Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring Kissed in jennygrey

OK, I am in trouble....

I love Integrity's new FR16 line of dolls. Spring Kissed is just so pretty and her hands and face paint are delicate and soft. She poses well (even without a stand) and the hairstyle will be easy to maintain. I've ordered the entire IDEX line. Sigh...I said I was in trouble. Time to rearrange the doll cabinet and make room for another line of dolls.

Integrity Toys, I would like to know the name of this character. Is she Saskia? Spring Kissed was named for her fashion, but her character was unnamed. The entire IDEX FR16 line of dolls have names. (Saskia, Anais, Elsa, and Freja) Also, could we have a pronounciation guide for these lovely ladies? I think I can handle Elsa, but the other pronounciations are a bit of a mystery.

Spring Kissed has been redressed in a jennygrey fashion and is wearing Horsman's Vita sandals.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

JAMIEshow Winter 2012 from Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz has revealed five new dressed resin fashion BJDs for their 2012 Winter collection. They are stunning! The dolls are limited to 50 each, retail for $395, and are due to ship at the end of February and the end of March. They are available for pre-order now--with Angelic Dreamz generous payment plans available.

Grace is styling in a fresh winter look with furry high heeled boots, a short skirt, black tee, coat long wool scarf, and matching hat.

Eshe comes dressed in an elegant silk two-piece suit with fur-trimmed jacket, large waist belt, black blouse and fabulous sparkling pumps.

Sun dons a gorgeous silk gown which captures the essence of the Chinese New Year celebration and the year of the dragon. She also wears fabulous yellow geta sandals.

Sasha is dressed in a lovely white silk dress with fringed trim and an asymmetric shape and pleated collar. Her gorgeous Gaga-styled musical note shoes finish her whimsical look.

Last but not least, Angelic Dreamz introduces a new character, Cameron. He is dressed in a winter cap, leather pants with zipper detailing, belt, black boots, black tee, colorful tie, and a black fur vest.

All photos property of Angelic Dreamz.

DOLLS Magazine and The Doll Reader to merge

According to a DOLLS Magazine email sent this morning, and more information from the DOLLS website:

The two premiere publications covering doll collecting, DOLLS and Doll Reader, will merge into one title in 2012 published under the name DOLLS by Jones Publishing. The deal was announced Jan. 27 at the Debut of Dolls and DOTY Awards Banquet during the IDEX trade show in Orlando, Fla. Jones Publishing also presented its Lifetime Achievement award to Maggie Iacono at the same event.
DOLLS and Doll Reader's sister publications, Teddy Bear Review and Teddy Bear & Friends, will also merge this year. Jones Publishing will retain the title Teddy Bear & Friends but increase the magazine's frequency to TBR's bimonthly schedule.

"By working collaboratively with our industry partners, we know that we can help make the industry stronger," said IDEX Vice President Susan Fitzgerald. "This new merger will allow us to reach more people and, in turn, grow the publications and their content. We believe this will also help to develop and expand IDEX, which remains the leading industry show."

DOLLS Publisher Carie Ferg agreed, saying "Uniting two great, long-standing doll magazines into one dynamic title, as well as partnering with IDEX, presents us with a terrific opportunity to use the combined strengths of Jones Publishing and Madavor Media to grow the industry."

The new DOLLS magazine will be sent to both DOLLS and Doll Reader subscribers beginning with the March 2012 issue, which mails Feb. 2. This issue features a sneak peek at what dollmakers have planned for this year. The new combined magazine will continue to feature fan-favorite columns and features from Doll Reader on a regular basis, including patterns by Marsha Olson and Antique Q&A by Jan Foulke, and well as DOLLS' readers favorites.

The big change will come for Haute Doll, which has appeared for the past year as a special section with a flip cover in Doll Reader. With the merger DOLLS will move from 10 issues to a monthly publishing schedule, with one special-focus issue every quarter appearing as DOLLS Presents: Haute Doll, entirely devoted to high-fashion and ball-jointed dolls. The regular issues of DOLLSwon't neglect popular fashion dolls and BJDs, but the content will remain suitable for all ages, while Haute Doll specials will venture into edgier fashion and ball-jointed doll releases.

