Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tyler's Tenth Anniversary Blog

Don't forget to become a follower of Tyler's Tenth Anniversary Blog -- and sign up for the raffle. You have till November 6, 2009 to sign up. It's for virtual attendees of the Anniversary Luncheon, in Kingston, NY. (According to the website, there are still a few spots open, so if you can go, you should!)

Happy Anniversary, Tyler!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Royal Mermaid prototype doll by Tonner on Ebay

This Tonner Doll auction is current on Ebay, and all proceeds of the auction will go directly to Friends of Carol Dwyer to help with her fight against breast cancer. (Carol is an employee at Tonner Doll.)

This doll is a prototype that was never produced. She is the Mera headsculpt, and she wears a micro-sequined body suit with a silk chiffon cape, embellished with hand-beading at the neck. She also includes a a belt with scalloped shells, a crown, detachable fins, and gold high heels.

As of this post, the current bid is $400.

Image courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

A quick tribute to Lilo

Last night around 10:15 PM, we said goodbye to our cat, Lilo. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, and at the risk of a total downer of a post to this blog, I wanted to dedicate a quick tribute.

Lilo was not quite nine years old, healthy and happy. She wandered into my room last night while I was reading in bed (she usually sleeps with my ten year-old son, David), and groaned. I jumped out of bed, throwing on my clothes, and called for my husband.

Before I was fully dressed, however, my husband realized Lilo wouldn't make it to the vet. She was taking shallow breaths, spaced far apart. He held her in his arms, and we pet her soft smooth fur and spoke to her gently. She relaxed, and stopped breathing, and then her heart stopped.

She was nearly the same age as my daughter, Kate. We brought her home from the cat colony, thanks to my sister, who volunteered there during college, when she was nine months old, Kate was 18 months and David was three. We added two children during her time with us. She witnessed my husband's long deployment to Iraq and comforted me while he was gone. She had three other cat-mates while she lived with us, and was a mellow tempered good cat. She was very picky about her cat litter, but not about her food. Her favorite toys were those little fur-covered mice, which she would play with till they were nothing but plastic.

We loved her as part of our family, and she will be missed terribly.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New child doll from Impl Doll: Sissy

The newest addition to the inexpensive Asian BJD line by Impl Doll is Sissy. She stands 42 cm (16.5 inches) tall, and is shown with real skin in the photo. Her base price including random eyes, without a face-up, wig or outfit, is $188 (a real steal for a resin MSD-sized BJD).

Adding her wig costs $16. A face-up adds $30. Her amazing boots add $20. Her outfit adds $32, and it's also available separately at the same price. A full-set would cost you $286 (still under $300 for a full-set is pretty darn good).

If you're new to ABJDs, Impl Doll is a good place to start, especially if you're on a budget. If you'd like to do lay-away, I can highly recommend Denver Doll Emporium for their excellent customer service and flexible plans. I believe they are Impl Doll's first US representative.

Image courtesy of Impl Doll.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cut Your Losses from Sinister Circus line on TonnerDirect

A limited edition of 100, this exclusive Sinister Circus™ (ReImagination) doll is called Cut Your Losses. He is the Hal Jordan head sculpt (scaled down) on the Matt O'Neill 17" body, with pale green eyes and black hair.

This knife thrower comes dressed in a layered long sleeve top with faux leather gauntlets, matching knife sash, gold vest, faux leather pants and boots, which zip in back for easy dressing. He also includes the knives and a display stand.

I think this doll was an exclusive from the Modern Doll Collectors Convention, and these are left over stock from this convention, but I'm not positive.

Image courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

Signature Style Tyler Blonde exclusive from TonnerDirect

Now available on TonnerDirect, Signature Style Tyler Blonde is available for sale now for $149.99.  She is a limited edition of only 100 dolls, so get her while you can. She was created for the 10th Anniversary Luncheon event in November, and the attendees of the luncheon had the opportunity to purchase her first. But she is available for sale now to the general public.

