Monday, March 30, 2009

Updated shipping schedule from Tonner

Updated on March 26, 2009:
  • Gravely Giddy, Catwoman, Delicious Deco Louise, Wrapped in Luxury, Tea with Coco, 22" Belle, Miss Melly Hamilton, Professor Dumbledore, Bellatrix Lestrange, Arrested at the Altar, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Dancing with Carlos -- in stock
  • Agent 99, Dancing with a Spy -- beginning of April
  • Winkie Guard, Reading to Alice, Bordeaux, Vivaciously Vintage, Baby It's Cold Outside, Lunch with Daddy, Torch Song Goddess -- middle of April
  • 22" Cinderella, Merry Ol' Land of Oz -- end of April
  • Cinema Siren, Bubbling with Charm, Spotted by the Press, Cover Shoot -- middle of May

FAQ questions on Antoinette™ by Tonner Doll

I just discovered this on Tonner Doll's website today--a list of frequent asked questions all about the new doll Antoinette! Visit this link to discover:
  • Antoinette™'s dimensions and measurements
  • Whether Antoinette™ can share clothing with Tyler (yes, for some items) and vice versa (no, for the most part)
  • Whether Antoinette™ can share shoes with Tyler (no, since her arch is higher and feet are bigger)
  • Whether you can swap heads with Tyler dolls (no, since the neck sizes are different)
  • Why Antoinette™ does not have a swivel waist
  • All about Antoinette™'s skin tones
  • That more facial sculpts will be added at a later date
  • When the collection will be shipping (mid-summer!)
  • That the Amusing sculpt was an introduction doll, and the production doll will be slightly different.
I'm getting really excited to see the new collection--I can hardly wait for this new doll (with her slim neck and hunching shoulders) to arrive!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

China Blossom

My first vinyl dressed Goodreau doll, this is China Blossom, the Innuendo sculpt. She is vinyl, and nearly white. She included the elaborate costume, face-up and wig, and her amber eyes were already set. She's lovely.

She's about 17" tall, about MSD sized. You can check out the rest of her photos on my Mobile me gallery.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Another wonderful deal--Heartbreaker TJ is another investment you really shouldn't pass up! This lovely Dynamite Girl is a steal at just $45 retail.

She's really articulated also--like the other Dynamite Girls--and she's fun to pose. Her hands pop off for easy dressing. My daughters just love her little bear. (They are already pestering me for Spooky Sookie, too!)

TJ's face is gorgeous--perfect natural face-up with natural brown eyes, real eye lashes. Plus her fingernails and toenails are painted--and you can see her toenails in her little strappy sandals. This little diva really has some sass.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jolly Jett

One of my first Dynamite Girls, this is Jolly Jett, a special Christmas doll. She just arrived at my house, and I have to say, what a great line for beginning collectors!

The Dynamite Girls is highly articulated--wrists, elbows, knees, waists, etc.--and they have lovely face-ups with real lashes, with gorgeous facial sculpts and terrific detailing on their clothing.

Jolly Jett's faux fur jacket closes with a hook and eye, and removes easily. She is wearing a strapless tulle gown underneath with several layers, and it snaps in the back. Her raven hair is held in place with lots of gel and a blue hair bow. She also includes a fun jingle bell wreath to celebrate the holidays--but get her now for your collection anyway--she's a bargain at just $45.

I'm tempted to find the platinum-haired Jett--the FAO exclusive in the red dress now, as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Royalty Vanessa

The latest diva to barge into my collection is Vanessa Perrin, dressed in True Royalty. I bought her used--and not the complete set. She included only the gown shown, shoes, chocker and ship-shape hairpin. Her hair has been relaxed and taken down from her original updo as well, and I still think she is stunning.

This doll actually came from Cliff in Hong Kong--he's a user on Prego who I can highly recommend. Check out his Doll Page--he's got tons of great hard-to-find items. And he's just great. Prices are more than reasonable--and, fluke or not, my True Royalty doll arrived in only one week (instead of the quoted two weeks).

Be sure to check out her full photoshoot on my Flickr gallery--I've been practicing with the macro lens and the light tent. I've used the black velvet background and two remote flashes, which gives a fun effect on these photos.

Goth Alice

Finally, she makes her official appearance. And with it, she turns my doll collection upside down.

I just love playing with Goth Alice by Goodreau Doll. Her resin really luminesces. Her blue eyes look almost alive--even my three year-old was a little freaked out by their liveliness.

You can check out her full photoshoot on my Flickr gallery. (She even can stand alone, with no stand.) I've had some fun with my husband's new macro lens and his two remote flashes.

Scale differences

My current display features Fashion Royalty dolls (you may notice a new little diva there--check her out in the slate blue gown--she'll be getting her own photo shoot soon), an American Model by Tonner Dolls, and Tyler Wentworth-sized dolls. I've heard some collectors don't like to display multiple scales together, but I've found it doesn't bother me.
I prefer to have La Belle Grande on the floor, but she has a tulle underskirt. My cat really likes tulle, and has discovered it, which is why La Belle has moved up to the hearth.
For size comparison--the Integrity dolls are about 12" tall, La Belle is 22", and the other two Tonners are 16" tall. This display will be updated and revamped by the end of the week, I bet--several new ladies are scheduled to arrive. Yay!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first resin BJD has arrived...

