Friday, February 28, 2014

New Momoko: CCS 14NY PS

A new Momoko will be hitting the shelves in April and it looks like she sports the same outfit, shoes, headband, and make-up as a previously released Momoko, CCS 14NY.  The new doll has a different hairstyle, but in the same hair color.

This new Momoko will be sold exclusively through PetWorks online stores, like the PetWorks Global Store, in April 2014 for 18,900 yen. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tonner Doll new releases: Mainline Preview Tiny Patsy

Easy Breezy Patsy LE500 $149.99 TBD
Cameo skin tone, blue/green eyes, strawberry wigged hair

Nighty Night Sleep Tight outfit only LE300 $89.99 TBD
Yellow robe and cotton PJs, with slippers.

Pink Peppermint Patsy  LE500 $149.99 TBD
Cameo skin tone, green/grey eyes, wheat blonde hair
Pale yellow dress with pink flowers, pink and whit striped tights/
No photos available yet

Tonner Doll new releases: Mainline Preview Ballet

Tyler makes an appearance in the Tonner Ballet series as Classical, a limited edition of 400 for $209.99. She has a release date TBD. She has rooted raven hair, blue eyes, and a lovely navy and white outfit, navy ballet shoes, and also included interchangeable heel feet.

No photo is available yet, but Spring Time is a new part of the ballet collection as well. She has a 3/5/2014 ship date, and she uses the Daphne head sculpt. She has the cameo skin tone with golden brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a pink satin and chiffon dress with sequins and floral decoration. She also includes pink ballet shoes, and high heel feet. She's limited to 400 and retails for $224.99.

Tonner Doll new releases: Mainline Preview American Model and GWTW

22" American Model AA Basic has finally made a comeback with brown inset eyes, applied lashes, two wigs (curly raven and long straight), in a stretch knit body suit and black elastic shoes. She includes a stand. LE400 $219 available to reserve, delivery TBA

1950's Basic is limited to 300 and is available to order now. $239.99 retail. She includes a pink satin slip and black pumps, pearl earrings and necklace and stand. She has raven rooted hair, violet inset eyes and applied lashes.

22" Portrait Scarlet is limited to 300 and retails for $349.99. She will ship 3/5/2014. She uses the Vivien Leigh portrait sculpt with rooted mink hair, and green painted eyes with applied lashes. She's wearing a blue velvet gown, lace shawl, crinoline petticoat, and faux leather shoes. She has a painted gold ring as well.

Tonner Doll new releases: Mainline Preview Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty Captivating Kitty is one of the latest releases, featuring the newest 10" body. She's limited to 500, with rooted raven hair, blue/grey eyes with applied lashes (new this collection!), and a pink glitter dress (hooray for glitter--I'm sure Terri Gold will be adding this one to her collection, just for the glitter, LOL) with matching gloves, white velvet coat, and rhinestone earrings and bracelets. Aside from the glitter in her dress, I think this doll is lovely. However, I'm noticing a pretty significant price increase at her $179.99 retail. She is available to order and is in stock today.

Also in size and in stock, Kitty's Lunch Date. I actually love this doll! She's $139.99 and is limited to 500--a pretty big edition size. No applied lashes here, but she has a lovely mink up-do and green eyes. She's wearing a gold stretch knit dress and short jacket and gloves. She includes hose, shoes, and rhinestone earrings and a bracelet. I'm wondering how I'll be able to pass her up!

Stripes Suit Me! is also in stock. She's a gorgeous blonde, blue-eyed girl in a red and purple striped stretch knit dress with a jacket with white cotton cuffs, short gloves, and purple pumps. She is wearing gold earrings. She's also limited to 500 and retails for $139.99. That outfit is adorable--I wonder if it would fit my Azone girls?

Just a few items have been released for this preview--the full product release will show up in March!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Goldie Grail

Goldie by alington
Goldie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
On days like today, I can see when doing the dolly shuffle is all worthwhile. I'm in the middle of like-it-or-love-it frenzy, as I recently discovered two older dolls on the marketplace which I have been longing to add to my collection for years.

The first has arrived, and she does not disappoint! You can see her deboxing photos on Flickr. She is one of the first suntan Goldie BJDs produced by Peak's Woods in 2008, and she is indeed gorgeous.

