Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Ah, it is that time again. To look back on the old year, in this case, 2011, with a mixture of amazement, amusement, and disbelief at what happened. In my case, it was, "I can't
believe I passed the 100 mark of Tonner dolls in my collection."

The century mark! Kalypso Hart, formerly Egyptian Gold Betty Ann

This was something that did, indeed, invoke, amazement, amusement and disbelief! I
knew the count had been sneaking up on me, but still...

I also realized at some point this year that I had, for the third year running, not kept to my New Year's resolutions, at least with regards to my doll collection. I don't make regular New Year's resolutions for myself like most folks, because I got tired of the pressure of trying to live up to something I don't really want to do in the first place, which takes actual effort, forethought and discipline. Why resolve to lose x many pounds? All those little "rewards" I give myself for losing a pound, such as the chocolate I had been denying myself in order to lose that pound, always causes that pound to return to the scene of the crime, (which I sit upon) and that pound always seems to bring three or four friends with it.

Increase my doll collection? Pfft. No problems, except for where to get the money, and
which ones do I target for acquisition? I have also never actually made this particular resolution, it just happens. I blame Robert Tonner, since the man has a GIFT for knowing what dolls I am looking for, even if I don't know it myself.

But the resolutions I have been making for my doll collection have been to throttle back on the number of dolls I have been acquiring - okay, you readers can stop giggling at any time! - and start getting more things for them, such as clothing, furniture and other props. This is not to say that I am going to give up acquiring dolls, oh, no! But for a while, it was starting to look like I had the Animal House sorority on my desk, with all the dolls wearing Togas. All that was missing were the scale booze bottles, kegs, and the lampshades on their heads.

L-R Eshalya, Neysa, Siobhan, Valerie
(Super Stripes Angelina, Bohemian Beauty Angelina, Sun Kissed Sophisticate Shauna, Ultra Basic Stella)
So, to see if I can actually follow a New Year's Resolution plan, I will set my New Year's Resolutions for 2012 into writing, and see if I can actually follow it:

1. More clothing for my dolls.
2. More props for my dolls.
3. More furniture for my dolls.
4. Bodies for the poor souls trapped in the Bluebeard Drawer, making them, to paraphrase Pinnocchio, "Real live dolls."
5. A Cute, Fuzzy, Doll-Seeking Missile of Mass Destruction-proof case to store my dolls, to protect them from Stormcloud the Moscow Marauder and Camas Houdini Meadows.

Stormcloud the Moscow Marauder, left, and Camas Houdini Meadows, right
The Cute, Fuzzy, Doll-Seeking Missiles of Mass Destruction

Tune in this time next year, to see if I can actually do it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doll Duels - you must play with this site!

Tonner Doll Company has released a really fun part of their new website, due to be released in full on January 3, 2012. Doll Duels is a giant photo library of owner photos of Tonner-only dolls. You can see

  • Real life photos of actual owner dolls, sorted by category, including repainted dolls and link to their websites and eBay stores,
  • Pairs of two random photos, side by side, in which you can vote for your favorite picture (or choose "Draw," if you just can't decide),
  • The Leaderboard, which shows you the most popular photos of the minute, and
  • You have to option to submit your best photos of your favorite Tonner dolls.

Go play! I have to confess, I can't stay away! Read more about it on Tonner Doll's blog (that's my photo of DeeAnna Denton!), and visit the site yourself (and vote for my photos, LOL!) at

I'd love to hear your comments!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Honey, I shrunk Abby!

I recently created a mini wardrobe for a Peak's Woods Cue, at the request of friend, and fellow FDR blogger, Kathie. The doll was a Christmas present for Kathie's daughter, Sarah, who loves the show NCIS, and especially the character Abby Sciuto. As soon as a wig and boots were found by Kathie, it was up to me to dress her in clothes that Abby would wear.

New Year's Resolutions

I've been working on my New Year's resolutions, and I've started (yet again!) with my doll collection. It's time for me to pare down and regain some focus. I've started listing a few more dolls, auction style, on eBay.

More will come soon, but please check out my current auctions at my eBay store. A couple of items that might interest you:

Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support!

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Elisa E. in California! You've won a free copy of my book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners, just for posting a comment on the blog.

