown Barbie: She's expected in May, retails for $149.99, and she's just gorgeous.

If you haven't already seen her, check out Cocktail Dress Barbie. She retails for $89.99, and does not yet have an estimate shipping date.

Photos are courtesy of Angelic Dreamz.

Tonner unveiling - save the date

Save the date: Tonner Doll is releasing a bunch of goodies and previewing items on February 6, 2013. You should be able to see the new items on Tonner's website.

Jem and the Holograms - meet the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms are splashing into Integrity's scene with three new dolls. All dolls are limited to 1000, retail for $119, and have an estimated delivery date of early March. They each include a pretty amazingly detailed instrument, as well.

Shana Elmsford comes dressed in a metallic purple minidress with matching pumps, sparkling tights and a silver coat. I love her lavender curls!
Aja Leith is a blue-haired beauty dressed in a metallic pink blouse with matching pumps, purple snakeskin mini, dark sparkling hose, and rhinestone stud earrings.

Fiery redhead Kimber Benton comes dressed in a ruffled fuchsia blouse, snug white jacket with piping, "white washed" pleated and yoke jeans, and fuchsia pumps. Check out the details on her keytar.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

London Calling - the Dynamite GIrls

The Dynamite Girls have taken over London. This collection is London Calling, and features higher edition sizes, bright colors, wonderful shoes, and lots of layered pieces. I'm noticing a lack of jewelry and purses for this collection. All dolls retail for $65 with an estimated delivery date of March and are available to order now.

These first four dolls are limited to 800 each. There is a new girl in the collection, Holland, with an estimated ship date of late March 2013. She is wearing an orange turtleneck under her belted jumper.

Dani has made a return appearance to the collection in green brocade slacks, a black shirt, lace sweater and hot pink jacket. Again--the shoes--they remind me a little of Posh Girl (FR:Nippon collection) some years ago, only with buckles instead of laces.

Two boys are in this collection as well. My favorite is Cruz, in a fabulous electric blue shit, lime shirt with black buttons, collar and cuffs, orange sweater vest, and amazing shoes.

Kyu makes his appearance in a teal coat, patched jeans, red collared shirt, mustard chunky knit sweater and brown and red boots.

It's good to see TJ back in the collection. She is limited to 600 dolls. She's wearing a white jacket, lime blouse, pink chenille sweater, patterned brocade skirt, lace tights and great boots.

Also limited to 600, Dayle returns to the collection as well. She is dressed in brocade shorts, lime tights and brown boots, a pink blouse, white sweater and oversized blue jacket.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Tulabelle is available for pre-order!

Integrity Toys has previewed a new line of dolls in the 16" size, called Tulabelle. This doll uses the Poppy Parker Fashion Teen body, and dolls are limited to 300.

Two basic editions are available for $115 each, and they will deliver in early May. Above, it's the brunette Violet Femme, in a chic and sporty asymmetric skull tee, black shorts, silver hoop earrings, ringed socks and high-heeled sneakers.

J'Adore is the blonde version of the basic doll. She's wearing a printed tee, pink miniskirt, pink stud earrings, and socks with her platform sandals.

Four dressed Tulabelles are also available to pre-order for $150 each. Yeti to Wear is a blunt-bang raven girl in skinny pants, super-high platform boots, a lace blouse, purple faux fur vest, embroidered clutch, earrings, ring and two necklaces. I think she's adorable.

Pomp and Circumstance will deliver in early May. She has a medium blonde partial up-do, and lots of terrific accessories--dangling earrings, black ring, beaded necklace, "Love" tote bag, two pairs of shoes--black flats with silver toes and gorgeous metallic red heeled loafers, and sunglasses. Shes wearing red skinny pants, a white blouse with black trim, and a leopard print coat.

Coated in Glamour has an estimated delivery date of June 2013. She is dressed in a belted white-washed gold cocktail dress with mesh overlay, pale blue jacket, and fishnets. She has really cool accessories, as well: a metallic green clutch, long silver earrings, ring, two bangle bracelets and black boots.

Last but not least, and also with a June delivery date, its the platinum ponytail Trend Spotted. An acid yellow polkadot skirt is the trademark of this look, and she's also wearing a sporty short-sleeved pink collared tee, lime fishnets and a black faux leather jacket. Her fabulous accessories include amazing multi-colored boots, two bangles, hoops earrings, brooch and blue purse.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Funny Face collection - by Integrity Toys

My favorite collection from Integrity Toys' new release are the new dolls from Funny Face, a newly acquired license from Paramount Pictures. The design team has worked some of its favorite sculpts into this collection, along with some gorgeous gowns. All dolls have an estimated delivery date of February 11, 2013 and are available for pre-order.

