Saturday, March 30, 2013

Steffie of the day: Mystery Cipsa

My latest addition is a 1970s era Cipsa doll (manufactured in Mexico, licensed by Mattel). She's a mystery doll to me, and a wonderful find from eBay.

I ordered this doll, thinking she was Activa (the Mexican version of Free Moving PJ). When she arrived, however, I noticed she has a standard Cipsa body instead of the Free Moving version.

Her face paint is all original--check out her over-the-top eyes! Plus her hair is in great shape--longer than my other Activa Barbie. Perhaps she's been rebodied on a standard body--the bodies do tend to wear out and break pretty easily.

In any case, I think she's just wonderful.

You can see more photos on Flickr.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Steffie of the day: Super Linna

Super Linna by alington
Super Linna, a photo by alington on Flickr.
It's the attack of the clones! This lovely Steffie-faced doll is actually not a Mattel doll, I believe. She is called Super Linna and manufactured by the Dutch company Tomfu Nekmer.

These clones are closely modeled after Yellowstone Kelley, and can be found with unusual hair colors. They were made in the 1970s.

Her body is different than a Mattel doll: Her arms are rubbery, like Gumby, almost. Plus her hips are a little wider.

Super Linna dolls have hair that is prone to ratting, like my doll, here. They can often have uneven facial screening--were one eye might be slightly larger than the other.

You can see additional photos of her on Flickr.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outfits by MegannArt

Gingham dress $20
Got outfits? There's nothing that spices up your collection more than adding outfits! If you're looking for casual styles with amazing detail, check out MegannArt on Etsy.

Megann sews for many different sized fashion doll--every small body you can imagine:

  • Momoko
  • Silkstone
  • Fashion Royalty
  • Poppy Parker and Misaki
  • Revlon 13" by Tonner
  • Monster High
Plus, she also sews for BJDs--in every size from YoSD and smaller up to SD13.

Check out her shop. There's lots of goodies in there!

Photo is property of MegannArt.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Talking Busy Steffie

Today, she's particularly excited about having her own TV. Produced originally in 1972, this is one of the three dolls with the Steffie name (the other two are from the same year, Busy Steffie and Walk Lively Steffie).

You can see the video above or on YouTube.

Steffie of the day: Miss America

Miss America by alington
Miss America, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Originally produced in 1973, Miss America is an early version of Steffie. There are many variations of this doll.

Walk Lively Miss America is shown above. You can find this doll with longer hair or short hair (mine above has short hair). Some include the walking stand, but others don't.

The following year, when the Walk Lively Miss America dolls had sold out--they were a special Kellogg's exclusive--they were replaced with Quick Curl Miss America, first as a brunette, and then as a blonde.

I find the brunette Quick Curl Miss America is the most difficult to find of the three.

The blonde dolls came with many variations:
  • short or tall crown (the short one is hard to find)
  • pale blonde or golden blonde hair
  • the dress has a textured bodice or lamé bodice
  • the dress has a silver lamé or gold lamé bodice (the silver is more rare)
  • the cape has an ermine border or a plain white border (the white is more rare)
  • the doll has intense facial screening or more natural facial screening (the intense facial screening is harder to find)
The Canadian-issued dolls, in the orange box, are harder to find than the American pink boxes.

You can have lots of fun collecting these dolls!

Regal Red

More Sales!

Photo Property of SoomI know, I know...

I am absolutely bat-poop out of my mind with the sales.

My doll collection is in constant flux, and this time one of my beautiful Soom Monthlies is on the chopping block.

If you are interested in obtaining this rare gem, she is listed at a ridiculous price over on Ebay.

She originally cost over $1000 - the auction has NO RESERVE and a low Buy-It-Now!