If you could contact me--perhaps through Facebook or leaving a comment on this post, I will send your book out right away. Thanks so much for playing!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Youthquake by alington
Youthquake, a photo by alington on Flickr.
and a happy new year to all our readers and contributors. Have a wonderful, warm and safe holiday.

Warm wishes from Youthquake Poppy Parker, in vintage Barbie fashion #3404 Glowin' Out, her hair perfectly restyled by Roberta Marino.

[Updates on the Google followers drawing will come tomorrow!]

Friday, December 23, 2011

BJD for Beginners book winner is...

Keilee L. from Arkansas!

I know I'm a little late, but better late than never! I got a little distracted yesterday.

This is from our Facebook fan page drawing. If you didn't win, you still have a chance. Just enter your first name and last initial and state or country in a comment on this post. I'll do the drawing as soon as our Google followers reach 300. (They are at 299 today!)

If you link back to either of my blogs (this one or BJDs for Beginners), you get two extra entries!

Rose of Versailles

Rose of Versailles by alington
Rose of Versailles, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This amazing outfit has made its arrival. I am so excited!

It includes:
  • the platinum wig
  • the straw feathered hat
  • lace and ribbon choker
  • the cotton dress
  • a petticoat (cleverly designed)
  • satin shoes
  • pearl earrings
My model is Masquerade Sydney, who is wigged.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas... and I even have a picture!

This is the time of year when most Americans seem to lose their minds, and spend like there's no tomorrow. Yes, we as a people throw financial caution to the wind, especially when offered irresistible door buster sales opportunities. January should perhaps be renamed "Resmorseuary," because that is the time the credit card bills start coming in, and most Americans realize that they will get their credit cards back down to reasonable balances just in time for NEXT year's Black Friday.

Doll collectors have this problem all year long, but I digress.

I have decided I want to rectify this situation with a very simple wish list, which includes only one item. Thankfully, Mabel, one of the members of my doll club, showed up with a beautiful simulacrum of the item I want. I am posting a picture of this item, and I will not caption the picture, since it should be obvious what it is, and why I want it. I have never seen one of these in reality.

Thank you, Mabel. You have made the acquisition of the thing I want most at this moment in time possible through your incredible artistry. Now I can show my family and friends EXACTLY what I want, without fumbling for words to describe it.

ADDENDUM: A last minute addition, but Mabel informed me that another member of our club, an equally great lady named Bobbi, helped her create this simulacrum. I always like to make sure that credit is given where it is due. So any kudos for this piece of artistry belong in equal terms to Mabel AND Bobbi.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More new images from Tonner Doll

Midas Touch outfit for 13" Revlon fashion dolls

Tonner Doll Company has released additional photos of newly released products.

Midas Touch is floor-length micro-sequined gown for Tonner's 13" Revlon fashion doll. It's limited to 500 pieces, includes a gold bracelet and gold shoes. Retail is $84.99.

Sequin detail

Next, from the Gowns by Anne Harper collection, it's the outfit Matinee Luncheon. This outfit is limited to 300, and retails for $99.99. It's designed for a regular bust Carol Barrie or Tyler Wentworth.

It includes a pink suit with black "fur" trim and attached organza sleeves and collar, a pink belt, pearl necklace, black hat trimmed with feathers and flowers, and black shoes.

Both outfits are ready for pre-order from your favorite dealer.

Matinee Luncheon outfit from the Gowns by Anne Harper collection
Detail of Matinee Luncheon

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ho-Ho-Holiday Extravaganza at TonnerDirect

Save 20% off your order and get free shipping--or save 25% percent when you spend $500 or more at TonnerDirect. Use the code HOHOHO11 at check out. If your order is more than $500, use SANTAPANTS11 instead.

No exclusions, but must be for new and in-stock items only. The offer expires at midnight, December 18, 2011.

International customers should email their order number to receive a $9.95 shipping credit.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ATTN: Great specials at Vogue Collectibles

Be sure to check out the great deals offered at Vogue Collectibles today. They are offering some current Integrity Toys dolls at discounted prices, plus lots of great Barbie specials. Additional, don't forget to check out the clearance prices on Tonner items, including some hard to find items!