Doll Reader subscribers will have the remaining issues of their subscription applied to DOLLS; readers who subscribe to both magazines will have their DOLLS subscription extended by the number of issues remaining on their Doll Reader subscription. An FAQ is posted on the DOLLS website,, to answer questions about the merger, and Jones Publishing has issued an invitation to readers to send feedback, suggestions, and additional questions to DOLLS staff. Contact information and links are posted on the DOLLS website under the "Contact Us" link at the top of the home page.

Jones Publishing and DOLLS magazine have committed to have a strong presence at IDEX, which will continue to be owned and managed by Madavor Media. Look for some exciting events sponsored by Jones at the 2013 IDEX show, including the presentation of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award!

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen

One of the biggest surprises was the release of Poppy Parker Fashion Teen, a brand new line for Integrity Toys. This line is a new 16" version of Poppy Parker, which uses a similar body to the new FR:16 line. Her face, to me, is close to the original Poppy Parker, but she looks similar to the W Club doll Spring Kissed.

I think she's really cute, and I can't wait to see real life photos. The dolls retail for $150, and are limited to 300 worldwide, and are scheduled to ship in late June.

The first doll in the line-up is called Spring Morning. This doll looks like the fabric of her coat would go well with Spring Kissed's outfit. She's really cute. She has red hair, and comes dressed in a yellow dress, warm tweed coat, stockings, adorable heels, gloves, and includes a bag and jewelry.

Shop Around is a platinum ponytailed Poppy with a fun summery outfit and jewelry. Her lace crop top has tiny sequin details. I'm including some detail photos of her accessories as well.
You gotta love those handles, the bag and those wedges! Adorable.

The new Poppy Fashion Teen face: I think she's slightly more sophisticated, and maybe a tad more snobby-looking--possibly not as sweet as the 11" Poppy. I really like her!

Love Letters is a blonde fashion Poppy with a great purple brocade sleeveless dress, white "fur" cape,  white gloves, silver shoes and clutch, and fun lavender facial screening. She also includes pearl jewelry.

No, she isn't getting married. Precious Love is merely a photo shoot, with a gorgeous two-part wedding dress, including an elegant sleeveless dress with a rushed waist, and a lace bolero with pearl detailing at the front. The short veil is trimmed with flowers. She includes delicate shoes, pearl jewelry, a ring, and bouquet.

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

Poppy Parker, please!

Poppy Parker's collection made quite a splash at IDEX this year, including several exciting surprises.

Baby It's You is a brand new gift set of Poppy Parker and boyfriend Chip Farnsworth III, retail $150, LE650. It's Chip's dashing first appearance, but (more importantly) for those of you who missed out on the blonde I Love How You Love Me gift set, I think this will be your chance for a similarly styled doll. And a "bump" on a 1960s era doll who actually needs one! (Yay!) They are due to ship in late March.

Moonlight and Kisses is a new Darla Daley--limited to 350 for just $89. This fabulous girl has lovely facial screening and a simply gorgeous gown. She includes jewelry, a satin clutch and a microphone. She's due to ship in late February.
A delightful surprise for Poppy fans is the new addition to the line, Poppy Parker as Sabrina. All dolls are due to ship in mid June. The first doll is Miss Fairchild, LE 450, $125. An adorable version of Audrey Hepburn, Poppy does a great job in this portrayal of a little black dress, complete with a miniature daiquiri.
Sabrina is one of my favorite Hepburn movies of all time. And this look, Isn't it Romantic? is probably my favorite of the movie. This dressed Poppy is limited to 450, $125. It includes the iconic white and black flocked dress with "yards of fabric."

Most Sophisticated is a fun gift set which retails for $180 (LE 450). It includes Sabrina as she returns from Paris. She returns home with her French poodle David, a chic suit and hat, with luggage. She also includes two casual outfits--including a wrap-around plaid shirt and white shorts and sandals, as well as her black embroidered ballerina flats, black skinny cargo pants, reverse V-neck sweater, and overcoat.

The Chauffeur's Daughter features Sabrina before her transformation. This gift set includes a longer-haired Poppy, dressed in her cooking school uniform, and her brown jumper, and overcoat, before her trip to Paris. This set is limited to 350 and retails for $150.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Nu.Fantasy news

Hansel and Gretel are the two new releases from Integrity's Nu.Fantasy collection, also released at IDEX. Dolls are limited to 350 pieces each, retail for $135, and are due to ship in mid February.