Her resin is a much lighter shade than later tan dolls by the same company, and she has yellowed only slightly over the past years. She's in excellent condition--she only needs to be sueded.

I'm surprised by how much I love her face-up. I was thinking I might prefer a more dramatic or smokey eye--but I'm delighted by this lighter face-up style, which was painted by Lilikoi.

Taking the first few photos of this doll has really encouraged me to continue in the endeavor. I think you'll be seeing more for-sale posts from me shortly!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big and small? New IT FR:16 release inspirations

With the help of this handy Fashion Royalty Reference List, I've been able to locate photos for the original 12" dolls that are the inspiration (I believe) for the latest FR:16 release.

Above, it's Purple Factor Adele Makeda from 2003, next to Amethyst Factor Anais McKnight. Duh. Just look at the name.

Red Blooded Woman Kyori Sato (2004) is pretty close to Hot Blooded Elsa Lin.

Cosmetic Takeover (2004) Natalia Fatale is nearly mentioned in Cosmetic Surrender Elsa Lin's name. (Photo courtesy Topaze aka LittleBlackButterfly)

Obsidian Society Vanessa Perrin and Obsidian Culture Hanne Erikson share more in common than their names.

Now, I'm not sure what my problem was with this last one. It's Silver Society Veronique Perrin and Platinum Society Hanne Erikson. Down to the actual fur stole--these girls are a very close match! At first I was thinking the latest version of Vero, Breathless, was also a good inspiration.

My point... if you're a fan of the older Fashion Royalty girl and their fashions, you might want to give these taller girls a try. The fashions look pretty cool. And the quality is excellent--at least, it has been in the past productions.

Photos are from Integrity Toys and that handy Fashion Royalty reference list.

Integrity Toys W Club exclusive: Victoire Roux Evening in Montreal

The first right-to-purchase W Club exclusive lottery doll of 2014 is here (for W Club member only), and it's a gorgeous platinum Victoire Roux called Evening in Montreal.

She's limited to 600, and was offered to members after the first Integrity Toys preview on February 12. She retails for $99 plus shipping and handling, and she will ship in the third week of this month.

She uses the FR white skin tone, has blue eyes and rooted platinum hair and applied lashes. She wears a strapless brown gown with brown net overlay in her tradition 1950s style. She includes matching faux leather gloves, a faux fur shrug, and gold open toe pumps, a hair comb, rhinestone drop earrings and pin.

I think she's one of the prettiest Victoire dolls offered yet!

Photo property of Integrity Toys.

Integrity Toys new release: FR:16

My favorite part of the latest IT release has got to be the new FR:16 line. As many of you know, I'm a huge BJD fan, and these dolls can share clothing with Fairyland's Chicline dolls perfectly. This collection fits my ideal style! I adore them all. I would do anything to see outfits available for sale separately.

There are five dolls in total with an early May delivery date. One is available only from Angelic Dreamz's new site, Couture Dolls. They are all limited to 300 and retail for $175. You can preorder them today.

Above, the new character, Hanne Erikson in Platinum Society. I think she's my favorite. My friend Megann of MegannArt has recently gotten me rather obsessed with dolls in white, and she rather fits the bill. This doll features the Japan skin tone, blue eyes, and super pale lips. There are crystals and pearl details on her sheath dress, and she includes a faux fur wrap, crystal pumps, a ring, feathered veiled hairband, clutch, earrings, and beaded bracelet. She looks like a snow queen, similar an older Vero fashion--I have another post about these in the works!

With her style inspiration as Adele Makeda, Anais McNight appears as Amethyst Factor. I love this outfit, too--it reminds me so much of the Modern Pompadour collection from 2006. She uses the light honey skin tone with brown eyes, with plum and lavender makeup. Her cocktail dress is lingerie inspired--black lace over lavender satin--and she includes a deep purple stole, gloves, t-strap pumps, a clutch, and lots of jewelry.

Elsa Lin appears in Cosmetic Surrender reminding me a little of a taller version of Natalia Fatale--especially the latest convention release, Brazen Beauty. She uses the new hispanic skin tone with a super naked, J-Lo style makeup palette and brown eyes. I think I might like her face best. Her hair is called radiant brunette and styled in soft curls--I hope IT can pull this off. Her short lace cocktail dress has a soft flounce at the hem, asymmetric black embroidery detail, and she too carries a nude "fur" stole. her perfect nude heels, black clutch, gold bracelets, chandelier earrings and ring complete her look.