These deals are particularly good for our Canadian readers, as Vogue is located in Canada. I've done business with them as well, and they have great customer service!

Drawing #2 - One more chance to win: Facebook followers

Get a second chance to win a copy of my book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners, for free!

For this drawing, I'm waiting till the number of Facebook fans on our webpage has reached 400. At the time of this post, our followers are 392.

To enter, leave a comment below this post, including your first name and last initial, and state or country you are located. International players are welcome, too.

Again, get a chance for more entries if you have links posted to either of our blogs on your website. Post a separate entry for each link. Use the graphics provided, or a text link to The Fashion Doll Review or the BJDs for Beginners blog. (Contact me if you need assistance.)

Only one link per drawing is needed, so if you're already linking to our websites, just post them here as a separate entry!

WIN at the Fashion Doll Review - through Google

It's time for another prize drawing.

I've noticed our Google followers have reached 296. When the total number of followers reach 300, I will raffle off a free copy of my book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners. This is a free drawing, no purchase necessary!

Receive an extra entry for the drawing for linking to The Fashion Doll Review from your blog or website.

Receive one more entry for posting a link to my BJD-related website, BJDs for Beginners, on your blog or website. Feel free to download the graphics provided, or use a text link. If you need help posting a link, let me know.

To enter, leave a comment below this post, including your first name and last initial, and state or country you are located. International players are welcome, too.

If you've posted link(s) on your blogs, post a separate entry for each link, including the website where my link is posted.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update on Cami&Jon by Tonner Doll

Jon Wigged Basic, Too by Tonner Doll Company
Photos are up of the new wigged and acrylic-eyed Jon, from Tonner Doll's latest release. Jon uses the Jac head sculpt on a honey-toned Antoinette body. This lovely wigged version includes the wig above and also a dark brown one.

She's available to pre-order from your favorite dealer for $109.99 retail. She'll be arriving late December.

Holiday Savings from Ellowyne Wilde

Save on some amazing specials from Wilde Imagination through Monday December 19. Get free shipping with the code HOLIDAY04. International customers, use the code HOLIDAY04INT to get a $9.95 shipping credit.

Some examples from their website:

Several dressed Ellowyne dolls are listed at just $69 each and Evanegline has several outfits and pieces on sale.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Direct Appeal

Dear Mr. Tonner,

Earlier in 2011, you released, as exclusives to your authorized dealer, the excellent Cherished Friends, two new characters on the Antoinette body, those of Rose and Chrys. Needless to say, with my doll club, Chrys was an immediate hit, because there are a grand total of five of them amongst our membership.

In a review I posted a few months ago, I made a rather unsubtle reference to you, sir, craftily choosing a sculpt (Stella) that you KNEW I would be unable to resist, despite my doll budget going down in flames every single month for a Tonner doll or dolls.

I know you are a busy, busy dollmaker, with probably hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of folks writing odes to your dolls, and did not see this post. My intent was to let you know that if you so desired to release MORE Chrys dolls upon an admiring public, that you would probably acquire more sales of this lovely doll. So, I thought I would take the direct route, and ask one of our youngest members, known affectionately as Evelyn Twist to make a statement, which you can read across the bottom of the attached picture.

Thank you, not only for your time, but your beautiful, beautiful dolls.


Lynda-Marie Hauptman, OCD Member and Tonner-holic

Evelyn Twist, OCD member

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas sale at Angelic Dreamz

Check out Angelic Dreamz for a terrific sale on various doll-related items, including 15% off all in-stock Barbie and Integrity Toys, 20% off Tonner, 50% off Madame Alexander.

All orders over $100 ship for free! Items are marked at sale prices.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Incredible deal on jewels for your dolls...

From Facets by Marcia!

Each day, starting December 13 and ending December 25, one necklace set will be featured on Facets by Marcia at $20 (instead of $25 and up). Quantities are limited, and specials are limited to single colors shown. If the item sells out, a surprise set will be offered in the same color(s) as the feature set.

You also have the opportunity to pre-order all 12 sets for just $200. It's a fantastic deal! Marcia's jewels are top-quality and the most gorgeous on the market. Attending conventions this year? What a fabulous table gift these would make!

