Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Kissed Chloe

Chloe by alington
Chloe, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of the cool things that can happen--but almost never does, in my case--in eclectic collections is cross-over: when outfits from one doll company happen to fit another doll.

I discovered that Fairyland's slim Chicline BJD Chloe can wear Cami & Jon and Antoinette clothing by Tonner--down to the shoes. Additionally, I discovered yesterday that FR:16 clothing by Integrity Toys also fits well.

Because Chloe's feet are magnetic, I don't even have to worry about the annoying ankle straps on these shoes. I can keep the buckles connected, remove her foot at the ankle, and slip the foot into the shoe. Then, I slip the connected straps around her ankle and reconnected her magnetic feet. Easy as pie, for some amazing shoes!

Plus, it's a fantastic outfit. It's from a limited edition W Club doll, the first FR:16 doll called Spring Kissed from last year.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Check out my ads on the Doll Show & Sell

I've got lots of goodies listed on the Doll Show & Sell page. And while you're there, be sure to click on the paid ads that look interesting to you. Steve and Rae run this site for us for free.

So what's new for me? Well, beside the same old stuff, I've got a few more items of interest:

Don't like my prices? Make me an offer! See my trade list here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Momoko & Other Doll Items for Sale

Judging by this listing page, it is spring cleaning time.  Many items are now up on the Doll Page Ads from my inventory, including many Momoko dolls, individual items, Integrity dolls, and much more.  More items will be added throughout the next few days, including some other PetWORKs items like Odeco and Nikki. 

Click here for the ads.

Perhaps one of the coolest items up for grabs is an OOAK NuFace Erin by artist Joe Bourland.  Erin comes in a lovely white dress and certainly is a fabulous doll to photograph and display. 

Check out the items while you can, because many of them are going fast!

The kitty bomb.

Charming Rogita by alington
Charming Rogita, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Do you know you else likes to kitty bomb my doll photos?


This is Rogita, on Peak's Woods Absolute Beauty body, who happens to be just about the same dimensions as Tonner Doll's American Model. She's modeling Charming Lady, the fabulous new outfit by Tonner Doll.

It's actually a pale blue, not gray, and it's a separate skirt and jacket. Simply a gorgeous outfit.

Rogita is wearing her default glass eyes and a LeekeWorld wig in Khaki (really, it's a dark green!).

And yes, that's Bear's tail there. You can see more photos, without Bear crashing the frame, on Flickr.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Ultra Hair Whitney

Ultra Hair Whitney by alington
Ultra Hair Whitney, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A grail of mine has finally arrived: It's Ultra Hair Whitney from 1992. She's a European exclusive.

In the Ultra Hair series, there was a brunette doll issued in the US. However, she uses the Superstar sculpt, like the blonde version. In Europe, the Steffie sculpt was used, and her edition size is pretty limited.

When she comes up for sale in NRFB condition, she can sell for $400. Deboxed, and in less than mint condition (mine, for example, is missing her ring and shoes), she can go for much less.

My lovely girl is still in wonderful condition, I think, and has her amazing long and crimped 1990s era hair intact.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Momoko: ae FLC 2013

Coming up soon is another Petworks Momoko with boots and a great short two-toned haircut.  It appears she is a honey face sculpt, but she seems to have a newer lip paint style where her lips are slightly less full.  Don't forget that fabulous jacket and simple white dress to complete this Momoko.  She will be released in late April to early May 2013 and will be available for 24,000 yen. 

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Pictures courtesy of Petworks.

New IDEX Ellowyne and Lizette from Wilde Imagination

Great Depression Ellowyne and Great Depression Lizette are available and for sale on Wilde Imagination's website today. Ellowyne is priced at $159.00 with edition size of 1000. She has inset grey blue eyes, applied lashes and a brown wigged bob. I love her 1920s styled chiffon dress and matching shoes.