Rare Treat Hansel  has platinum rooted and flocked hair, light grey eyes, and a gothic-inspired outfit, including a houndstooth jacket with leather trim, pleated white shirt, cropped pleated pants and black boots. He includes and earring, sun glasses, backpack and wristwatch, too.

Sweet Nothings Gretel also has platinum hair in braids and curls. Her dress is shirred tulle and satin with embroidery. Her accessories include fabulous lace-up boots, a necktie and harness, bracelets, and earrings.

Photo property of Integrity Toys.

New FR:16 collection by Integrity Toys

Integrity's fabulous new FR:16 collection made its official debut at IDEX this weekend. The dolls feature new body sculpts, rooted hair and eyelashes, modern clothing, and incredibly detailed accessories and shoes. Four new 16" dressed dolls have been added to the collection, and each doll is limited to 350, retail $175.
Press Magnate Saskia Tate is due to arrive in late March. She is chief owner and publisher of "The Wall" beauty magazine. She includes a faux leather skirt, top, "fur" collar, earrings, bracelet, clutch, and tie sandals.
Fit to Print Anais McNight is the fashion editor. She's wearing black satin skinny pants, a black and white top, fur cape-let, bracelets, earrings, sandals, and is carrying a portfolio style bag. She's due to arrive in late March as well.
Main Feature Elsa Lin makes her debut in Late February as beauty editor. Her brightly colored evening gown includes a matching bracelet, ring, earrings, and a gold clutch.
Perfect Layout Freja Mossimo is scheduled to arrive in late March. As the magazine's art director, Freja is dressed in a knit color blocked sweater, navy skirt, black purse, bracelets and earrings, and black cork wedge sandals.

All photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Nu FR: Monograms by Integrity Toys - IDEX release

Integrity Toys has unveiled some fabulous new dolls at IDEX this year, and I'll be doing a recap in a couple of posts. The FR:Monogram dolls are back in flying colors--the details on the clothing, accessories and facial screening are lovely! Each doll retails for $160 and is limited to 350 pieces. All of these girls are scheduled to arrive at the end of February.

Echelon is scheduled to arrive February.  Her fun, swing suit also includes a modern pleated blouse, summery sandals, a purse and oversized earrings.

Inspiration is dressed in a flowing mint gown with matching lift-off heeled shoes. Her retro-inspired auburn hair-do is tripped with a rhinestone jewel. She also includes drop earrings, a bracelet and an adorable little satin clutch.

Exaggeration uses color in a wonderful way, combining navy and taupe with color and lime. The wears a coral and taupe day dress with a modern oversized skirt with a short military navy blazer, and includes rose earrings, a three-rose brooch, a feathered and flowered hair decoration, reptilian print shoes and bag, and lime green gloves.

Admiration wears a classic white suit with a black bow trim, and includes red polkadot blouse, adorable black, white and red shoes, red purse, fabulous hat, and antiqued jewelry.

Last but not least, we have Allure, an elegant white beaded gown with a dramatic oversized red coat with white lining. This doll's look reminds me of Marilyn. She includes silver platform peep toes, silver earrings and bracelets, and a diamond ring.
Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

Diorama photo contest: Get published and win a prize!

Check out Maryann Roy's blog, Welcome Home, for all the details of this upcoming contest.

Maryann has been working with Gems & Jewels jewelry store in Australia, and has received a contest challenge from the store owner, Suzy Allan: Create a diorama setting which includes a piece of human-sized jewelry.

Any doll scale and size may be used, only it must be included with human-scale jewelry in order to qualify.

For all the rules, and to see how to submit your entry, check out the latest edition of FDQ, or visit Maryann's website for details.

First prize: A beautiful doll-shaped charm (so adorable) chosen by the shop owner and created by Gems & Jewels, worth $675! (Check out the samples--ack!)

Second prize: A $75 gift certificate from Welcome Home!

Third prize: A copy of FDQ's fabulous IN FOCUS - Digital Photography for the Doll Collector.

The contest deadline is approaching soon--February 14, 2012, and it's open to collectors world-wide. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tonner's Nu Mood - and mine!

Tyler's Nu Mood
The much anticipated release of Tyler Wentworth's Nu Mood has been released, and I'm excited to be able to post about it. I cannot decide which of the fabulous photos to post--a great site to see the entire collection in one place is Dreamcastle Dolls (and yes, this link will actually take you to the dolls site), as well as Tonner Doll's new website.