Platinum Luxury

Platinum Luxury by alington
Platinum Luxury, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Another recent addition to my collection, and one of my most exciting arrivals to date, I'm pleased to introduce Platinum Luxury American Model to you. She looks like she waked off the set of Boardwalk Empire.

She arrived in a super sized Tonner Box, and I was so excited to open her up. I haven't allowed myself to purchase an American Model since La Belle Grande, just because of storage and display space. (They compete with my BJD collection.)

My jaw dropped when I saw her beautiful face. Her brown inset eyes and eyelashes are just perfect. I adore her sweet wigged hair. Her red lips seem to almost be smiling.

And her gown--two layers--a simple shimmering gold tank, worn under a long-sleeved chiffon number trimmed with beaded lace. Her sleeves are trimmed with super long loops of marabou.

To finish her look, a simple pair of mary jane pumps, and the most gorgeous layered and beaded necklace you can imagine.

Her articulated hands look different than Tyler's or Antoinette's. They have another delicate pose.

I adore this doll! Plus, it turns out that she can share DollHeart clothes (at least one older outfit I have, Lofty Grey), and my Peak's Woods Skiya can share clothes with her! More photos to come.

And you can see more photos on Flickr.

Full length shot


Displayed together with Classic Elegance Sydney

Classic Elegance

Classic Elegance by alington
Classic Elegance, a photo by alington on Flickr.
The lovely Classic Elegance Sydney is in stock and on sale at Toni's Collectibles, brand new in her box with free shipping (everything over $100 has free shipping!). She's from 2007.

I know this doll got a little grief for being a little warmer (pewter and antique gold) than her icy promo photo. But I think these warmer colors give her a more antique feel. She is perfect.

Her rhinestone jewelry and and lace gloves add the finishing touches to her multi-tiered 1920s inspired, lace, embroidered organza and metallic chiffon gown. (Whew!)

[Hey, did I just see this girl in one of your recent blog posts? you may be asking yourself. In fact, you did!]

See more photos on Flickr.

Delightful Antoinette

Delightful Antoinette by alington
Delightful Antoinette, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I've redressed Spring Kissed FR:16 in Delightful Antoinette's outfit. It fits very well, though the shoes are a little wide for her feet.

In between the shots, I've taken some nude body posing photos for those of you who are interested in her new body style. You can see them on Flickr.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bring a lovely Peak's Woods girl home for the holidays!

If you frequent The Fashion Doll Review, you have undoubtedly seen some lovely Peak's Woods girls. In order to help with funding of further dolly / holiday purchases, I am parting with one of my own Peak's Woods girls - a Fairy of Colors Yeru.

Yeru is a charming little lady! She is an older Peak's Woods girl with the S-hook loop in her headcap and she has also yellowed a bit. In spite of her yellowing, she is very lovely. I worked a lot on buffing some of the yellow out of Yeru, and I think she is just fine as she is! She is very tightly strung, but as a result, she stands like a rock! Yeru has a beautiful custom face-up, and would love to come home with you for the holidays!

Since she isn't quite as pristine as a brand new dolly, I am only asking $400 + shipping for her. This is nearly $200 off the original price! If you might be interested in bringing Yeru home, send me an email at

A little holiday shopping with a point?

Have you gotten all your holiday shopping finished already? Not me!

In fact, if you want to take a quick breath for your dolly friends, check out my latest auction additions, including this lovely Midge and vintage Enchanted Evening outfit. They are in excellent and very good condition, and you can qualify for free expedited US shipping from all the items in the Fashion Doll Review's store!

Also, 25% of all sales will be donated to the Toys for Tots foundation.

Thanks for your support!

Do you love Marilyn Monroe?

If so... today is your day to click on over to Joe's List and open Advent Calendar #6!

There is a wonderful collection on sale today! Check it out!

Stardoll® by Barbie are available from BarbieCollector

Have you heard the hype about the new Stardoll Barbie? Inspired by avatars from the hottest online fashion and gaming fashions, these new dolls step out of the virtual world and into the world of doll play.

That, in itself, requires a whole new essay.

The dolls 8 new sculpts using something close to the model muse bodies (with larger feet, more delicate hands, and slightly larger rears), and also can use three different accessory packs.