If you are interested in adopting Cuprit, please take a look at her auction!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steffie of the day: Standard Barbie

Standard Barbie by alington
Standard Barbie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
From the 1980s, these Standard Barbies were issued with blonde hair (in Canada, at least) and the Steffie face. They either came dressed in a swimsuit (I've seen pink, blue, yellow and orange) or in an outfit. Several different outfits I've seen:
  • #2482 Bright and Bedazzling Superstar fashion (green, purple and pink gown with ruffle stole)
  • #1360 Best Buy variation (turquoise star/sparkle print)
  • #2074 Donny & Marie Osmond, Sears exclusive (peasant blouse, brown vest & skirt, boots)
  • #2302 Get-Ups 'N Go Flowery Delight Is Party Right (yellow floral print dress)
  • #2303 Get-Ups N' Go (pale blue gown with sheer sleeves and tiered skirt)
  • #2965 Designer Originals Wedding Belle 
  • Canada Superstar in #7843 Get-Ups ‘N Go Party Dress (orange/gold)
  • #8688 Best Buy pink dress with sheer black overlay
  • #9157 Best Buy pink tricot nightgown
  • Canada Superstar in #9158 Bicentennial Best Buy
  • #9738 Get-Ups 'N Go Pink & White Lights the Night
  • #9739 Get-Ups ‘N Go (red and clear raincoat with patterned dress, boots)
  • #9743 Get-Ups 'N Go Dreamy Delight (turquoise nightgown with peignoir)
  • Canada Superstar in England DOTW dress (Royal UK)
  • Magic Curl dress
  • Partytime, gold/orange
  • Partytime variation, orange/floral
  • Pretty Changes outfit
You can see a few more photos of this girl on Flickr.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Steffie of the day: Fashion Photo PJ

Fashion Photo PJ by alington
Fashion Photo PJ, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of my all-time favorite Steffie-faced dolls by Mattel is Fashion Photo PJ--mine, and everyone else's too.

I did a quick eBay search, and the last few NRFB dolls have gone for around $350. Loose and dressed anywhere from $50-150, depending on their condition.

I think she has lovely facial screening--neutral shimmery brown eye shadow and soft peach lips. Her hair is a medium brown with highlights--just gorgeous. Plus, I'm a sucker for Mattel's 1980s jewelry--it reminds me of the clear Lego pieces when I was a kid: valuable real estate.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Grand Photo Contest Voting...

Check out these photos from the Doll Wardrobe contest - entry #118, #117 and #116. Leave a comment if you'd like to vote for those photos--I think they are really cool and they stand out a lot from the others that were submitted.

You can see all the entries here.

Repost from The Doll Wardrobe blog - the contest rules:

Sup peoples!


We have uploaded all of the entries for the 2013 Grand Photo Contest!

See the entries here: 

You can vote on each entry by commenting on that blog post.

Or you can email us your votes to

One vote per person per pic.

You can vote for more than one pic.

You can vote for as many pics as you want.

You can vote for yourself.

Your family members can vote for your pics.

Your friends can vote for your pics.

You can advertise your entries on your blogs, Facebook pages, Youtubes, etc.

All votes are due by Saturday, April 6th, 2013.

Then the Final Round begins.

If you are selected to be in the Final Round you will need to submit a fourth picture -- one taken for a clue you haven't used yet.

We'll pick the four people to participate in the Final Round from a combo of the votes tally and Penny's judgment.

Then those four people will have 2 weeks to submit their fourth pic.

So start thinking about what you would do for a fourth pic.

The fourth pic will determine who wins the doll, and who will get the $35 AG gift cards.

Alice: Out of the Box featured in Epic Indie Book Fair of Awesome!

Alice: Out of the Box has been featured in the Epic Indie Book Fair of Awesome, as shown on Saturday Sequins blog.

Check it out if you get the chance--it looks like there are a lot of interesting titles on there.


Tyler Wentworth

Tyler Wentworth by alington
Tyler Wentworth, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Yes, it's Tyler. She's Ultimate Basic Tyler Wentworth, 16" resin fashion BJD by Tonner Doll.

She's wearing a Monique wig, and Black Diamond (a Tonner outfit) with the belt from DeeAnna's New Look outfit.

