Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lots of great new additions from Dreamcastle Dolls - on consignment!

Love Daphne? Carol at Dreamcastle Dolls has a bunch of fantastic and hard to find items on consignment! Check them out while they are still available!

BNB Dolls at the KBJD Show

BNB Dolls

BNB Dolls was a new company to me, introduced at the Korean BJD Show in LA this past weekend. They had some great deals on clothing. The outfits above were sold for about $50-65 per set.

The owner, Nornan, did a fantastic face-up class and demonstration. The "basic" make-up was really amazing. It takes her three hours to complete a basic style make-up for her boys--when she is simply copying a pretty basic style. For OOAK looks, or when she is creating a new make-up style, it can be up to a week to get the look just right!

As far as that goes, after watching her amazing technique, I'll continue paying the bargain price of $40-80 per face. I had no idea it took so much time!

You can see the rest of the dolls here, and a link to steps 1-4 of the make-up class on my Flickr photo stream.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cosmo, Segi and Dandy: New Dandy boy from Peak's Woods!

The Dandy boy from Peak's Woods has made his debut! He is adorable! There are three sculpts here: Dandy (he looks like a modified boy version of Bella the moon), Segi (as a boy), and Cosmo, who is a new sculpt. Guess whose coming to dinner?

Tribute Steffie in Trina Turk

Tribute in Trina

Tribute 2009 (Matt Sutton's Steffie contribution to the convention duo that year) is dressed in the other parts of Trina Turk Barbie's outfit. The shorts are really cute--and snug--and the shirt is a nice touch. She includes high heeled sandals, a scarf, sunglasses, a nice woven bah, and suntan lotion.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

At the Westin LAX--first night--waiting for the Korean BJD Show!

Beatnik Blues gets ready for summer...

Poppy in Trina

I've finally gotten a chance to take some decent photos of the Trina Turk Barbie set I won in the raffle room at the Grant A Wish convention. It's a really great set--versatile and fun--even if you aren't a fun of Model Muse Barbies.

Here is my OOAK rerooted Poppy Parker Beatnik Blues, getting ready for summer, wearing the bikini, coverup, hat and bracelet from the set. You have to admit, she looks pretty amazing in it--and it fits her perfectly! The bandeau top ties in the back, so I imagine it would fit different sizes pretty well.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fall Flowers by Magia 2000

Fall Flowers

I also got a chance to snap a few photos of my very first Magia 2000 OOAK doll, Fall Flowers. I was able to pick her up at the Grant A Wish convention during room shopping--and I'm just so thrilled.

She uses a Steffie sculpt, and she's wearing a hand-beaded gown with silk flower details. You can see lots more photos on Flickr. I think she's the shining star of my Barbie collection!

Magia 2000 at Grant A Wish


Check out the photos on Flickr if you'd like to see a selection of the dolls that Mario of Magia 2000 brought with him to sell at the Grant A Wish convention this year. Above, you can see the gorgeous convention auction doll.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


OOAK Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker and Matt Sutton Steffie (2009 Tribute) are modeling the outfit from the adorable Trina Turk Barbie, which is simply a must-have, if your dolls are beachcombers! The accessories are really nicely detailed (especially the bag), and the bikini fits Poppy perfectly.

You can see a few additional photos on Flickr, though I apologize for the grain. I took these at night, and the light was pretty dim.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Momoko: Today's CCS Momoko 1405

There will be another Today's Momoko available soon and she has quite the cute face.  She will be available on May 5, 2014 at a doll show in Japan for 15,500 yen.  It is possible she may be available through PetWorks online stores in the future.  She comes with a simple one-piece outfit and no shoes.  She has a honey face and straight long honey brown hair.

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Picture courtesy of Petworks.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Answers with Bill and Linda