From BarbieCollector, Bonjour Bizou, Doll Space, Fallen Angel and Pretty n' Love are available in Style 1 or Style 2 for $20.99 each. Each style (except for Doll Space, it appears) as an accessory kit available for $15.99, including at least one dress, one extra mix-n-match piece, two pair of shoes, a bag and a clutch, jewelry, hair accessories and other accessories.

The prices aren't bad; what concerns me is that feet are bigger, the dolls aren't articulated well, and I'd want to know if this brand is meant to stand alone for an older chill audience, rather than collectors. I do like the demographic make-up of the dolls. It's nice to see dolls that aren't all blue-eyed and blonde.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tonner Two Decades of Fashion and Design

This commemorative book, written by Pat Henry, covers the twenty year history of the Tonner doll company as well as a biographical sketch of Robert Tonner himself. Chapters include the early Tonner years, the evolution of Tyler Wentworth, Tonner's Theatre of fashion, expansion of the Tonner brand, famous faces on the big and small screens, Antoinette, Wilde Imaginations, Sinister Circus, and the future of the Tonner doll company. I found the history of Robert Tonner's design career particularly interesting. There are gorgeous color photos throughout the book. Softcover. 146 pages. The book is available for sale in my Ebay store.

Joe Blitman's Advent Calendar

Joe's Advent Calendar
It's that time of year--every day from now through December 24, Joe at Joe's List will have a new special! This year's theme is "A Hollywood Christmas." Eeek!

Why you should care? First, it's incredibly fun and addicting to visit the store first thing in the morning to see what's on special.

Second, Joe carries top-quality products for every type of fashion doll collector, whether you collect vintage Barbie, contemporary Barbie, Integrity Toys, Tonner Dolls, Dawn, celebrity dolls, and more. His products are priced reasonably, and he has some wonderfully hard-to-find items, priced for every collector.

Third, you'll get great customer service and fantastic deals.

Fourth, it's a little game. Go play!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Statue of Liberty Doll of the World plus collectible Ornament available

Ever wonder what happened to all those Statue of Liberty Barbies? Well, they are available again--from The Stature of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, according to this press release:

Proceeds Benefit Projects at Liberty & Ellis Islands

New York, NY (November 30, 2011) — Are you trying desperately to find Statue of Liberty Barbie® to give this holiday season in honor of the Statue’s 125th birthday? You’re in luck! The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation has just announced it has refreshed its supply of Statue Barbies in their online gift shop at Not only does the Foundation offer Barbie donned in her patina-inspired gown and carrying a clutch inscribed with July 4, 1776 from the Statue’s tablet, but it pairs her with a handcrafted three-dimensional brass ornament, “Lady Liberty’s 125th.” The perfect gift for lovers of these two legendary ladies! Statue of Liberty Barbie® is offered for $39.99 and together with the 2011 collectible ornament is just $64.99, a savings of $5 if both were purchased separately. Proceeds help support the Foundation’s non-profit mission at the Statue and Ellis Island. Details at

For more information on the work of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, please visit

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to raise funds for and oversee the historic restorations of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, working in partnership with the National Park Service/U.S. Department of the Interior. Its endowment has funded over 200 projects at the islands.

Photos property of The Stature of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.

New Momoko dolls available for pre-order

Two gorgeous new Momoko dolls are available for pre-order from your favorite Momoko dealer (I can recommend Doll-Collectible). Garnet (right) and Amethyst retail for 19000 JPY, though some dealers are giving a 5% discount for preorders.

Doll-Collectible is limiting the dolls to one (each) per customer, requiring full payment by December 1 (that's tomorrow), and reserving dolls on a first come, first come basis. Shipping is scheduled by the end of December.

I don't know about you, but I can imagine having a full twelve months of these gorgeous beauties on my display shelf! Eeek!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Integrity Toys updates

Photo property of Integrity Toys
Some news for Integrity Toys fans out there:

Darla Daley has a new face mold. Above, you can see a preview of Hit Single, whose shipping date is yet to be determined.

On the new doll "In the City Cruz," this new Dynamite Boy uses Auden's face mold, and is cast in the tan plastic.