Tyler has had a complete face-up by Beesou of Overnight Flight. She's just lovely and soft, I think.

See more photos on Flickr.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Young Sophisticate Poppy Parker - first W Club exclusive

 The first W Club exclusive was announced last week, and it's a lovely Poppy Parker doll. She includes her new pet, Petunia. (I'm hoping to see a kitty addition to her family, too.)

Her names is The Young Sophisticate, and she retails for $119, with an estimated delivery date of late summer 2013. All W Club members are given the opportunity to purchase this doll with their membership--she is the first of five exclusives for the year.

She has lovely blonde hair pulled back from her face--and I love her giant curls. I hope the real-life doll looks as cute as the promotional photos. Her facial screening is neutral with cat eye-style liner, and she has brown side-glancing eyes--probably Poppy's best look--applied lashes, and pink lips.

I really like her outfit--it's a yellow textured dress with a black belt, pink coat, black stockings and black pumps with bows. Additionally, her accessories are wonderful: a black and white striped tote with pink accents and buckles (really done IT style), black sunglasses, oversized black stud earrings and a black ring. Her dog Petunia has a bow on her head and a collar with buckle and a tag.

Her outfit is surprisingly modern for Poppy--I think she will be a hit with collectors who love the 1960s era and contemporary style.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Honey Face Momoko: CCS 13SP Home!

The most recent edition to the Momoko sculpt is a subtle pouty face, lovingly called honey face.  Not many dolls have been made thus far with the new sculpt, so she is in high demand.  Both ladies are lashless and in similar outfits, sporting the honey face.  They are called Hazelnut Mocha/Latte (right) and Cranberry Tea (left).  Petworks must know we really want these darling dolls and my guess is they will be in high demand.  Don't let these beauties fly off the shelves before you can order them [like Melancholy did]!  These ladies will be released in mid April 2013 at 19,000 yen.

Perhaps these dolls pull at my heart strings since the "story" for the Momoko notes spending time alone at a book cafe on a rainy day with that cup of hot awesomeness, something I often like to do when it's raining.  Both cranberry tea and a hazelnut coffee sound great to me.

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.

Ta Da! Daphne

Ta Da! Daphne by alington
Ta Da! Daphne, a photo by alington on Flickr.
From 2005, this Effanbee doll is from the Modern Doll Collectors Convention in Anaheim, CA. She was limited to 175 dolls, and she has been a grail of mine for some time.

I think she's just fantastic. Her gown reminds me of one of my very first 16" fashion dolls, Brenda Starr's Sizzling Sensation, also a MDCC exclusive from 2004. It feels like silk, and it's lined in white fabric. Her shoes are red pumps with ankle straps and red and white bows.

Her jewelry is really nice, too--she has two rhinestone bracelets and drop earrings, which match the rhinestone accent on her gown. She includes white gloves, which I actually didn't put on for the photo shoot.

She has wonderfully 1940s era facial screening. My friend Carolyn probably could fix her hair to make it perfect. It's styled in an updo with loose curls at the top. Additionally, she's one of the few raven-haired Daphne Dimples dolls, which I love.

See more photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Shimmer! by alington
Shimmer!, a photo by alington on Flickr.
San Diego hasn't even had any rain, and look who's out of the box!

It's Shimmer, a Mattel Dazzle doll. She's super sweet--a tiny Steffie sculpt with auburn hair and violet eyes. She came with a red swimsuit and this lovely 1980s era dance outfit. (Well, if it's from the 1980s, it's probably an aerobics outfit.)

I'm so glad I deboxed her. Her hair is fine, but these dolls are so much fun to pose and photograph. (Wait till you see what's coming up!)

I am trying out the new background again--doesn't it add a little bit of nice texture to the photo?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tonner Tuesdays is happening now!

Romantic Gold by alington
Romantic Gold, a photo by alington on Flickr.
You can pick up a number of great deals from Tonner Doll during today's Tonner Tuesday event, going on now through Wednesday, March 20, at noon eastern.