A taller version of Kyori, it's Hot Blooded Elsa Lin. I'm a little surprised to see two versions of the same sculpt, but it's kind of neat to see the versatility of the sculpt at  the same time. This version uses the Japan skin tone with jet black hair in a bun, brown eyes, red lips and dramatic makeup. Her dress is pretty amazing, and corsets on the side, allowing a black top to peek through the top. Her oversized earrings add drama, as do her contrasting bangle bracelets, and her deep red fur adds just a little softness to the overall feel of the outfit. Strappy shoes complete the ensemble.

The Couture Dolls exclusive is the new character, Hanne Erikson in Obsidian Culture. Obviously inspired by Vanessa Perrin, her fiery red curls and black embroidered suit pay homage to the wonderful 12" version of Obsidian Society--one of my favorite Vanessa Perrin dolls. She even includes a similar mesh veil, cage boots, purse, gloves, and fishnet stockings as the original--done in her own fashion. She is only available from Couture Dolls. (You will have to register for an account in order to even see the listing.) She is available for $175 plus shipping, and there is a $35 deposit +shipping required. I'm wondering how on earth I will resist her... I might need her just for the outfit! It's fantastic!

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

Integrity Toys new release: JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS

Three new JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS characters are available for preorder from your favorite Integrity Toys dealer. I have to confess, I haven't been terribly into this line, but I'm impressed with the quality of their clothing and the detail that go into these dolls. The designers are really into them, and you can really tell.

All three are scheduled for a March 17th arrival date, and they are $119 retail. They use the taller Color Infusion body, include extra posing hands, stands, and tons of accessories.

My favorite of the three is Astral Eldrich. She's limited to 500, and has amazing lavender and blue hair. I think it's styled in a high ponytail, but I can't tell from the photos. Her accessories are neat. She's a magician friend of Jem's, and includes gold handcuffs--I mean, how cool is that? Don't you want her just for those??--a deck of cards (it looks like you have to cut them out yourself), and a magician's hat.

Next up, Jetta Burns. She's a member of The Misfits. Come on, I need her tiny black chrome saxophone. (My son just started playing!) I love the detail. Her black and white outfit is very cool, too. And OMG--her mega bangs--not like I ever styled my hair like that... Oh yes--she's limited to 750.

Last but not least, also limited to 750, Raya Alonso. She's knowns as the fifth member of JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS, and includes a cool adjustable drum set. Amazingly, her retail cost is the same as the other dolls, $119.

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

Integrity Toys new release: The Dynamite Girls Love Revolution

Dynamite Girls Love Revolution collection
Unfortunately, I was out and about during the W Club's unveiling this time around, but the Dynamite Girls new collection Love Revolution is really sweet. It features six new dolls--four girls and two boys, including one exclusive Susie available through R&D Collectibles.

The Dynamite Girls' style is inspired by an indie music festival, though I'd call it thrift store chic. I see lots of primary colors, mix and match pieces, and a brand new character, Tooka--an African American skin tone Sooki head sculpt. She happens to be my favorite--mostly because of her adorable owl print dress and espadrille wedges.

I'm noticing all kinds of fun details on these girls: check out their bright nail art--Tooka has yellow, Jett has blue. Plus, check out the fantastic jewelry in this collection. Many include rings (even Cruz!), bangles, necklaces, and I even see a watch for Auden.

Additionally, IT has kept the retail price at just $70 per doll, which is fantastic. The girls are limited to 300 and 400, and the boys are limited to 750 each, which should hopefully make them a bit more reasonable. The dolls will ship in early May.

Free Spirit Jett

Own The Moment Aria
Natural Beauty Tooka
(Sooki head sculpt)
All American Auden
Take It Easy Cruz
(Auden head sculpt)
Sweet Freedom Susie
exclusive to R&D Collectibles - order directly from them or IT Direct if you're a W Club member

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New contest from Tonner Doll Company!

A new contest is being offered by Tonner Doll Company. Check it out--from their latest email:


In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz film, we are holding a creative contest sure to inspire!  You can enter the photo category or the story category.

For the Photo Contest, the rules are simple:  photograph your favorite Wizard of Oz doll(s) from your personal collection, and send us your art!  JPEGS please.