Dressed in the same outfit that made her famous originally, only a little vamped up, Tyler wears a taffeta white blouse, micro-sequined skirt with rhinestone buckle belt, hose and t-strap black sandals. She sports her signature ponytail, too.

Get free shipping when you use the promo code FREE at checkout (international orders, save $9.95 off shipping with the code FREEINT). Valid only through today at midnight.

(I did end up ordering the brunette. She's just too classy to pass up!)

Image courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

New exclusive doll Ripley Days at Dollmore

I'm a fan of Dollmore dolls, and though I don't currently own any male dolls, I have to say, Ripley Days is tempting. He's a limited edition Glamor Model doll, one of only ten created, which is reflected in his price tag of $792. Yet he is indeed quite lovely.

He includes a face-up and normal assembled body, glass eyes, wig, complete outfit (coat, shirt, blouse, necklace, hood, lace muffler, pants, cape, belt and boots), box with cushions and certificate of authenticity.

He measures pretty tall -- 75 cm or 29.5 inches tall -- and his wig size is 8-9.  Eye size is 14mm. For his edition size and height, I'd say is price is pretty good, actually.

Image courtesy of Dollmore.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nancy Wiley's Alice in Wonderland project

Making of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
by RobertFOBrien

Check out this video -- In it, doll artist Nancy Wiley describes the process of creating her dolls and her book. You can purchase her dolls and the book here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Barbie Blog - The Barbie Queue.

I'll be posting on all 10-12" fashion doll from the Barbie Queue from now on. Be sure to hop on over there and follow it! Please link to it and subscribe.

I'll still be posting to this blog as well, only I'll be posting on larger fashion dolls and BJDs from here.

If I haven't ported your fashion doll-related blog over there, send me an email or post a comment on my Welcome entry. (It's late--and I'm sure my kids will be up early.)

Have a great evening, and enjoy your weekend!

Rock Ladies of the Eighties by Barbie

Available now for pre-ordering, these Ladies of the Eighties are a must for Barbie collectors and Generation Xers alike. Forgive me if I get the dates of these ladies wrong--check with your favorite dealer to be sure on the release dates of these ladies (there seems to be as much as a one year variance on some release dates, so I'm not positive on these).

  • Joan Jett ($38.95) will be available December 2010. She even includes her guitar.
  • Cyndi Lauper ($38.95) will be available January 2010, and sports her signature funky hairstyle. (I was hoping for her newspaper skirt, though.)
  • Debbie Harry ($38.95) will be available December 2009. Formerly the lead singer of Blondie, this lady sports her signature funky hair do and a funky vinyl pink outfit. I'm pretty sure she'll be added to my collection.
Images courtesy of Mattel.

    Holiday Elegance Shauna exclusive from Two Day Dreamers

    A newly released limited edition holiday exclusive from Two Daydreamers, Holiday Elegance Shauna. She's a limited edition of 100, with violet eyes and auburn hair, and retails at $264.99. Right now, you can pre-order her for $249.99. Her ship-date is scheduled for the first week in November.

    Shauna comes dressed in a fitted emerald jacket with draped collar, over a nude bodysuit with sparkling beads. The belt has a rhinestone buckle. Her skirt has chiffon godets which allows it to flare out nicely. She also includes faux leather heels, beaded earrings, hose and a stand.

    Image courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Barbie Collector sale starts on October 26!

    Several unique items will go on sale on October 26, 2009 at 9 AM. Phone orders only will be accepted.

    • You can be the only person in the world to own the only Barbie mannequin, who graced New York Fashion Week this year for just $3,000. She's six feet tall and comes with a blonde wig, dressed in her signature swimsuit. (Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.)
    • Adorn your home with these nearly three foot tall molded pink poodle, who has been Barbie's loyal friend throughout her 50th birthday celebration (as seen at the Palms in Las Vegas). Only two are available. $2,000 each, 4-5 weeks for delivery.
    • Made-to-order Generations of Dreams™ chair created by Jonathan Adler, using the adorable Generations of Dreams™ fabric, with a pink tulle bustle. I have to admit, I find this chair adorable. $7,800 each. These have 14-16 weeks delivery time.
    Visit for more information. Call 800-491-7514 on 10/26/09 starting at 9:00 PST to place your order.