First, Take The Picture! features the original Vanessa Perrin sculpt on Breakfast at Tiffany's body (Poppy Parker with kitten-heel feet). She retails for $150. She represents the Jo Stockton character in this form, and is dressed in a gorgeous red bow-trimmed structured gown with train, a chiffon shawl, white gloves, red pumps, and gorgeous rhinestone jewelry.

Next, the Imogen sculpt makes an appearance on the Monogram body with Victoire Roux legs as Maggie Prescott in Think Pink. This mini gift set is limited to 400 and retails for $150. She includes two outfits--a gorgeous pink two-piece gown with faux fur wrap that transforms into the peplum of her skirt. Also included are pink gloves and shoes, necklace and earrings.

Maggie's second outfit is a chic pink suit with adorable white laser-cut heels, and white gloves and pillbox hat.

The Quality Woman features Anna Wintour--who uses Victoire's body and face sculpt used with the Katy Perry doll. This gift set is limited to 400, and retails for $199. There are three outfits included.

Maggie's first no-nonsense look is a white blouse, plack skirt, matching pumps, crystal brooch, black tote bag and hat and pearl earrings.

Her second look includes a silk shawl-collar blouse in a gorgeous blue, ivory skirt, and a sensible beige skirt and pumps.

Maggie's third and final look features a lovely gray business suit with shawl collar, white gloves, and matching white hat. This look also includes an additional silver-toned brooch as well.

Jo Stockton makes another appearance (this time with the new Veronique sculpt on Poppy's body) in a glamorous gift set called On How To Be Lovely. This set also retails for $199. It includes a gorgeous structured yellow gown with high side slit, yellow pumps, white gloves, and powder blue shawl.

The second outfit features a dramatic ivory gown with mauve floor-length overdress, ivory pumps and and rhinestone earrings. Notice her lovely rhinestone tiara! Oh, do I love this outfit.

The third outfit features Jo as a dramatic bride model--an adorable tea-length bridal gown, short gloves, veil with bow accent, white floral bouquet and pearl earrings. Her white satin pumps also have bow accents.

Bonjour, Paris is another gift set, limited to 400, for $199. This set features the original Veronique Perrin head sculpt on the Poppy Parker body, and includes three outfits. The first is a gorgeous gown in a white and black floral print, coordinating silver pumps, pearl earrings, and blue gloves. She also includes a blue satin hooded cape as well.

The second outfit is the "fishing outfit," as featured in the film--and includes a short jacket, sash belt, slacks and pink flats. I love her fun little hat as well.

The final outfit in this set is an elegant black gown, matching pumps and hat, short white gloves, and black rhinestone earrings. She also includes a miniature bouquet of balloons.

A Woman Who Thinks features Marion as the Anja head sculpt on the Monogram body (with Victoire legs). This mini gift set retails for $150 and is limited to 400. This set has my favorite black dress of this release with an asymmetrical neckline, black gloves and heels, and rhinestone earrings.

The second outfit in this set is a gorgeous yellow chiffon gown with matching yellow heels, and a large hat with green and orange chiffon trim. She also includes a rhinestone bracelet.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

W Club exclusive doll - Let's Kiss And Make Up

The first W Club lottery was announced at the unveiling. She's from the Funny Face collection which was revealed Saturday, and is a limited edition of 400 dolls. Her retail is $199, and she is scheduled to ship the week of February 11.

Let's Kiss And Make Up uses the closed mouth Vanessa Perrin sculpt, who is playing the role of Jo Stockton, and three outfits are included. (I think this doll is on the Poppy Parker body.) The first, shown above, is a gorgeous brown suit, faux mink coat, bouquet of roses, hat, gloves, a wicker-looking bag, pumps and gloves. She is also carrying a cute little furry dog.

The second outfit is a cream colored suit with a matching hat and gloves, coordinating pumps, and a cute little umbrella--a prop only, this accessory does not open.

The final outfit in the gift set lovely custom printed cotton dress, sunhat with floral trim, pale yellow gloves and matching pumps.

Above you can see a closer look at her accessories. I think this set is pretty darn cute.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Honey Queen Yeru

Honey Queen Yeru by alington
Honey Queen Yeru, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Our new turquoise wall is in use!

Meet Honey Queen Yeru, a tanned version and limited edition by Peak's Woods from 2011. I think she's simply gorgeous.

You can see some additional photos on Flickr--but mostly, I wanted to show off my wall.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madame Alexander update!