Items I saw on sale:

Plus, for $14.99 you can get a grab bag item worth $29.99-49.99.

Steffie of the Day: My Melody

My Melody by alington
My Melody, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The third of the Hello Kitty series Barbies, My Melody was released in 2008 and designed by Bill Greening.

This doll has fantastic accessories--from her bag with a charm, to her headband, bracelets, stockings and sunglasses. While she's no longer in production, you can almost always find her never-removed-from-box for under $40.

See more photos on Flickr.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tonner Doll has posted photos of the Vintage American Model doll, 22", which is now available to pre-order from your favorite dealer. She retails for $249.99, but is often a little less when ordered from a dealer. Her edition size has been increased to 400, so don't wait.

This wigged, inset-eye beauty has applied lashes and includes this lovely outfit: a white bodysuit, pink brocade corset with blue ribbon trim, white dotted swiss pantaloons, white tights, and pink faux leather shoes. She is in the cameo skin tone.

No shipping date has been set for this doll yet.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Steffie of the day: Miss Peridot

Miss Peridot by alington
Miss Peridot, a photo by alington on Flickr.
African American Birthstone Beauty for the month of August has lovely pink and lime shimmery make-up. She looks great in Integrity Toys Think Pink fur/wrap from the Funny Face collection.

Also, do you like my latest background creation? It's an expensive fiberoptic light in blue. I think it make an interesting bokeh texture.

See more photos on Flickr.

Check out my latest trade list...

New York Night Cami
Happy St. Patrick's Day, readers!

Treat yourself to some dolly trades--maybe you've got some in your collection, looking to go to a new home. I've added to my Want-to-Trade list. I'll post it here, as well as on the DollPage, in case you happen to see anything you like.

Here is a current list of what I've got for sale, with more to be added this week. Don't like my price? Make me an offer!

Now... on to my trades. My items, like yours, come from a non-smoking home. I have cats and kids, though both stay away from my dolls, unless otherwise labeled.

This week, I'll be uploading (I hope) some additional bargain bin items.

Here's my current wish list of items--I found a trade partner who is looking for some Integrity Toys items, which I don't have. But if you do--then we've got a deal!

Requirement is non-smoking. Deboxed is OK. Nude is also OK. Condition may be negotiable.

Heart Family
1987 Heart Family Bathtime Fun AA
1988 Heart Family Visits Disneyland AA

Foreign Issue Cipsa/Mexico
1978 Hollywood Valerie
1978 Tahitiana Valerie
1983 Bride Tracy (olive green eyes)

Foreign Issue Estrela/Brazil
1987 Barbie Noiva Viky
1988 Cor do Verão Viky
1989 Alta Costura Lia
1989 Bruna - Tênis & Jeans Teresa
1989 Laço de Perfume Lia
1989 Moda Festa Viky
1989 Rock Star Viky
1990 Amigos de Selva Viky
1991 Esporte Total Viky
1991 Primavera Verão Viky
1994 Arte em Moda Viky
1994 Barbie Country Tina

1990 Hawaiian Fun Kira
Any Steffie-faced Rotoplast
1975 Standard, TNT body, hollow plastic body Europe, blonde, pink swimsuit
1979 Rio Señorita Barbie (like Hispanic Barbie)
1981 Réve d’Or Da Sogno Christie (Golden Dreams Christie)
1986 Princess Laura Whitney (possibly made by Congost?)
1987 Laura Fragancia Whitney (also Congost?)
1992 Benetton Shopping Teresa
1992 Ultra Hair Whitney
Possibly others?
1975 Standard, TNT body, hollow plastic body Australia, titian and brunette hair

other Steffie-faced Richwell
2008 Vidal Sassoon 60s, Platinum Label Steffie
2008 Vidal Sassoon 70s, Platinum Label Steffie

Also - not Steffie:
1976 Superstar Christie
1980 Beauty Secrets Christie
1977 Hawaiian Superstar Barbie
1977 Fashion Photo Christie
1977 Fashion Photo Barbie
These girls should be in NM or NRFB condition.