Some new inspiration for designer Robert Tonner, the Nu Mood dolls are available in three different body types for $59.99 per doll:

Fashion (wigged) - includes Tyler and Sydney. I'm noticing what looks like an articulated waist.

Dance (rooted hair) - includes Carrie, Parker and Jess. Smaller bust, it seems.

Curvy (wigged dolls) - including Bettie and Paige. Larger bust, but it appears she too has an articulated waist.

There are two skin tones:

Tyler skin tone and

Spice. So far, you may choose from seven different face sculpts:
Additionally, for play, you can add In Step or Nu Mood Hands to your doll, which gives you three pairs of hands and feet in either of the skin tones for an additional $24.99 per set.

Eight styles of wigs are available for $39.99 each. My favorite is this one:

Then--the clothing and accessories! Three different pairs of ballet shoes, ten pairs of heels (including boots) and five pairs of flat shoes are available, for $34.99 per pair, except the ballet sets, which retail for $39.99. I admit, I've fallen for the ballet shoes.

There are three tops available ($49.99), and three pairs of pants ($34.99 per pair), and six different skirts (ranging from $44.99-69.99). Additionally, five bags are available as well ($34.99). Here are a few sample outfits:

Nu Mood™ Carrie Dance with Finishing Touch Ballet, [kitty magnet] Black Ballet Skirt and Black Top - retail  $219.96
Nu Mood™ Tyler Fashion with Rose Top, Lilac Chiffon Skirt, High Heel #2 and Pink Bag - retail $229.95
Nu Mood™ Jess Dance with Champagne Top, Ballet Skirt, and Finishing Touch Ballet - retail $194.96
Nu Mood™ Jess with Black Top, Black Chiffon Skirt and Ankle Boots - $204.96
Interestingly, the outfit pieces say that they will fit all the dolls in the Nu Mood™ collection, so while the dolls have new bodies, the size differences must not be terribly significant, or the designs are such that they fall nicely on various body sizes and shapes. (This might be a good news for original Tyler body fans!)

In looking at this first release, I have to say there are a lot of choices. The concept is a little like build-your-own Tonner Doll. I'd be very interested to know if the bust is interchangeable with previous bodies, and exactly how the body has changed. I wonder if you might be able to swap the upper torsos of dolls in order to take advantage of the new foot options. (Specifically, I'm thinking of some older, lovely Theatre de la Mode Tyler Wentworth dolls I've been ogling lately.)

Also, some collectors might complain about the prices. Taken as a full set, as above, I'd say they are comparable to the other dressed dolls in Tonner's currently release, with a slight premium on being able to design the doll yourself. (Additionally, these are retail prices listed--not what you would pay from a dealer, and they aren't licensed products, which generally have a premium.) 

The playability of the hands and feet are a plus, and the option to use the hands on the other dolls is intriguing. I really adore the ballet feet--and not just for dance. I think it would make for a fun photo shoot to pose dolls barefoot (I'm pretty much a California girl, now, I admit), with one en point foot stretching out to relax. I like that you can style the same doll in many different ways--with hands, feet, wigs, and bodies.

I'm thrilled to see Carrie and Friday again. Plus, I really didn't care for the Pin Up sculpt--till Paige. The styles of clothing are light, airy, whimsical--they remind me of something Tyler would design herself, if I may go that far. 

The downsides to this collection: First, the number of choices and options are overwhelming. I know I'd like to add Paige, but I also want Jess. Having a single skin tone would be easier as far as sharing hands and feet (I'd really only need one foot/hand package per skin tone, I think). How to decide?

It would be easier for me if all the dolls were wigged (but I know there are collectors out there who can't stand wigs). Already, I've seen comments about having a brunette Jess. 

Or if you could order upper and lower bodies separately--but what a mess that would be! However, that would solve the problem of wanting a truly design your own doll. Prices would probably increase then, too.

I can't even imagine what went into designing this collection--how to decide which sculpts go on which bodies. You just can't make every collector happy--but this comes close. I'm thrilled to see new body sculpts--and I think Mr. Tonner has needed some inspiration in the Wentworth arena recently. I'm glad to see the dance/fashion/1950s styles of dolls, attention to detail in facial screening to correspond for those styles, and hope to see more in the future.*

Plus, finding a new basic Tonner Doll for $59.99 is really a pretty good deal. Adding a foot or hand package to make the doll you want (or perhaps swapping with someone, or selling the extra pieces on the secondary market) is a price I'm certainly willing to pay.