    Images courtesy of Mattel.


    Innuendo in Kitty Love, originally uploaded by alington.
    This is Innuendo (formerly China Blossom--hence her super-light white skin), a vinyl BJD by Goodreau Doll, dressed in Kitty Love, an adorable and fun outfit also by Goodreau. This is from their first year of BJD clothing, I believe, and the detailing and quality is just as good as the current line--excellent!

    A bit more on the outfit: the lingerie is trimmed with lace, and it even has attached garters, which hold up her stockings. And they are actually easy to use--as the clasps are actually the hook part of a hook-and-eye closure: a very nice detail, and very clever, I think. The tail is attached to her boyshorts, and she can still sit easily.

    The boots are a little hard to get on her feet (they lace without zippers in the back). These days, when you buy boots from Goodreau, they come with zippers in the back for easy dressing.

    To finish off her look, Innuendo is sporting a platinum Roxie wig (by Monique Gold). I think I may have also changed her eyes to blue (China Blossom had amber eyes originally). I think she may just become my Cheshire cat!

    You can see some other photos of this outfit on my Flickr photostream--just in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Yikes! Amazon is carrying exclusive Tonner Dolls!

    Tonner Doll Company is now offering two exclusive dolls through Amazon, in the Twilight series:

    • Turn Me Bella Swan - $139.99 - dressed in prom attire (by Alice), she wears a gorgeous blue chiffon dress with white embroidered shrug, black leggings, one sneaker and her leg in a cast. 
    • Twilight Edward Cullen - $139.99 - also dressed for the prom, Edward is dressed in a black suit, white button-down shirt, and wristband with a metallic pendant.
    Unfortunately, edition sized aren't mentioned on either Amazon's or Tonner's website, which leads me to believe these dolls are more than likely open editions. If you're an Amazon Prime member, these items qualify for free shipping (yay!).

    If you go through the links below to purchase the dolls, I receive a small percentage of the sale--like 4%. Thanks for your support!

    Tyler Wentworth®'s Signature Style - Brunette

    A limited edition of 300, this original sculpt brunette Tyler Wentworth is on sale now as a pre-order from your favorite Tonner Doll dealer.

    Tyler is wearing a fancier version of the outfit that started her career: a taffeta blouse with rhinestone buttons, a mini-sequined black skirt, and you have to love the mini belt accent. I also admire her updated t-strap sandals.

    Her hair is pulled back in the classic Tyler ponytail, and she's sporting the famous neutral face-up that made her career.

    I don't see how any Tonner collector can pass her up--except perhaps her $149.99 retail price might be slightly off-putting. However, for a limited edition doll of 300, this is a quite good price. (Plus, get it from your favorite dealer, and you might be pleasantly surprised!)

    Oh yes--and I forgot to mention--a limited edition 100 blonde version created for the Tyler's 10th Anniversary Event will be posted for sale on October 28, 2009 on the Tonner Direct company store. Mark your calendars--any leftovers will be released for sale this day.

    Image courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

    Dolls Magazine Awards of Excellence

    The Dolls Awards of Excellence have been tallied, and they have been announced in this issue. You can read all about them in this blog entry as well. A few items of note (as they pertain to the dolls I happen to collect):

    • Gorgeous, 13", by Berdine Creedy received the award for Ball-Jointed Dolls Over $200
    • Classic Portrait Joan Crawford, 16", by Tonner Doll Company received the award for Fashion Dolls Over 12 Inches
    • Mystery Alice, 12", by Goodreau Dolls received the award for Fashion Dolls 12" and Under
    • Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland), 28", by Gregg Ortiz received the award for One-of-a-Kind Dolls, Excluding Babydolls Over $1500

    Secret in Kimono

    Secret in Kimono, originally uploaded by alington.
    This is Jen Eugley's entry for challenge #3, Embellished, for the Couture Doll design challenge. I love how it came out. You can see all the photos I took of her model, Secret (a resin BJD by Goodreau) on my Flickr photostream.