Here is an updated shipping list for those of you waiting patiently for pre-orders:

W Club Pre-ordered Items

Fashion Royalty and Nu.Face Replacement Bodies- Mid December
Sweet Confection Poppy Parker Club doll- Mid December

Other Pre-ordered Items

Late December 2011 to Early January 2012
66046 - DG Dayle "Good Times"
66047 - DG Jasper "You Sexy Thing"
66048 - DG Reese "Mighty Real"
66058 - DG Cruz "Hot Stuff"
PP019 - Poppy Parker "Perfectly Purple"
PP021 - Poppy Parker "Foto Fab"
14001 - Holly Golightly "Fifth Avenue at 6 a.m."
14005 - Holly Golightly "A Girl I Know Name Holly"

Late January, 2012
14003 - Holly Golightly "The Five and Ten"
14004 - Holly Golightly "How Do I Look"

Mid-February, 2012
14006 - Holly Golightly "People Do Fall In Love"

I'm thrilled to see those Poppy Parkers on that list!

Integrity has announced a new dealer, whom I have personally dealt with. She is wonderful, and I'm thrilled to see she'll be carrying the full line of Integrity dolls. She's in the process of creating a new website. I'm sure I'll let you know as soon as it's up and running.

2401 Bluebonnet Lane
Austin, Texas 78704
Phone: 512-326-9516

Finally, registration for the W Club will begin sometime in the middle of December. It will be open to everyone, not just current members. I believe the W Club is limited just by date, and not by the number of members, so don't delay in your registration, or you could miss out!

Holiday wish list?

Bayer Alice - photo property of Lati Doll.
Which dolls are on your holiday wish list this year? I have to confess, I have a Christmas doll and a birthday doll on their way to me already, so I can't complain.

Which dolls or outfits are on the top of your wish list this year? Are you giving any dolls as gifts? I am, but I can't post about them, due to some of the readers of this blog.

I also have to confess, as usual, I have to plan my ball-jointed doll gifts very early, so they will arrive in time for Christmas. And if you can believe it, both are Alice-themed.

The first is Lati Doll's Alice (it's the Grown-Up Bayer sculpt) shown above. She's a limited edition full-set tiny (only 16 cm tall), and she includes the little resin Cheshire kitty.

The second, from Peak's Woods, is the Lady Alice full-set. She is a YoSD size and adorable. I cannot wait. Of course, when the dolls arrive, I'll have to peek to make sure they have made it in one piece.

Lady Alice - photo property of Peak's Woods.
Maybe I should call them "Peek's Woods." Tee hee.


Tonner Doll Company, I'm done with Alice, I tell you!

Blue Alice by alington
Blue Alice, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Please, dear loving designers at Tonner Doll Company, I'm really trying to be good. I'm trying to get over my obsession with Alice-themed dolls, and you aren't helping me. How am I supposed to get better and get my budgeting issues under control when your dolls keep getting cuter and cuter?

I hate to be so forward and ask you to stop creating Alice-themed dolls, simply for my sake. Surely there are plenty of other collectors out there who are able to order just one doll. That collector isn't me.

Dear readers, I'm due to post you my "holiday themed" display cabinet pretty soon. I tend to display the dolls I'm most thankful for during the holiday season (we celebrate Christmas, but start holiday decorating at Thanksgiving, as you may be able to tell from my photos). Those dolls happened to be dressed as Alice this year.

On to this doll: This limited edition of 200 dolls is called Blue Alice, and is from the 2011 Halloween convention. She is the Shauna/Queen of Hearts/Sweetheart sculpt on a cameo Antoinette body. She has blonde straight rooted hair and painted blue eyes, which I have enhanced with a little Liquitex gloss--just to add a little shine.

Her dress is two pieces: a lovely couture chiffon tunic with black ribbon trim, and a blue organza skirt with attached black petticoat. She includes blue striped tights and matching fingerless gloves, antiques silver necklace, black ribbon headband, and black and white shoes.

Blue Alice is still for sale at TonnerDirect. I just adore this doll. Don't you?

Blue Alice

Blue Alice

Blue Alice

Blue Alice

Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I Love Robert Tonner, Joe Petrollese and Crush on Jack Kralik

Charmed Tyler

Everyone has his or her favorite doll line or character. Take for instance, my fellow bloggers: for Alison it's Peakswoods BJDs; Kathie & Valerie are Poppy Parker crazy; and Shuga, well, she’s an Integrity girl. But for me, it's Tonner & Wilde Imagination, pretty much all the way.