Lizette was created for the Afternoon of Tea & Ennui event at IDEX, and there are a few of this limited edition of 200 left for sale. She is also priced at $159, and she sports a dark brown wig with inset brown eyes and applied lashes. Her outfit is the same as Ellowyne's--just gorgeous--in a soft salmon pink.

I may not be THAT bad of a collector.

Iplehouse nYID Rexy by alington
Iplehouse nYID Rexy, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Patience is a virtue--especially when you're a doll collector! If you've recently joined the doll collecting community, or the ball-jointed doll community, you will have discovered the wonderful pre-order period that many companies have for their dolls.

The wonderful thing about pre-ordering dolls is that there is often a fun unveiling event that surrounds this release. Integrity Toys, for example, does a live presentation for W Club members online. It's fun to gather fellow W Club members (and fellow doll collectors) for these releases, and discuss your excitement for each new release.

On the other hand, there is the waiting period after you order your doll. While I can understand that this makes it a lot easier for dealers to know guess many of each doll they need to order, it doesn't usually determine edition size in the world of vinyl and plastic. Very few items these days (with perhaps the exception of Mattel's playline dolls) are produced as open editions.

The wait time can be as short as a week, or as long as a year (or more, depending on licensing issues), with the average about three to six months, I find. Many companies have tried to reduce the wait time for their dolls by scheduling several unveilings throughout the year, closer to production time, which helps reduce the waiting. I understand that it takes time to design, produce, and approve a quality product.

In the BJD world, most dolls aren't even cast before you order them and pay for them in full. Casting and pouring the doll can be affected by weather conditions, which can affect the delivery time of your doll. While most companies strive diligently for a 30 to 45 day delivery time, most take about three to six months to ship a doll.

Considering that each doll is hand poured and cast and sanded, and each doll is strung and painted by hand, and you may also be waiting for another manufacturer's wig or outfit--waiting can be lengthy.

If you are an impatient collector, and you don't mind putting a little work into a doll, you can risk the secondary market for both vinyl and resin. Above, one of my recent secondary market purchases was nothing short of miraculous. It's Iplehouse nYID Rexy, large bust, face-up option C, in special real skin, exactly what my heart desired.

I posted a WTB listing on Den of Angels, and within the hour (or possibly two), I got a response. The seller sent photos the same day, and after receiving my payment (also the same day), she mailed the doll unstrung (to save me shipping) the following day.

Rexy is perfect. Plus, I didn't have to wait for three months. And I feel like my money has stayed within the US economy, and I feel like I've given a new home to a doll--it's like recycling--kind of.

I adore the secondary market. When Steve and Rae decided to keep the DollPage open, I was thrilled beyond belief. So be sure to visit your favorite sites and click on those ads. Don't cause problems or gripe. Be a good customer! Collectors like me really need the secondary market!

If you like, you can see more photos of lovely Rexy on Flickr.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clothing optional?

Iplehouse EID Yur by alington
Iplehouse EID Yur, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The only bad thing about an eclectic collection is when clothing doesn't fit.

I'm not talking about tailoring problems. I'm talking about when you can't slide a pair of stretch pants up over a doll's thighs. That's when you know you have an issue.

Why, oh why, can't I just be happy with what I have?

Well, just look at her. It's Iplehouse EID Yur (she's as pretty as the promo). She's a mere 65 cm tall (that's a little more than 25.5 inches). I have plenty of room in my cabinet. And she's the "medium" bust size. There is also a "large" bust option. (I can only imagine!) She is in the special real skin resin, which is a wonderful, hard-to-pour tan color and has a company face-up.

I see spandex, double-stretch jersey, and corsets in my future!

But isn't she gorgeous? You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Tonner Two-Fors!

Check out several specials from Tonner Doll this week. For $99, you can choose the Cami Combo, which includes Perfect Morning Cami Basic Blonde with Manhattan Mood outfit, or the Jon Combo, which includes Perfect Morning Jon Basic and Always Someplace to Go outfit. When you order one of these combos, US continental orders get free shipping on your entire order. Use the code CNJ2013 when you check out.