For the Story Contest, here's what we want you to do:  In 500 words or less, come up with an alternate ending to the Wizard of Oz!

We'll pick the top three photographs and the top three stories as finalists, and the winner will be chosen by....YOU!  The People.  There will be a People's Choice email survey sent out, where the public can vote for their favorite Photograph and their favorite alternate ending.

Each of the 6 finalists (3 photos, 3 stories) will get their choice of Tonner's NEW 75th Anniversary Oz Collection Basic doll (Absolutely Glinda or Absolutely Wicked Witch).  There will be 2 Grand Prize Winners:  The People's Choice for Photography and The People's Choice for Storyline. Each will receive a 19" Wizard of Oz Artist's Proof and a signed and framed sketch by Robert Tonner.

Please send all entries to  All entries must be received no later than Wednesday, February 19th, 2014.  For photography entries, JPEGS please.   Finalists will be announced shortly thereafter.

***By submitting an entry you grant Tonner Doll Company, Inc. (Tonner) all rights to use the work submitted in any manner Tonner wishes in perpetuity and allow Tonner to publish your name related to the artwork.  No remuneration for the artwork will be provided other than the prizes stipulated in the contest.

Are doll conventions worth attending?

Force of Nature Agnes

Most definitely! I'm sure you wouldn't expect any other answer from the Fashion Doll Review. Why should you attend a convention, and which one should you attend? First and foremost:

Attend the convention of the company whose dolls you love the most.

There's no question. If you aren't a big Barbie fan, don't attend that convention, even if you think you might be able to make a profit. Even if the Integrity Toys convention is on the opposite coast, if those are your favorite dolls, attend! Have you heard that Tonner's convention dolls don't sell for double the price, unlike some convention dolls? That's OK--if Tonner is your favorite company, go anyway!

You'll be sure to find collectors of like mind, and you'll enjoy yourself and the dolls. That's the most important part of a convention, anyway.

What if you collect many types of dolls? I'd suggest a convention like IFDC or MDCC, where several different doll manufacturers are represented.
  • Barbie convention usually registers close to 800 attendees. This is a fairly large convention. In addition to room shopping, count on the sales room--public day--being a bit crazy. If you like lots of people, this convention is for you. The shopping alone is worth it! Surprisingly to me, these are usually hosted by and put on by the local doll group, and sponsored by dealers, vendors, and Mattel, but not actually hosted by Mattel, so they are different and unique each year. It makes them fun, entertaining, and exciting!
  • Tonner Doll convention is a bit more intimate - usually less than 300 attendees, and closer to 250. It's fun, and the pace is a little more reasonable. There seemed to be a lot of cliques at this convention--though it might just be where I was sitting (or that my hair was purple at the time). The staff is amazing. I really enjoyed getting to know them!
  • Integrity Toys convention is usually limited to around 500 attendees--I found it way more low key than I expected, especially for the number of attendees. So many more people were just happy to spend time talking dolls rather than cutting in line. I was shocked and delighted. If you'd like to get to talk to some doll designers, come to this convention! The food was to die for at this event.
  • IFDC is limited to 250 people, and it's the most affordable convention of them all. It's atmosphere is really fun and laid back. I really enjoy this convention because of how friendly the people who attend are--though again, since so many people already know each other, it can be off-putting at first. The raffle room is really amazing at this event, and the workshops are terrific. Dress up and put yourself out there!
  • European doll conventions, such as the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, the Italian Doll Convention in Milan, and the Madrid Fashion Doll Show are amazing opportunities for shopping and have fantastic convention dolls. I would love to attend one of these someday. I've had a friend attend the convention in Milan, and it was one of the best doll experiences she's had so far. For me, it would be a dream come true! They are usually quite small--limited to around 100 attendees--which makes them quite intimate and wonderful, and you'll be able to find some amazing treasures.
  • MDCC is limited to 200 and I haven't (yet) attended this event. It's very affordable, and what's really cool is that it changes locations every year, so sometime it's going to be close to you. Also, you know what is included in your registration fee, and now, you can "Bring a Buddy," which allows you to bring a friend who doesn't really want the convention doll. The breakout events feature amazing OOAK artists and exclusive dolls, and those are available on an individual basis. I've heard that you can usually see the doll before you buy it, also, which is a plus.
  • Local BJD Conventions--If there is a BJD Convention on your coast or in your state, and you're at all interested in these amazing dolls, do whatever you can to attend. These are really great ways to see lots of dolls in person, plus you can save a lot of money on shipping if you plan to buy a doll. Of course, don't forget to save money up front, since you'll want to save in advance. Sometimes these conventions will have vendors who accept trades for their products as well, which you usually won't find anywhere else--I attended one convention where I saw this, and had never seen this before. It's fantastic!
  • UFDC also puts on a yearly convention. 2014 will be in San Antonio, TX. I've never attended the convention, but I have been to the sales room, which was huge.
What if you're not overly fond of large groups of people? Start out small--and try IFDC or a local BJD Convention first. 