Recently I was counting my dolls on display, by company (I'm a counter, who knows why, a bit of OCD perhaps?) and here's what I came up with: BJDs - 1, contemporary Barbie - 3, vintage Barbie - 6, Madame Alexander - 2, Integrity - 7, Wilde Imagination - 10, Tonner - 31. And trust me, there are many more Tonners and WIs currently in storage that used to reside in my second bedroom, before my son moved home after graduating from college. It was a tough call there for awhile, but flesh and blood won over hard plastic and vinyl.

Which got me to thinking; why Tonner? What is it about his dolls that call to me so much? The other dolls pretty much come and go around here, but every time I think I'm going to let some of my Tonners or Ellowynes go, it doesn't happen.

So why do I love Robert Tonner? Two words: Tyler and Imagination. Tyler is by far my favorite sculpt. There is something so sweet about her face, she looks like the type of woman you'd like to have as a best friend (lucky Sydney!). She can also look so different and versatile from wicked & naughty (Charmed), to sweet & classy (Nights in White Satin), fun (It’s My Party, Harlequin, Look of the Season), whimsical (Believe) and elegant & stunning (Fire Opal, Casino Jade, Autumn Gold). And her clothes are to die for.

Fire Opal and Autumn Gold
Fire Opal Tyler and Autumn Gold Tyler
Blue Skies and Basic Witch
Blues Skies Glinda in Winter Forest and Basic Witch in Griffin Splendor
Robert's imagination seems inexhaustible! The Oz line (think Blue Skies Glinda, Witchcraft), Alice in Wonderland (Alice Through the Looking Glass, Wonderland Costume Ball, Blushing Queen), Cinderella, Reimagination, Sinister Circus, Fashion Zombies, and on and on. The dolls are beautiful, the costumes divine and the quality is unsurpassed. I've always wondered how he comes up with all of his ideas. Does he dream dolls?

And let's not forget Ellowyne. She has her own Yahoo Group and Doll Board. I know many who have pretty much quit collecting anything else.

As for Joe: the man who created Evangeline Ghastly and Amelia Thimble (I recently saw my first Amelia in person and could she be any cuter? The Halloween gift set was quickly added to my Grail list.) Evangeline is just fabulous! Everything about her from her story, her armoire, her pets and her incredible outfits. Joe is also responsible for many of Tonner's fabulous outfits: The Devereaux Sisters, many, if not all, of the Oz costumes. So loving Robert and Joe, you may ask why the "crush" on Jack? First off; he's pretty cute and sexy. And secondly and more importantly; I have a fairly strong suspicion that Jack is one of the reasons Tonner Doll Company is so successful. Every good company needs a good businessperson. And unless Robert is one of those rare individuals who is a great Artist and a good businessman (as an Art Major, my experience has been that the two don't go together very often) Jack probably fulfills a much needed dose of reality. Without Jack, it might be a little shaky. And did I mention he's cute? :)

And finally, the Tonner Doll Company does a lot for various charities. I work for a non-profit in South San Diego that shelters battered women (and men) and their children. Every year we hold a fundraiser with a silent auction. Since I first wrote requests letters for donated items for those auctions, both Tonner and Wilde Imagination have sent one or two items, every year. The rest of the doll companies; MA sent a doll once, and we've never heard back from the others.

So for Robert, Joe and Jack; my heartfelt love and admiration. Keep up the good work, Gentlemen. (And for Debra & Michelle too!)


Integrity Toys Spring Kissed FR:16 - a review

Spring Kissed FR16 by alington
Spring Kissed FR16, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A recent addition to my Integrity Toys collection is the W Club exclusive, Spring Kissed, the first of the brand new line of FR:16 dolls, which replaces the AvantGuards brand. Spring Kissed was one of the W Club exclusive doll choices for joining this year, 2011, and she has just shipped. Extras were made available to Club members for a price of $160, and that is how mine arrived to me.