    About the outfit:

    The kimono is made in yellow satin, trimmed with black satin and black lace, which has been hand-beaded with tiny blue beads. Jen painted the back of the kimono with fabric markers as well. (Didn't it come out great?) The sleeves are long--to the floor, and have black handmade tassels at the ends.

    The kimono closes with an eyelet corset, laced with black ribbon, and it has a blue satin pillow attached to the back. Jen also created the shoes: black slippers with blue felt flowers with beads in the centers, which match the hat. The hat is black gathered tulle trimmed with the same felt flowers with blue beads.

    I think the resin doll's pale skin and black wig really add to the overall feel of the outfit. You can see her contest entry here. Bravo, Jen!

    While you're there, you should check out the other entries--there are some other fabulous ones this week. Congratulations, designers! You guys did a fantastic job this challenge!

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Modern Doll Collectors Convention Dolls on sale...

    There are only a few left, but man, are they cute! Most are in a limited supply, as they are convention left-overs (from the Modern Doll Collectors Convention), so get them while you can. My top two favorites:
    • Berdine Creedy's centerpiece, High Adventurous Tea Time, and she was a limited edition of only 20 pieces, and retails for $450. She's so cute--and another 12-3/4" resin ball-jointed beauty, it appears. She really looks like the Harmoni sculpt to me, I have to admit. But her outfit is simply adorable. And she comes with a baby and a bear!
    • From Goodreau Dolls, Elyse, a groovy normal-skin vinyl doll (she's the usually green Esmeralda sculpt from the Upside Down Oz collection), a limited edition of 100 dolls, listed at $180 retail. This doll is 17" tall, and is a fully strung new-bodied BJD with flanged joints, dressed as a hippie flower child.
    These dolls are sold out, but remain my honorable mentions:
    • Backstabber by Tonner Doll, who is a ReImagination Doll from Sinister Circus. Oh, I'll be having to go off my Tonner Doll hiatus for a few of these lovely Sinister ladies, I presume. She is wonderful! She retailed for $175 and was a limited edition of 100.
    • Evangeline Ghastly in An Unfortunate Life by Wilde Imagination. A vinyl ball-jointed doll, retailing for $225, she sports a lovely period costume. She has inset acrylic eyes--and half of these vinyl dolls have wigged hair, the other rooted--she appears rooted.

    Lots more dolls are listed, including some hard-to-find limited editions from previous convention years. Plus, Vita is on sale, as well--dressed for $145. Go! Shop! Enjoy!

    Christian Louboutin Barbie

    What is wrong with me that I adore this doll? She's just got something a little S&M going on with her outfit or something, but man, she's a hottie.

    I haven't actually been able to bring myself to pre-order her, since her price tag is close to $145, and I generally speaking don't spend that much on Barbie dolls. But now, I feel a little bad for making fun of her ankle make-over.

    In addition to her new face-sculpt and ankles, she includes a black catsuit with a hood and headband. and this gorgeous a pair of gold Differa sandals with Louboutin's signature red soles.

    The doll actually will include four pairs of shoes, designed by Christian Louboutin, each with red soles, miniature shoe boxes and cloth bags. The shoes are the gold sandals shown, the Altameche Leopard boots, the Claudia ankle straps in Barbie 219 Pink, and the Belle ankle boots in black. Plus, only this doll (the first in the series of three Louboutin dolls) will include with an exclusive Louboutin Calendar.