I received my very first ball-jointed doll from (which I can highly recommend for excellent customer service--seriously--I had such a pleasant conversation on the phone). She is an 11-1/2" resin BJD called Goth Alice by Goodreau Dolls.
She included her adorable costume, a wig and face-up, and her blue eyes were already set. I have to say, she is perfect for a beginning collector: not at all intimidating. I cannot put her down. Every time I walk by my living room, where she is on display, I find myself playing with her.
Truthfully, I have to confess I thought the BJD craze was all hype. But seriously, these dolls are amazing. The resin is truly luminescent. She makes my vinyl dolls look plain boring. Her glass eyes look full of life. My blue-eyed three year-old son even commented she looked real.
Her posing is amazing. I was afraid her joints might be distracting, but because she can maintain the most lifelike poses, I don't even notice the edges of them. The doll is so much fun to play with.
Her costume is simply to die for. The little combat boots zip up the back, so they are easy to put on. Her dress is perfectly made, so the circle skirt flips out at just the right angle. I simply adore her, and can't wait for my first photo session with this lovely lady.
I couldn't find any images of this lovely lady that were for sure safe to publish on my site, but check out the link on Bearzabout's site for a photo for now, just till I get my photos uploaded.
Oh yes--in the latest issue of Dolls Magazine, I read a quote from Paula Goodreau regarding her BJDs, "They are the doll you only need one of," since you can customize them. Well, I can't imagine why you'd only want one! I can't wait till the arrival of my first vinyl version, 17" Innuendo, China Blossom. And I have to confess, at the risk of my husband reading this post, I've also pre-ordered Glinda, from the Upside Down Oz collection. I think I should probably send Goodreau a little note. I can't recommend these dolls highly enough. They are simply beautiful. They make Tonners look like, well, Bratz dolls. Really.

Specials at the Doll Market

Some fantastic specials are available at The Doll Market this week. If you're a Narnia fan, this is the time to get those Narnia doll (which are a different scale than Tyler Wentworth and friends).

Check out these two great deals:

  • Get all four basic Narnia dolls--Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy--for just $139.97. Regular retial is $379.96!
  • If you prefer the coronation dress, you can get all four Narnia characters for just $199.97. Regular retail is 479.96.
Other specials are also listed, but these were just too great of savings not to post on my blog.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tiered dress from Spiegel like Paparazzi Bait

This Tiered Dress in champagne is available from Spiegel for $89 in women's sizes 6-16. I saw it in the latest catalog mailing and thought it very similar to Paparazzi Bait Adele.

It's not a perfect match, of course, but the color and tiered layers are very close.

What do you think? I love it! I think I need it for my next cocktail attire function! Now if only I could find some leopard print shoes to go with it, I'll be set!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great sales at Sweetheart's Dolls

Some fantastic sales are happening at Sweetheart's Dolls right now. (No online shopping cart is available--so you have to email Carol your order and either call with credit card information or she will email your with Paypal info.) Excellent customer service at this place!
  • Goodreau dolls and outfits - limited items are left, but there are some great sales on these guys, plus many have free shipping! (16-17" resin and vinyl BJD, outfits, wigs and shoes are on sale.)
  • Plusczok sale -- all pre-2009 child dolls are on sale.
  • Amazing Tonner clearance sale -- lots of retired items available at 20-40% off.
  • Amazing Effanbee clearance sale -- again, many retired items available at 25-42% off (lots of Brenda Starr items!)
While you're there, if you're looking for a fun, chatty message board with helpful advice on BJDs, historical dolls and child dolls, join the message board as well. Carol offers free drawings, and guest appearances--Robert Tonner will make an online appearance next week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New exclusive Ultimate BJD Ashleigh from Two Daydreamers

Ultimate Glamour BJD Ashleigh is a new ball-jointed beauty available now for pre-order exclusive through Two Daydreamers. Her retail is $600, and she is only being produced in an ultra-limited edition of 75 pieces. If you pre-order her through March 20, you can save $30.
She will be wearing a glamourous wrap dress in pale blue with a beaded collar, and includes two wigs--one in mink and one in platinum. Instead of changeable glass eyes, this doll has painted forwarded glancing eyes and applied eyelashes. Her gorgeous face-up is really heavily made-up, almost Sybarite style (I love it). Her shoes are also included and are blue leather with a clear heel. And she also includes a beaded bracelet.

I have to confess, the original BJD ashleigh didn't appeal to me. But this lovely lady--oh wow. I just love her. If not for her price tag (and all those Antoinette™ dolls I have on order), she is indeed tempting!
Photo courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

La Belle Grande American Model

La Belle Grande, originally uploaded by tac_stamper.

My first American Model has made her grand entrance. La Belle Grande is an appropriate name for this gorgeous 22" beauty.