The reason I purchased this doll primarily is because of her face. She has a new face mold, which to me, in real life, has some similarity to Poppy Parker. Her facial screening is elegant and simple--reminding me a little of a Monogram doll--with applied lashes, soft metallic peach lips, brown eyes, and neutral shimmery eyeshadow and ultra soft blushing.

Her hair is lovely--long, blonde and mostly straight with a tiny bit of bend. It is styled in a side part, pulled off her face with a miniature braid. The light color of the hair, just behind the front style, appears to be rooted just a tad bit thinly, so I think I will leave the hair styled as is--just in case you think of taking your doll's hair down.

The doll is on a newly redesigned FR:16 body. I wasn't able to attend the Jet Set convention, but I thought I'd heard that the FR:16 bodies would be something like the new FR.Squared bodies. Spring Kissed is jointed at the hips below the torso, but her belly and torso are a single piece and beautiful. She is also jointed under the bust to allow for slouching and natural posing. Her hands are removable, and her elbows and knees, while surprisingly single-jointed, provide for over 90 degrees of movement. And the joints look really good, too. The doll included only one pair of hands--her left with open, separated fingers (she wants a ring, I think), and the right with the ability to hold something (such as a cocktail).

Additionally, she feels really sturdy without being too heavy, and her joints move smoothly and hold poses well without being swingy. She can kneels securely, too. She's got a fantastic body. I love it! Also, it's a model body, and slim, but it isn't too skinny. Her thighs and calves have shape, and she has a lovely curve to her body as well. Her feet and hands are well-proportioned to her face.

My least favorite thing about this doll is probably one of the most practical things about her: her feet. She has articulate ankle joints, separated toes, and also a joint at the toe as well. It allows for her to wear almost any size or shape or slope of shoe--open or closed toe--even those thong sandals. But bare-foot, she's not my favorite. And honestly, while her bare feet give me the willies just a little, I think the ability to be able to wear some many shoes (look at the stilettos she's wearing!) probably overrules any qualms I have about her feet.

Her shoes--WOW. They are actually woven. With zippers up the back and faux tan leather on the sides. And the tallest heel I've seen for a while. Just gorgeous. Additionally, she included subtle rhinestone earrings.

The outfit includes short tweed shorts, woven from cream, orange, yellow and gold yarns, which match the elegant overcoat perfectly. I can see these pieces worn with a fluffy silk blouse in gold or tan, or the coat paired with a taupe or shimmering sequined skirt. But the best basic piece of the outfit is the simple tee she wears underneath. At first, I thought it was just a sheet cream colored tee. But no--underneath lurks a lace lining. It's such a subtle detail, and such a delight to discover: it brings this doll up to such a real-life experience. I'm really thrilled.

Finally, you may have noticed some Christmas decorations in my house lately. It's because Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! For the cats. And they do love climbing the tree and eating the birds. That, and the tree gives you some amazing Bokeh shots. :)

For additional photos and larger sizes, visit my Flickr album.

UPDATE: Dreamcastle Dolls currently has this doll on consignment. She's never been removed from her box at a bargain price of $185. Great deal!
Spring Kissed FR16
Full-length shot of Spring Kissed
Spring Kissed FR16
Spring Kissed posing
Spring Kissed FR16
Spring Kissed's boots

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big and Small - more fashion inspiration

Witches Who Lunch outfit only from Wizard of Oz collection of 2007
Another wonderful way to enlighten and brighten your collection is to collect similarly styled or colored outfits in different scales. It's a wonderful way to use color in your collection or bring different types of dolls together--especially in this example.

Above, it's the Witches Who Lunch outfit, made from a gorgeous embroidered fabric with high color and contrast, long bell sleeves, a circle skirt and simple beaded belt. Her over-the-top coiled hat gives the outfit both a couture and an Oz feel.
Verdigris outfit only, American Model collection from 2007
Here, we have Verdigris, a green satin jacket with pink facing, a ruffled high color and bell sleeves, gathered lace over tulle skirt, and large sash belt. This look feels more elegant, and nearly Rococo inspired.

Displaying the two outfits together--Witches who lunch in 16" and Verdigris in 22"--would emphasize the similar silhouettes and bring two styles--Oz and fashion model--together in a way you might not have previously imagined.

All photos property of Tonner Doll Company.


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