    She's expected to ship in December 2009. Wow--she'd make a great Christmas gift for a doll collector, fashionista, or me. (Hint, hint!) Also, this is a limited edition doll of just 7700 dolls--a very limited production size, and actually, quite a good price, considering the production run.

    By the way... you can read more about her benevolent godfather here, on Barbie
    Images courtesy of Mattel.

    Resin Snow White at Goodreau Doll

    Be sure you also check out the following left-over convention goodies at the Goodreau Doll Store:
    • Resin Snow White (Dottie/Dorothy sculpt, only in resin!) $355 nude or $395 dressed
    • Sparkling blue slippers (adorable sapphire slippers for MSD sized dolls) for $18
    • Snow White's wig for just $20
    • Snow White's traveling outfit for $64, including boots, $54 without the boots
    • Snow White's royal hoodie $44 without shoes, $54 including shoes
    Plus, while you're there, you'll notice an addition of the wonderful line of patterns by Gracefaerie, plus the entire line of 5" Critters (these resin ball-jointed dolls and critters are simply adorable), and of course, you must check out the Halloween sale. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

    Images courtesy of Goodreau Doll.

    Noelle - A limited edition cutie from Berdine Creedy

    I'm not sure how she escaped my radar, but this adorable wigged auburn cutie, Noelle, is here, just in time for Christmas.

    She's a limited edition of 100 dolls, created exclusive for the Atlanta, Mariette, Collectors United show on November 7, 2009. She's an 8" resin BJD, and she comes dressed dressed in a  holiday outfit, ready for your holiday season.

    Plus, she's the bargain price of just $165, including shipping. Get her while you can--I'm sure she won't last long!

    Need I say more--mine is on her way to me as of this afternoon! She'll be my first 8" Creedy--I can hardly wait. (My oldest daughter's middle name is Noelle, spelled the same way and everything. She is so excited!)

    Images courtesy of Berdine Creedy.

    Glinda - Upside Down Oz

    Glinda, originally uploaded by alington.
    The latest addition to my collection is Glinda, a vinyl Goodreau BJD, MSD-sized, with a few mechanical joints, from the Upside Down Oz collection. She's even more lovely than the promotional photos, I think.

    She's a whimsical take on the Wizard of Oz movie--she's wearing her knit shrug over a knit tank top, trimmed with chiffon ruffles. Her skirt has layers and layers of lace, sparkling tulle and crisp dupioni silk. To finish her outfit, she's wearing a strand of pink beads, and a fun pair of glittering pink boots.

    Her face is a new unique sculpt--I love her blue eyes and full mouth--and she's wearing a pink wig with her hair in pony tails. So sweet!

    I found mine at Sweetheart's Dolls. This is a great line for those new to BJDs and a little intimidated, since she includes everything you need right out of the box. And her price is right--retailing at just $160. See a few more full-sized photos here, on my Flickr photo stream.

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    The rumor mill at Tonner Doll...

    Part of any blog is to provide my readers with new information. Please don't hold me to account on any of this information--these are just rumors so far--but here are my sources.
    1. Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton. Apparently Tonner Doll Company has picked up the license for these dolls, according to their Facebook site.
    2. Kiss, yes, like the Gene Simmons Kiss. This is apparently in the works, according to Robert Tonner's blog--see this entry. His words, "To discuss a licensing deal." So who knows?
    3. Then--and I'm most excited about these--according to Sweetheart's Dolls, one of Tonner's dealers--there are some production dates in 2010 for the following dolls in the Lord of the Rings series: Gandalf the Grey, Legolas Greenleaf and Elrond Lord of Rivendell. Possibly scheduled for release later this year are Strider Ranger of the North and Arwen Evenstar. Wow! Though this information is too early to be confirmed.

    Classic Halloween Photos from Tonner Doll Company

    A wonderful collection of classic and current Halloween themed dolls have been posted on the Tonner Doll Company page on Facebook. Check out the album here. Older convention exclusives and current dolls are included in this album--all Tonner Doll fans are sure to find something they enjoy.