Touch of Teal

Touch of Teal by alington
Touch of Teal, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My next project is well underway--a work about Daphne Dimples by Effanbee/Tonner Doll. She's currently my favorite Tonner sculpt. (Well, it's a toss-up between Daphne and the Duchess.)

Touch of Teal was surprisingly hard to find. She was limited to 300 when she was produced in 2007. I think she's one of the prettier Daphne dolls available, and many collectors like keep her in their collection. I can totally understand.

You can see a few additional photos on Flickr.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Wicked Style Aika

Wicked Style Aika by alington
Wicked Style Aika, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Ack! I don't know what is happening to me, but these girls just keep showing up!

Worse, this one, Wicked Style Aika, included an extra body. (I found her used, but I'm not 100% sure she's original--can any reader help? Heather?? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) (Doesn't that name look weird spelled out? I actually had to look it up!)

The dressed body looks like an original body, but the legs don't bend. I think it might be an Advance A-Type body, actually. The package included an Advance D-Type body (the one in the photo), nude and wrapped in tissue, in addition to both option sets A and B (which include tons of extra hands and a set of shoulder pieces).

In the photo above, I've dressed the sitting body in Chocolate Mint Ice Cream outfit (Sahras a la Mode), which is a nice fit--possibly a bit large in the bust, but still fine. Then, I simply popped Aika's head on the peg--no heat required, since the vinyl is so soft.

She's so cute and easy to redress. I'm afraid she won't be my last Azone addition!

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gold Glam ITBE

Gold Glam ITBE by alington
Gold Glam ITBE, a photo by alington on Flickr.
She's here already--so fast! (I also entered for Isha, and didn't win her.)

Gold Glam is the first lottery event of the year, or perhaps the last event of 2013 Integrity Toys W Club, and she is limited to 300 dolls, and uses the Adele sculpt in tan skin with red hair.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Save 30-50% off Tonner Doll Company from Toni's Collectibles

This link will take you directly to the sale. The shop offers free shipping on all US orders of $125 or more, too, so it's not a bad deal!

They have some older items in stock, so check out their listings! And I've had some great customer service from there.

Forever Yours Ashleigh

Forever Yours Ashleigh by alington
Forever Yours Ashleigh, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I don't really collect brides, but I do love Ashleigh, who is an exclusive to Two Daydreamers. And this girl (Tonner Doll) is amazing! Even prettier than her promos. She's limited to only 100.

Her sash is light gray, though be very, very careful with her shoes. They are very delicate. See additional photos on Flickr, and they are all dedicated to my friend Tracy.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. Life, you know.

I should warn you, however, that several spring releases for both Tonner Doll and Integrity Toys are fast approaching! And don't you all miss IDEX? I sure do!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lots More Momoko Dolls

Sekiguchi has gone pretty crazy nearly overnight with lots of new dolls in store soon.  First up is a series of special Wake Up dolls on a theme of Monchichi. Each doll comes with their own little special Monchichi and a matching brown terrycloth outfit.  Also, each Momoko in this series has freckles!

Next are the Gainax girls as Momoko dolls.  We've seen three of these before with other animated characters such as Rei Ayanami.  The doll in red is Yoko and the pink and blue doll is Nia.  Both are from Gurren Lagann.  I was surprised to see character dolls come around again.

The Wake-Up dolls will be 6,280 yen each and the Gainax dolls will be available for 13,800 yen each.

Want some special designs for your Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire and a pattern book for DIY MegannArt designs.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Pictures courtesy of Sekiguchi.


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