International customers, you can take advantage of the specials, too--only you will get a $9.95 shipping credit applied toward your order, when you email your order number to

No returns or exchanges on the combos, and ground shipping only. The promotion ends tomorrow, April 17, at 5 PM ET.

Photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Chantilly Charmant

Chantilly Charmant by alington
Chantilly Charmant, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Daphne of the Day - It's Chantilly Charmant, from the 2005 Paris Fashion Doll Festival of 2005.

It's true--I may be imbibing a bit in past grails. I find dolls to be soothing in that regard. Plus, it gives me something wonderful for photography subjects.

You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Mermaid Steffie

Mermaid Steffie by alington
Mermaid Steffie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Just sharing my rerooted Miss Amethyst, a Birthstone Beauty from 2007. She's a OOAK doll on a Poppy Parker body, dressed in FR: Monogram Inspiration and jewelry by Facets by Marcia.

The doll has been professionally rerooted and styled by Cat Hammond of A Doll Affinity.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cannes Opening

Cannes Opening by alington
Cannes Opening, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A long-time grail of mine has made it home. It's Cannes Opening, a raven-haired Daphne sculpt from Tonner Doll Company. She was a limited edition of just 100 dolls at the 2007 Paris Fashion Doll Festival.

I think she looks a little like Liz Taylor.

You can see more photos on Flickr.

Steffie of the Day: OOAK Birthstone Beauty

Nicki Minaj-inspired Steffie by alington
Nicki Minaj-inspired Steffie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Miss Diamond has had a make-over, thanks to Cat at A Doll Affinity. She's been rerooted with lavender and white hair, inspired by Nicki Minaj.

Here, she's dressed in Miss Ruby's dress, Tiny Kitty's shawl, and jewelry from Facets by Marcia.

You can see a few more photos of her on Flickr.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Miss America OOAK

Just returned from some exciting rerooting by Cat at A Doll Affinity, it's the lovely Miss America (formerly a blonde Quick Curl). Her soft pink hair has white highlights, and it's currently styled in ponytails.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Crystal Celebration

Crystal Celebration by alington
Crystal Celebration, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The lovely Daphne Dimples is redressed in an older Tyler Wentworth fashion. She's an Effanbee doll from the Brenda Starr collection, and she's just gorgeous.

See a few more photos on Flickr.

Hunger Games dolls are sold out!

Well, if Tonner wanted to sell out of these dolls, they've definitely done it! All Hunger Games dolls are sold out from Tonner Direct. I'm sure there are still some available from dealers, however.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hunger Games dolls on sale at Tonner!

Tonner Doll has listed a set of three dolls, Katniss, Peeta and Gale, on sale for $199. The Hunger Games Collectible Set is on sale for a limited time, so don't delay!

You save $320.97 off the retail price, if you were to purchase these dolls separately! It's a great deal.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Steffie: Out of the Box is on sale!

Steffie: Out of the Box
My first book, Steffie: Out of the Box: An inside peek at a fan's eclectic collection (Volume 1), on Mattel's Steffie sculpt is currently on sale at List price is $20, and Amazon has it on sale for just $16.60.

Prime members can get this book with free shipping!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beach Angel Momoko

Sekiguchi has a new Momoko out and her name is Beach Angel.  She comes with a cute ruffled white two-piece bathing suit, sleeveless collared yellow top, white flower and, my favorite, clear flat shoes.  This is perhaps the first time clear ballet shoes have become available for Momoko dolls.  This Momoko can be purchased through doll dealers and will be released in May 2013.

She came out at just the right time of year, making me long for summer and warm beaches. 

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Pictures courtesy of Petworks.

W Club exclusive - Irresistible Dania Zarr

Attendees of Saturday's unveiling (and all W Club members) were given the opportunity to purchase a limited edition doll, Irresistible Dania Zarr. She's $130, with a release date planned for mid to late summer of this year.