    I've posted some of my classic favorites here: Spellbinding Sydney is on the left, and Charmed Tyler is on the right (both are from the 2005 Tricks and Treats Convention).

    Image courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Seriously... Is this for real?

    My husband forwarded this link to me yesterday, and I usually don't believe everything I read on the internet. He send me a link to a list of some of the worst Mattel gaffes ever--some of Barbie's worst moments, and the fact that Barbie is getting an ankle makeover. She has fat ankles. For real? What?

    Now, I have seen the pregnant Barbie, and I remember the "math is hard" Barbie--Mom teaches math, and she was absolutely appalled at this one. But Oreo Barbie? In 1997? You've got to be kidding me. Even Mattel couldn't be that insensitive. Could it?

    But then, I saw this video, too, which actually shows a photo of one of the most offensive Barbies, which was pulled off the shelf almost immediately. But this YouTube video shows a photo of the actual doll in the box! OMFG. I can't believe it! I think I'll stick to BJDs!

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Free ITBE doll with Dressmaker Details Fashions

    Now in stock, the much-awaited limited editions of 1000 ITBE dolls from Integrity Toys are shipping now. They retail at $25, but you can get one for free when you order either Aria or La Rondine fashions by Dressmaker Details Couture from My Favourite Doll in Canada.

    Choose from Angel, Flounce, Fresh, Go, Sleek or Groove. Plus, the fashions are listed at 40% off, which is $55 for La Rondine and $55 for Aria. You can't beat those prices.
    More about these dolls:
    Integrity Toys Basic Editions are 12" dolls with sculpted arms and busts sized in between NuFace and Fashion Royalty dolls. Their legs use an internal click-bend mechanism. They also include a basic stand, and the outfits and shoes shown. Each doll is a limited edition of 1000.

    While you're at MFD's website, be sure to check out some other Dressmaker additions, including:
    Image courtesy of Integrity Toys.

      Monday, October 12, 2009

      New Fairies of Fairy Tales BJDs at Peak's Woods

      Two new limited dolls are available now for ordering at Peak's Woods. Just in time for Halloween, the first is Hucky V.H. (Vampire Hunter). He includes makeup, an outfit, shoes, wig, eyes, pumpkin head, two pairs of hand parts, cotton cushion, certificate of authenticity and box. He is being sold for $449.
      Next is is Hucky O.W. (Little Witch Fortuneteller). She includes makeup, the outfit, shoes, wig, eyes, pumpkin head, broom, cat, two pairs of hand parts, cotton cushions, certificate of authenticity and box.
      Set C is a combination of A and B. Instead of receiving two pumpkin heads, however, you will receive one pumpkin head, a Hucky body and a Halloween outfit and a cape. Retail cost is $918.
      Ordering period is October 12-19 only, so get your orders in early!
      Images courtesy of Peak's Woods.

      Friday, October 9, 2009

      Dolls of Color Contest...

      Check out this Sunset Competition that Dolls of Color is hosting on her website, and you have the opportunity to win a NRFB Mbili Barbie!

      Be sure you read all the rules--and start following her blog. It's a great read!

      U.K. team collaborates for a different 'Alice in Wonderland' : Make-Up Artist Magazine

      U.K. team collaborates for a different 'Alice in Wonderland' : Make-Up Artist Magazine

      Posted using ShareThis

      A very interesting post from on an Alice in Wonderland makeup and photo shoot that I actually saw linked from DollHead. You should all be following DollHead if you're not already. It's a great blog! And check out Cimmi's Etsy store, Hamster+Hippo, also. She has some amazing and adorable softies for sale.

      Check this link for some gorgeous photos!

      Thursday, October 8, 2009

      Where to find Integrity Convention dolls?