Tonner Girls:
Midnight Enchantment Daphne
Platinum Panache Daphne
Brazilian Bombshell Daphne
Crystal Celebration
Resort Daphne
Star of the Red Carpet Daphne
Smoldering Seduction Daphne
Diversion at Dinner
Noel Angel Daphne
Evening With Simon Daphne
Garden Part Iris, Raven and Redhead
Ultra Basic Daphne
Wilhelmina Wonka
Maybe another OOAK Daphne?
Nude is OK, but original hair preferred.

American Model outfits
Lady Manhattan
Palm Springs Gala
Luxe Be a Lady
Any Disney princess (22") outfit
Creole Romance
Winter Solstice
Possibly others - ask me. I don't need wigs, shoes or gloves with the outfits.

Integrity Toys
Bionica Jordan
Most Desired Eugenia
Heat Seeker Natalia
Private Goddess Natalia
Blond Ambition Veronique
High Tide Vanessa
Brightness Calls Isha
Sunset Rave Ayumi
Luchia Glimmer
Future Bound Luchia
Aerodynamic Vanessa
The IT girls should have good hair, nude is OK, dressed preferred, but deboxed is OK. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

New CCS Momoko 2013 Dolls

In late March 2013, look out for the release of these two CCS Momoko, Today’s 1303bk and 1303bl. Both ladies sport beige/gold irises, pink eye shadow and lipstick.  The two Momoko come with a romper in different floral prints. It appears the Momoko on the right has freckles. 

Want some special designs for you Momoko? I provide lots of dolly attire. Support an artist! Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Steffies of the 1980s

OK, I admit I might be having too much fun with videos. You can watch my latest Steffie fetish with Steffies of the 1980s.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel (truly, words I thought I'd never type) for the latest releases, and leave a comment if you like!

When do you debox a doll?

Shimmer by alington
Shimmer, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I'm having a collecting dilemma right now. I don't know whether I should debox this particular doll, which has lead me to consider my "deboxing policy."

Normally, with vintage dolls, it's hard to debox them NRFB. Now, I consider whether you can actually tell if the doll has already been removed. If she has, I don't have a problem. I will remove her, possibly even redress her, and then put her back. If she is sold, I mention I've removed her from the box, and that she isn't NRFB--I'd call her MIB, if she is mint. (It's just a little pet peeve of mine, when sellers call a doll "NRFB, except removed for these photos."

But for less than vintage--take this 1982 Dazzle doll Shimmer, for example--I have to take several things into consideration.
  1. Is the package pretty? If it's pretty--this one has nice graphics (see photos on Flickr for examples)--I have a harder time messing it up.
  2. Is the package mint? If the package isn't in great condition--and this one, the plastic has yellowed and the card is bent just a bit--it's not quite such a big deal to rip into it.
  3. Is the doll hard to find? This doll is from the 1982 release. There were many dolls released in 1981, and Shimmer was only released in a smaller edition size in 1982. She is a bit pricier, and, yes, harder to find.
  4. Is the doll in peril? Sometimes, a doll may be wearing clothing or earrings that can cause staining or green ear, and removing the offending articles is a must. In this case, Dazzle dolls often have rubber bands that turn to liquid glue over time. I can see them in her hair, and they appear all right. But I really don't want them to ruin her hair.
  5. Can I open the package without ruining it? In this case, the nature of a blister card makes it difficult to keep its beauty intact. I could keep the back of the card, of course, but it won't be nearly as nice as before it's opened.
  6. Exactly how badly do I want to play with the doll? Oh, how to answer this question! I can't answer the last time I had so much fun with a photo shoot as I did shooting Crystal and Glossy. (It made me want to add the entire line of Dazzle dolls to my collection, which is just ridiculous... isn't it?)
Truthfully, in spite of my hesitation to simply rip into the package, what will probably happen is this: I'll keep the doll unopened in her package today. One rainy day, I'll put aside all logical reasoning. I'll just need a little pick-me-up and open the doll for a photo shoot and redressing session. It'll be fun.