Now all that's left for me is to decide which one(s) I'd like the most!

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

More Tonner Spring 2012 releases...

From the Gowns by Anne Harper collection (am I going to have to go there?), it's another to-die-for Rococo era outfit for my cotton candy historical fashion doll collection. This is Madame de l'Amour, retail $139.99, LE150, ship date to be decided. Check out those brocade shoes! The outfit includes the wig, and the model is a wigged Carol Barrie.

The Cami & Jon collection has added a dressed doll and two new outfits to the line, including above's Just Right dressed Cami. She has new facial screening, brown eyes and the cameo skin tone, a brown velvet suit with turquoise trim, and a fun chiffon printed blouse. $174.99, LE 500, arriving early February.

Radical Red is a new outfit, which will fit the Antoinette/Cami & Jon body, and it includes a red on red dot cardigan, not shown here in the photo. Retail $79.99, edition size 300, this outfit is shipping immediately.

The other C&J outfit is Soho Jaunt, an adorable casual look with lots of layering pieces. It includes a jean jacket, pink cardigan, cream camisole, cargo pants, boots, and pink check hat. This outfit is also limited to 300, retails for $99.99 and is arriving the middle of March. 

The Freedom for Fashion™ collection has added two more dolls, including Neo Tokyo, a dressed bald Yoshio doll. He's wearing a faux leather coat, molded shoes, black twill pants, white tee and a scarf. He'll arrive mid February, retails for $199.99 and is limited to 500.

Akemi is a dressed Aiko doll with mink saran rooted hair on a cameo Antoinette body. She's limited to 350 dolls with a shipping date to be announced. I love her softer look and warm color tones. Her retail is $179.99.

A new Goth Antoinette basic doll is arriving right away, retail $89.99, and is limited to 400. She uses the lily skin tone, has blue grey eyes, bright red lips and rooted raven hair.

Starshine is a new outfit for Antoinette, retailing for $89.99, LE200. It includes a jersey wrap jacket with faux fur trim, skirt, belt, gloves, necklace and sandals. (Any guesses which Antoinette that is? She's lovely with the blue eye shadow.) This will arrive mid March.

Belladonna is a new 22" American Model outfit, which includes a sleeved corset, satin skirt, embroidered head piece, ribbon necklace, lace gauntlets, and fishnets. I just noticed shoes aren't included. Ship date is to be decided. Retail is $189.99, limited to 200. Additionally, three new styles of boots have been added to the American Model line up: Prim, Proper and Specs. All are open editions and are arriving mid March. They retail for $34.99 per pair.

From the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, we have Captain Jack who retails for $224.99 and is limited to 2500 dolls, according to the Tonner website, though some dealers have him listed limited to 500. He uses a new Johnny Depp head sculpt on the 17" Matt body with rooted mink and grey hair. His ship date is to be announced.

Penelope Cruz as Angelica also makes an appearance as a new head sculpt, brown painted eyes and mink hair. She's limited to 500 and retails for $199.99. She is scheduled to arrive in all her glory in mid February.

A new Dorothy Gale makes her debut to the Wizard of Oz line, and will ship mid February. She's limited to 500 and uses a brand new head sculpt on what Tonner calls the 16" teen body (she's wearing heels). Her hair is rooted, and all she's missing is Toto. Retail $149.99.
For Gone with the Wind fans, two new 16" dressed Scarlett dolls have been released. Both use the Vivian Leigh portrait sculpt (I'm not sure if this is different than the Scarlett sculpt). Also, both dolls' shipping dates are to be announced. Above, Scarlett's Wedding Day is limited to 325 and retails for $325.

Heartbroken is limited to just 300, and is a dressed doll retailing for $249.99. I'm really digging her up-do (similar to Royal #82) and slightly upturned side-glancing eyes. (I loved the GWTW movie, but I really haven't gotten into any themed dolls--this one, however--wow!)

Rogue (Marvel) is still to be decided on shipping and promotional photos. She'll be limited to 300 and retail for $159.99. But we do know she uses the Emily head sculpt with dark green eyes with rooted brown hair with platinum streaks.

More to come with Tonner's Nu Mood release!

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.


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