She has tan skin, platinum hair and green eyes. She includes a black shawl-collar faux leather top with red belt, black skirt and fishnets. She also includes a beige purse, beige and black spectator pumps, rose necklace and earrings.

W Club members have till April 2, 10 AM ET to preorder this lovely doll.

New Poppy Parker dolls

Five new dolls have been released with a June 2013 delivery date. Poppy Parker at the 1965 International Fair provides us with international costumes and Poppy as we haven't yet seen her. These dolls are limited to 750 each and retail for just $89.

My favorite is the pale skin tone, red-haired Poppy called Sweet in Switzerland. This beauty is dressed in a white dotted chiffon blouse, full pale blue skirt, dirndl belt, white jersey tights and blue tweed cape. She also includes a muff, faux fur hat, and fur trimmed ice skates. Her facial screening is similar to Foto Fab.

Spicy in Spain provides us with a mid-toned brown haired Poppy with a layered lace skit, and chiffon and satin blouse with lace sleeves. She includes a hat, black pumps, an embroidered clutch, hoop earrings and ruby ring. She uses a new style of facial screening.

Pretty in Polynesia gives us a versatile raven-haried Poppy with tan skin. She uses original facial screening (from the first release of Poppy--think Reluctant Debutante and Portrait in Black). She includes a patterned bathing suit and matching wrap skirt, and blue satin jacket. Her accessories are a lilac clutch and matching pumps, multicolored bangle bracelets, beaded necklace and flower for her hair.

Irresistble in India is limited to 750. We see a brunette, dark skin tone poppy in an elaborate India sari. She includes a gold clutch and pumps, lots of bracelets and beaded earrings. This doll uses the gorgeous Bergdorf facial screening.

Joyful in Japan features a platinum Poppy with an updo, lavender eyes, and doll dressed in a pink kimono with coordinating obi. She includes pearl stud earrings, white clutch and pink pumps.

It's difficult for me to choose a favorite! I'm partial to both Switzerland and India. Just lovely!

New Jem dolls - The Misfits!

More dolls have been added to the Jem and the Holograms collection--this time, it's Jem's rival group, The Misfits. Dolls retail for $119, limited to 1200 dolls each, with an estimated ship date of May 2013.

First up, it's Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor. She's the ultimate in 1980s fashion with her lime green hair, belted zebra print mini dress, pumps and single sock. She includes both a microphone and electric guitar, extra hands, and mini magazine.

May "Stormer" Phillips is the next new addition. She has gorgeous blue curls, black faux leather mini, sparkling bustier top, fishnets and black pumps. She includes a detailed guitar synthesizer, sheet music and extra hands.

With platinum hair, eyelash sweater with belt, and holographic skinny capris, Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini makes her first appearance with the Misfits. She includes a detail pink guitar, mini Misfits paper album, and alternate hands.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

New Fashion Royalty dolls released

Several new dolls are available to preorder from your favorite Integrity Toys dealer. The Fashion Royalty Classic collection was unveiled to members on Saturday. Dolls retail for $130, with shipping dates scheduled for late June or early July.

First up, it's Nostalgia Dania Zarr. She's being produced in a limited edition of 600 dolls, and includes a pinstripe dress, belt, faux mink shawl, red clutch, heels, and jewelry (bracelet, earrings and brooch).

Capitvating Anja is limited to 800 dolls, and is dressed in a pastel blue gown, black lace gloves, black satin clutch, pumps, and elaborate necklace and earrings.

Splendid Jordan is dressed in a white dress, faux mink stole, green purse, and green and black spectator pumps, black gloves, plus jewelry (including a necklace, brooch and earrings). She's limited to 400.

Polished Korrine comes dressed in a pink draped collar blouse, voluminous black embroidered skirt, black patent pumps and matching clutch, and lovely earrings and necklace.

Ambitious Kesenia makes an appearance in a pale skintone. She's lovely in a belted red dress, black coat, beige and red pumps, earrings, bracelet and beige handbag.

Who's your favorite? My vote goes to Anja, and second is Korinne.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.


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