This, directly from Mark & Sharlene Aschauer, of Two Daydreamers, regarding the Madame Alexander unveiling in San Francisco:

Madame Alexander Doll Club
2013 California Premier - Let's Go to the Movies

February 16th - February 17th
Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront 
Dear Madame Alexander Doll Collector:
As we're only a few weeks away from the MADC California Premier we wanted to give you an update.    When we look at the list of registrants we are excited both to see many old friends and a lot of new names have registered for the San Francisco Premier.  Our videos and movies are ready to go, our guest speaker is confirmed, a red carpet has been arranged for all of the stars attending Premier, we'll be showing the 2013 Madame Alexander collection and sending you home with catalogs, we've got some exciting games to play, some fun door prizes, a great raffle and some unexpected  surprises lined up.  Now we are looking forward to seeing everyone at Lunch on February 16th.  The California Premier promises to be a fun party! 
Break Out Events - Running Out of Time 
In the past, sign-up for break-out events were included on the registration form.  This year, there was a delay receiving the cost of both the Cissette souvenir and centerpiece dolls which prevented these two events from being on the main registration form.  As you know, sign-ups for the Cissette Event and the afternoon Centerpiece Event were sent out after the MADC office received your event registration.  This has caused some confusion and delays.  We're worried this may prevent some attendees from being signed up in time for the two breakout events.  If you're attending the California Premiere and want to attend either/both the breakout events, complete your registration now.  In case you haven't received the form from the MADC office yet, let us know and we'll e-mail it to you.  You'll need to mail it back to NYC ASAP.  Also, please e-mail us to let us know that you have paid and signed up for one or both events so we can reserve the space, a souvenir and arrange a meal for you. 
As indicated in your registration package the fastest way to return your break out event registration is to mail it to Melissa at the new Alexander Doll offices: 
Attn: Melissa
112 W 34th Street
Suite 1207
New York, New York  10120 
Raffle Donations -

There has also been some confusion about donating dolls for the raffle.  Yes, you can bring the item with you.  If you intend to do this rather than mailing it ahead of time, PLEASE e-mail us the name of the item that you're bringing so we can prepare a donation card mentioning your generosity with the name of the item and guesstimate the space we'll need.  Many people have written to say that they're bringing an item but to date nobody has written us what they're bringing.  Please e-mail either Sharlene or Mark
Volunteers -

There wasn't any space on the registration form this year to mark if you're interested in volunteering to help at Premier.  We still need help with table hostesses, registration, raffle ticket sales, help setting up, etc.  Please let us know if you're interested.  Sharlene is coordinating this. 
Special Meals- 
Last week we met with the catering service at the hotel and we are confident that everyone will enjoy the wonderful menu.  The deserts look terrific.  We have also made arrangements to provide vegetarian meals to anyone requesting this option.  There is no additional cost for this option.  If you are interested in vegetarian meals please let either Sharlene or Mark know and we'll make arrangements prior to the Premier.  We can tell you that the vegetarian options from the hotel sound delicious. 
Hotel Reservations - 
This is really urgent.  The last day for making hotel reservations using the club discount and the parking discount is January 25th.  The 25th is this Friday!!  The easiest way to make your hotel reservations is to call Hilton Reservations at 1-800-HILTONS.  The discount is available for the nights of February 15th and February 16th.  When making your reservation the operator will need to know that the MADC event is at the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront and that the name of our discount coupon is "Madame Alexander Doll Club." 
As we have mentioned previously the club rate is $130.00 per night with single or double occupancy and the daily parking rate is $8.00 with in/out privileges.  We attended another doll event last weekend near to our hotel and the parking was $20.00 per day and the room rate was almost double our special rate.  We hope you will enjoy the Hilton.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New items are available from Wilde Imagination:

Ruffled Up - a cute pink ruffled outfit for Ellowyne $99

Five new dressed dolls in the Evangeline line:

Dreamstate Evangeline - inset brown eyes and rooted brown hair $145

Seeing Thru The Darkness - painted (for the first time!) blue eyes, applied lashes, and two wigs $148

Dark Glamour - lavender eyes and wigged red hair in black gown $189 LE350

Green with Envy Parnilla - inset brown eyes and wigged red hair $145

Beautiful But Deadly Parnilla - inset blue/green eyes, dark wig, and gorgeous rose outfit $185 LE350

Use the promo code WINTER13 to get free shipping on any order of $75 or more (US customers), and WINTER13INT for a $9.95 shipping credit (for international customers). The offer expires February 3, 2013 at midnight EST.

Plus, several end of edition specials, including those cute convention dolls from the Wilde Imagination convention.

Photos are property of Wilde Imagination.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

West Coast Tonner Event exclusives from Wilde Imagination

Does This Make Me Look Happy? - Wilde Imagination Ellowyne
Two exclusives from the West Coast Tonner Doll event are available now from Wilde Imagination. Above, Does This Make Me Look Happy? Ellowyne has painted blue eyes, a red wig (I think it's a wig) and a gorgeous outfit--a blouse with a lace overlay, patterned skirt, lace tights, armbands, and lots of jewelry. She's limited to 300 and retails for $185.

Unfortunately, Evangeline Ghastly Disenchanted Evening has already sold out. She was priced at $210 and limited to 130.

Photos are property of Wilde Imagination.


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