Fortunately for me, it's going to be 78° and sunny today.

By the way, did you notice Shimmer's miniature Steffie face? Isn't she adorable?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steffies of the 1970s

Check out my latest video on YouTube or embedded right above. I've gone through many of the US-released Steffie-faced dolls released between 1979 through 1980. I hope you enjoy this video podcast. It's just a little over three minutes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Valerie Modelo

Valerie by alington
Valerie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Created by Cipsa, licensed by Mattel in Mexico, around 1978, this lovely and unique Steffie Barbie is hard to find. I found her in TLC condition on eBay, and she's been restored by the talented Roberta Marino in our doll group.

Here, she's been redressed in one of the wonderful fashions from Think Pink from the Funny Face collection by Integrity Toys. I believe this doll originally wore either a black or red one-shoulder full-length dress.

A few things to note about this doll:
  • Her hair is rooted in two colors: ash brown and pale blonde. The blonde is actually rooted longer than the brown, and that's apparently a factory standard.
  • Her arms use slightly different sculpts, with one hand bending outward more than the other. It's a little hard to see from the photo above. This is common for Cispa dolls.
  • Her legs also use slightly different sculpts. While I'm not sure this was done on purpose, my Activa doll actually has this issue as well.
  • Her face yellows quite a bit differently than her pink body, and this is also common in these dolls.
  • Her facial screening is unique for a doll of this era--she has lavender eyeshadow, and no painted lashes. For the late 1970s, this is a little unusual.
You can see a few more photos on my Flickr photostream.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonner shipping schedule update...

Moonlight Waltz - American Model Outfit
I missed the latest Tonner Doll shipping schedule update - with just a few added dates for you here:

Scarlett is in stock.
Glinda is in stock.
Patsy redhead has had a partial delivery.

Next to arrive (3/18/2013):
Moonlight Waltz
The Problem with Rose

There are still many, many TBD dates on the newly released item list. I'll try and keep you posted!


Crystal by alington
Crystal, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This is Crystal, from Mattel's Dazzle collection, 1981. She's 4.5" tall. Articulated at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips, this miniature Steffie faced beauty has rooted auburn hair that can be brushed and styled.

She includes a unique stand--her molded heels have holes that snap in at the base in a model style stance. She also includes a comb, and a removable outfit, that reminds me a little of Fabulous Fur Barbie, just because of the color scheme.

I think she's just adorable. You can see a few additional photos on Flickr.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dolls of the World with the Steffie face

Another YouTube video, since that last one was so fun... this one is a reference about the Dolls of the World that use the Steffie face.

Iplehouse Amy

Amy by alington
Amy, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Ack! Now, where did this doll come from!

Let me introduce you to Iplehouse JID Amy. She's an older doll (I think from 2009) and has special real skin. Somehow, she's ended up in my home.

Eventually, she'll need a new face-up--it's starting to peel a little at the head cap--and she needs new eyelashes. And she definitely needs some new clothes. She's the small bust version, and isn't quite right for MSD sizes.

But oh, is she cute. She has teeth showing. I just love her!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Malibu PJ on YouTube

Like YouTube videos? I've read recently that there is some demand for more Steffie videos, so I made a short one on Malibu PJ. You can check it out above, and also at this link. I'd love to hear what you think!

Dolls for sale!

Miss Amethyst by alington
Miss Amethyst, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I've cycled through some more Steffies, as my book is rapidly progressing. Check them out today at the DollPage Show & Sell site. I've also listed a few tiny dolls, Mattel's Family Corners Lacey and Melody, just in case any of your dolls need dolls of their own.

You can feel good about supporting an author--as well as supporting a fellow doll collector.

Have you always wanted to write a book? Check out my latest blog and subscribe to it to discover the latest publishing endeavors at the Fashion Doll Review, over at Out of the Box Publishing. I'm always looking for new authors for collaborative projects!