      I'm doing a little research for any of you searching for Fashion Royalty convention dolls, if you'd rather not buy them from the secondary market (that is, if you're looking to buy them from a retail store). I've found a few stores who have people who've attended to event:

      • Angelic Dreamz: Poesie Enchantee Agnes ($350) Morning Dew Giselle and Evening Glow Dominique ($175 each), plus they offer shipping free on orders of $150 or more.
      • Joe's List: Agnes ($300), Avant Garde LiveWire Clone ($250), Dominque and Giselle ($169 each), Eugenia Perrin Frost ($325), ITBE Chic ($59), Poppy Parker Endless Summer ($200), Avant Garde Vanishing Point ($399.99), Elise Jolie ($350), Natalia Fatale ($399.99), plus outfits and other souvenirs, too.
      • Marl & B: Giselle and Dominique ($165.99 each), FR Monogram Curiosity ($350), LiveWird Clone ($250.99), Convention Set from Chicago ($615.99), Optic Clash Dania Zarr ($369.99), Elise Jolie (349.99) Agnes Poesie ($295.99), Poppy Parker ($199.99).
      • Vogue Collectibles (in Canada): Agnes von Weiss ($449.99), ITBE Chic ($59), Poppy Parker ($200), Poppy Parker Center of ATtention ($299.99), Dominique ($135), LiveWire Clone ($250), Giselle ($145), Successful Ascension outfit ($99.99).
      • MFD (in Canada): Curiosity FR Monogram ($350), Dominique ($125), LiveWire Clone ($235), Giselle ($125), Poesie Agnes ($285), Cocktail Liquor Cabinet ($425)
      • Chelsea's Collector Cottage (Australia) also has some items listed, including Optic Clash, Luxe Life, and others--but I think these may be listed in AUD, and shipping can be expensive from there. But they do have excellent customer service!
      If you're an Integrity Toys dealer, and you've got 2009 convention dolls available for sale and I haven't listed you here, let me know, and I'll be happy to add you.

      Updates an News from Tonner Doll Company

      I've been out of town the past few days, but I have some exciting updates for you from the Tonner Doll Company for you!

      First, just in time for Halloween, Tonner has introduced two new dolls to its ReImagination line, the Fashion Zombies. Death By Fashion is a gorgeous gray-eyed Lana Lang sculpt doll with regular fashion feet (not the convertible feet shown in the prototype photo here), with gorgeous flaming hair. She's wearing  chartreuse and grey chiffon, mesh tights and lace-up heels. Death Becomes Her is the Magnolia sculpt with brown eyes and blonde hair. She's also wearing grey chiffon, with black lace trim. Both dolls are limited editions of 500 dolls, and retail for $209.99. They are available for pre-order now.

      Next, get your chance to share which dolls you want to see next with this survey! (Don't miss this opportunity!)

      Are you attending the 10th Anniversary Tyler Event in November? The details of the competition of been released. Check them out here. The event is scheduled for November 7, 2009, and will be held in Kingston, NY. All attendees are welcome to participate.

      Lastly, Glistening, an exclusive Antoinette, has been released as a Collector's United Exclusive. For more information about this gorgeous doll, contact Gary Green at 706-695-8242 or email

      Images courtesy of Tonner Doll Company.

      Sunday, October 4, 2009

      Morphoa and Olivia

      Morphoa and Olivia, originally uploaded by alington.
      Olivia is here, and she's my second Elfdoll Tiny. I love her. I bought her second-hands from a Den of Angels listing. I ordered the wig from Lonestar Dolls--and again, I will highly recommend Lonestar for their service and prices.

      Olivia is adorable. I love her peaceful sleeping face, which is similar to Kai's. She is a 2008 model, with strung (not magnetic) feet, and she also includes an extra set of hands. I also got an extra dress for her, and some other goodies, which is fun.

      I still need to attach her wig permanently, and I need to do a real photo shoot, but I figure I should put some photos up now. Enjoy--see some others on Flickr, or the full-size ones on my Mobile Me gallery.

      Friday, October 2, 2009

      A cat-friendly environment?