Her pale white skin is dramatically made up and set off with dark pink lipstick. She has real eyelashes, but they blend in so well, they are hardly obvious. Her outfit is a two-piece skirt and jacket. The skirt is a huge taffeta bubble, in a sparkling blue-gray. The jacket is a sequined gray lace with a fur collar, very low cut. To finish her look, this beauty included two beaded necklaces, earrings and a feathered hair pin with silk flowers and a bow. The details are just amazing.

I love how large this lady is, and I'd love to add just one more to be her friend. Every collector should have at least one of these dolls, but they do require more space than other dolls. I wish she were a bit more articulated, though--with bending wrists--so she were easier to pose.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bewitching Hour Luchia

Bewitching Hour Luchia, originally uploaded by tac_stamper.

So maybe she isn't really getting a migraine. But these little ladies sure prefer not to remain on their stands. This is another recent addition to my collection--super soft face-up, with a French manicure (and pedicure, under those tough-looking back-zip gladiator sandals).

See her entire photo shoot on my Flickr gallery. I look forward to your comments.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hollywood Suited, Lana Turner

Lana, originally uploaded by tac_stamper.

She's my first Hollywood Royalty doll, and I just love her. She photographs like a dream, even when I can't figure out the settings on my husband's camera.

Her details are amazing. I really love her patent shoes and bag. She's just such a classy lady. I think she's an awesome addition to my collection. Check out my full photoshoot on Flickr.

Queen V Lingerie Shoot

Queen V, originally uploaded by tac_stamper.
Super soft and sexy, Queen V photographs well in her lingerie outfit, even when I can't wield a macro lens to save my life. Visit my Flickr gallery to see her full photo shoot.
Her corset actually laces up to close, so you have to unlace it to get her into it--I don't think I'll be dressing her up again anytime soon. The rest of her outfit is really fun, though--and she's terribly photogenic. What a fun doll she is!

What to do with Fashion Royalty boxes...

From Mark's Action Figures & Fashion Dolls Forum, check out this post from Elizabeth, and see what you can do with your Fashion Royalty doll boxes! It's a simply ingenious idea! 

I did obtain permission from Elizabeth to use her photos on my blog--aren't they just the cutest? You'll have to visit the post yourself for instructions on converting your Fashion Royalty boxes to a diorama!

Ebay listings...

Help me support my habit!  Stop by and check out my latest auction listings--I have some outfits, nude and dressed dolls starting at just $5 each.  Plus I only charge actual shipping costs, and so far, my Ebay feedback is 100%!

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Queen V

The Queen, originally uploaded by tac_stamper.

Let me just state it again for the record. Officially smitten. Bitten by the Fashion Royalty bug. For good. Yikes.

This is Queen V, Veronique, a limited edition of 450 dolls, a Dollybird exclusive from Japan. I found her at an amazing deal from AMC Collection. She includes this gown with an Elizabethan style lace collar and funky gold metal heeled shoes, two rings, the fancy necklace, plus a lingerie set with a functioning garter belt and stockings, and boots. (I'll have to do a second photo shoot with the second outfit at a later date.)

These are photos experimenting with warm and cool style lighting. I used no flash while taking these photos--only a flashlight, which I used at different angles, and natural lighting. For her complete photoshoot, please visit my Flickr gallery.

Paparazzi Bait

I'm officially smitten.

I've finally seen the crossed over to the dark side and crossed the official "scale" line. I have to say, Integrity Toys dolls photograph beautifully. To see the rest of Adele's photoshoot, visit my Flickr gallery.

A limited edition of 1200 dolls, Adele Makeda is wearing Hollywood Torch Song. I just cannot believe the details that went into her outfit, specifically her tiny little feet and separated toes. She includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and glamorous sunglasses as well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mrs. Coulter Oxford Dinner

Mrs. Coulter Oxford Dinner, originally uploaded by tac_stamper.

This is another recent addition to my collection. Mrs. Coulter Oxford Dinner was originally a limited edition from FAO Schwarz. She includes her daemon orange monkey, as well.

Her gorgeous gown is layered on top with sequined stretch lace, and the skirt is a golden, flowing satin. Her shoes are really amazing as well--tiny beaded satin pumps. She didn't include any jewelry, however. Her hair is an intricate up-do. I think her likeness to Nicole Kidman is spot on.

You can see the rest of her photo shoot in my Flickr gallery. Enjoy!

Free Shipping on all Tonner Direct Exclusives

Through March 16, 2009, you can get free shipping on all Tonner Direct Exclusive dolls.  There are a couple of new ones available now, too:
  • 16" Flexi-Pose™ Agnes Dreary™ (LE 200) for $139.99 (plus you get a free rag doll Agnes when you order this doll, while supplies last)
  • Decadent Dalliance Angelina (LE 200), dressed in a gorgeous new empire waist evening gown with multi-toned lace and an oversized sash for $$159.99
  • A tempting new Deliciously Deco Renée (LE 200) for $139.99 in a black fringed flapper cocktail dress with silver micro-sequins
  • This Side of the Rainbow (Judy Garland sculpt, teen body, LE 150) has auburn hair and a variant outfit from the Wizard of Oz film for $124.99.
In addition, all the other exclusives in stock are also available with free shipping as well.


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