Steffie of the Day: Sun Lovin' Malibu PJ

Sun Lovin' Malibu PJ by alington
Sun Lovin' Malibu PJ, a photo by alington on Flickr.
From 1978, this lovely variation is a harder to find version of the original. She is also manufactured in the Philippines. But she differs in the following ways:

First, her bent Superstar style arms--most Malibu dolls have straight arms.
Second, her legs are a soft rubbery plastic instead of hard plastic. (They still don't bend at the knee, however.)
Third, her facial screening is a little darker around the eye lids and brows.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr, and if you like, you can compare them to a straight-arm version here.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Promotional photos have been released of Tonner Doll's latest Twilight character Bella Cullen, who retails for $189.99, LE500. Her shipping date is to be announced. She has golden eyes and chestnut highlighted hair, a black faux leather jacket, black tee, and stretch denim pants.

She's available to preorder from your favorite Tonner dealer today.

Glissen from Dazzle collection

Glissen by alington
Glissen, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of the dolls from Mattel's Dazzle Collection, Glissen uses a mini version of the Steffie face. She is only 4.5" tall, and was released in the early 1980s. This line designed to compete with Kenner's Glamour Gals collection, released around the same time.

These girls include a removable outfit and are articulate at the neck, shoulders, legs and waist.

I believe Spangle and Crystal also use the mini Steffie face mold as well.

You can see a few more photos of Glissen on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Mari by alington
Mari, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This is a new addition to my BJD collection. It's Mari, a tiny 10.5" Asian BJD by Limhwa in the For You size. I found her from Junkyspot, who often has these dolls in stock.

She's wearing vintage Francie #1222 Gold Rush and a petticoat from one of the Perfect Beginnings fashion Paks.

I think she's quite lovely with her tan skin tone--she's just a little shorter and thinner than Barbie, and curvier than Francie, but she can wear her clothing. I do need to find her some shoes, however.

You can see additional photos on Flickr. She wears a size 3-4 wig and 6mm eyes--so tiny!

Tonner Tuesday is back!

It's on now--click here to shop! For the next 24 hours, you can pick up some great deals from Tonner Doll. I see some specials on DeeAnna Denton, American Model, Cami & Jon, and Antoinette!

The sales ends at noon EST on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

Ashleigh in Swingtime

Ashleigh in Swingtime by alington
Ashleigh in Swingtime, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I snapped a few photos of another one of my favorite fashion resin dolls, Ultimate Glamour Ashleigh by Tonner Doll Company. She's dressed in the Precarious fashion Swingtime, and wearing a soft Tibetan lamb wig, which I probably should have styled before taking the photo.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ru Yi

Ru Yi by alington
Ru Yi, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Here is a quick shot of JAMIEshow Ru Yi, a 16" fashion resin doll, who has been redressed in Tonner fashion Classic Elegance (Sydney Chase), wig from an Anne Harper outfit, and headpiece from Precarious Wild Bird.

Ru Yi is one of my favorite dolls who just doesn't get enough time in front f the camera, but I love how she poses. Plus, her resin simply glows.

I think her unique face is just charming, too--sassy ans sweet at the same time.

See a few more photos on Flickr.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Career Whitney

Career Whitney by alington
Career Whitney, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Without giving away the entire book, Steffie: Out of the Box Volume II, I'd like to introduce you to my latest addition to my collection, Career Whitney.

She was a Richwell Philippines exclusive from 1988, and basically, she looks a lot like Perfume Pretty (down the the blue bow in her hair), only redressed in 1980s Working Girl attire. She also includes a red hair brush and open toe shoes.

She is pretty rare--I had actually never seen this doll in person and happened across her on eBay. You can see a few more photos of her on Flickr.

Speaking of Volume II of my book, I'd like to invite you to visit my new blog, Out of the Box Publishing. There, I hope to keep track of all the Fashion Doll Review-related publications we have in progress, and it should be an easy way to keep in touch with our readers. If you are a Steffie fan, please check out this post! I really look forward to your input.


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