      Lilo and Mademoiselle a la Mode, originally uploaded by alington.
      While rearranging my display last week--storing ReImagination dolls and getting out historical dolls--I left the room for a moment. When I returned, this is what I found: my kitty Lilo, who is, according to my four year-old, "loving the doll."

      The doll in question, Tyler Wentworth 1.0, is Mademoiselle a la Mode, was not harmed in any way, and I was able to use a cat-hair magnet to remove the blonde fur from her gown. But what was so strange is that neither of our two cats have ever shown any interest in my dolls before. And it was a warm day, and I had just brought Mademoiselle in from the hot garage. So weird!

      What a strange, strange kitty!

      I guess I will have to rephrase the standard line I use in my auctions: "From a smoke-free home, but I do have two cats, who stay away from my dolls." That is quite obviously no longer true! I don't have any intention of selling this doll, though--she's still one of my favorite Tylers of all time, and she's overdue for some photos. I wish my husband didn't have the camera with him today....

      You can see the rest of my photos on my Mobile Me gallery. Enjoy!

      Thursday, October 1, 2009

      More details on the Iconic Convention dolls

      From the Happily Ever After blog... here are the details on the Integrity Toys' convention dolls:
      • Re-edition Live Wire Clone - 12" 1:6 scale dressed doll.
      • Re-edition Morning Dew, Giselle Diefendorf
      • Re-edition Luxe Life, Vanessa Perrin
      • Re-edition Evening Glow, Dominique Makéda
      • Re-edition Poésie Enchantée, Agnes Von Weiss
      • Re-edition Diamond Society, Eugenia Perrin Frost
      Check out Happily Ever After's blog--they actually have what looks like promotional photos of the dolls posted online there right now. Very lovely!

      Dollsville on vacation...

      I'm going on vacation next week... and what could be better than visiting a doll shop while on vacation? I will try to take some photos while I am there. I'm so excited! I'll be visiting Dollsville. I can't wait!

      According to the website, they are a dealer for Berdine Creedy, Goodreau, Tonner and Barbies, among other dolls. The website even has a special Alice in Wonderland link, which is great!

      I think my daughters may have to tag along with me. I haven't ever seen Creedy and Goodreau dolls in a store before! Maybe I can even do a quick interview, too--we'll see. I'll probably be too distracted for a working vacation. One can only hope...

      Convention dolls on Flickr and Shuga-Shug's Blog...

      If you're interested in Integrity Toys' Iconic Convention, check out Shuga-Shug's blog, Twitter account and her Flickr photostream. She's uploaded photos of the convention dolls already, including:
      • Mini Live Wire (!!) Can't wait to hear more about this doll.
      • Giselle
      • Vanessa
      • Agnes
      • Eugenia
      Those are some gorgeous dolls--makes me wish I hadn't had to cancel my convention trip! *Sigh...*

      Updated Site at Integrity Toys!

      Check it out--just in time for convention, Integrity Toys has updated its website. You can now see the all the brands under a new robust website. A few interesting items of note:
      • Latest News. According to this section, the archive still needs to uploaded. What?? A real archive? I'm thrilled!
      • Gallery. Be sure to visit the gallery to see the current collection. The dolls are listed by collection, including the edition numbers, and if they were a show special. The descriptions are very good, too, for example, on Goldmine, this is the first time mohair was used on an Integrity doll. I didn't know that!
      • Dealers. Hooray! And updated and robust list of dealers has been listed. And it's easy to read.
      • FR: Monogram. I didn't realize this was its own brand. How very cool. Check out Statuesque. I just think she's lovely.

      New items for sale at the Doll Page!

      More goodies for sale! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I've had a couple of on-hold items come up for sale recently. These include:
      • Club Jane Wheat Blonde
      • Basic Wicked Witch of the East
      • Hisodoll Gown
      • Wicked Witch of the East outfit
      Come check out my latest listings! Happy shopping!


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