I loved this session! We got to submit questions on cards, and I was thrilled with how candid the designers got to be with us! I didn't personally ask any questions myself, but I think I will try to next time. Here are as many as I was able to write down:
  • Does Mattel have plans to make the dolls easier to remove from their boxes? 
Basically, yes. Bill is a collector himself, so he understands that having hair sewn into the box really does damage the doll. So he is doing his best to remedy this issue as best he can. The sew strips have been eliminated, and most items are tacked in with as little as necessary. He realizes they still need work, but they are working on it.
  • What was the inspiration behind the glamour wizard of oz collection?
The design team jokes about the wizard of oz line being an initiation for being a "real" designer at Mattel. As it was the 75th anniversary for Oz, they wanted to breath a little life into the collection. Linda loves how the Glam Witch came out.
  • What's the deal with vintage repro?
With the prices of vintage having dropped so much, the need for vintage reproductions have really dropped as well, but they do have some in the works. Bill was very pleased with Skipper's sales, and of course has a brunette Skipper coming soon, plus Allan on the way, too. They also have additional vintage-inspired items planned as well, such as the Holiday Hostess line.
  • How many dolls do you design per year, and are you sad when they don't all get produced?
The team is much, much smaller than it has been in years (Robert Best is the leader) with three designers working together now, and they make about 80-90 dolls per year. They joke among themselves about having a desk where "good dolls go to die," for those dolls that won't get produced. Bill was sad about a pivotal disco series that didn't get produced between Jazz Baby and Pop Life, and thinks he might bring them to auction one year.
  • What was your first doll to be produced?
Bill's first doll was Cool Clips Barbie, which was produced and sold at FAO Schwarz.
  • Which designers or celebrities would you like to work with or would you like to make as a celebrity doll?
Linda said, Chanel or Madonna, Jackie O. Bill said, Kylie Minogue! 
  • With the Hunger Games dolls, why is Effie wearing that dress, and not one of the more fancy event dresses?
It turns out that Lionsgate had to license Effie's fashions from McQueen, as she is wearing McQueen fashions in the film. So to make these dolls would require a double license, which would require even more time. Dolls usually require at least one year to produce, and Mattel only had 6 months for these, as the film was in theaters very soon. So that's is why that dress was chosen!

Mattel sneaks from Linda Kyaw

Above is a hot off the press Barbie Look Red Carpet doll, due out this fall. One of our table mates received this doll this afternoon.

Mattel designer Linda Kyaw talked about the unsung heroes of design this morning: the sample and pattern makers--especially when it comes to some of her favorites, the OOAK designs. She featured photos from some of her personal favorites:

Mini-Me of Ralph Lauren
Mini-Me of Karl Lagerfeld
The gorgeous Italian doll convention OOAK, Masquerade

It happens sometimes, that you might like a OOAK so much that a production doll is born. To our delight and astonishment, Linda announced a surprise for later this year, and sneaked a few photos of a gorgeous Barbie Collector doll, to be released later this year. This one will be in black and gold, but similar to the Italian Masquerade convention, she will have blonde hair, and a gorgeous gown with amazing details.  I believe she uses the goddess sculpt, but I'm not sure. I also didn't catch the name of this doll.

Next, there are a few more questions I can go over in the next post! 

Mattel sneaks from Bill Greening

One of the coolest parts of attending the GAW convention were the presentations by Bill Greening and Lynda Kyaw. They were invited guests, but the convention is not put on by Mattel. Bill went first. No cameras are allowed during the presentation, so I took notes, and I was able to take a few shots of some hot-off-the-press dolls, which will show up later. Above, you can see the back of the box of one, which belongs to the fall Red Carpet collection, part of the Barbie Look line,  which has replaced Barbie Basics. Four dolls are being offered, as you can see:

  • A brunette in a red ball gown
  • A raven in a stunning black mermaid gown
  • A blonde in a blue mermaid dress
  • A redhead in a long yellow Grecian inspired gown

He went on to treat us to additional sneaks to the 2015 Barbie Look line, starting with the inspiration for the City Lights collection for Barbie Look line. I am super excited about this metallic line. Photos of four dolls were sneaked from this line!

  • In a short silver dress, we saw a sweet short-haired blonde
  • The most exciting news of the season, it's a warm brown haired Steffie in a gold dress--the same fabric as Holiday Hostess Happy New Year Barbie, since Bill liked it so much. (I'm thrilled to see this doll!)
  • Again, another absolute beauty, Mbili appears in a copper dress looking like a total diva! She is a very close second favorite in this collection.
  • And to top it off--Aphrodite makes a raven appearance, in a black and silver dress
For 2014, vintage repro collectors will have a nice surprise with a new Double Date repro set. For about $100 retail, this set includes a painted red Allan, blonde flip Midge, painted blonde Ken and ash blonde swirl Barbie, with both couples dressed in reproductions of their original swimsuits. 

Now, for fantasy doll fans who are sad the constellation series of  designer dolls are finished, we've been introduced to the new series: Faraway Forest, which is inspired by The Hobbit and Game of Thrones. We saw a peek of the map, which included names such as Dark Forest, White Woods, Elf Village, Magic Lagoon, and others. The first to be produced (and this year) is Elf Village. We were treated to some amazing details, including the fairies sculpted into the heels of her shoes, reminding me of Alexander McQueen's angel wing shoes. Additionally, we saw a staff, some vines, a crown, and lots of other amazing detail. She uses the Goddess face with pointed years, auburn hair (I think). She wears a caped outfit.

The next doll, White Woods, is planned for 2015, and is also already in production.

GAW convention doll

GAW convention doll--beautiful presentation! Mine seems to have an issue with the spit curls, but she's still very pretty!

GAW convention details, part 1

They offered extra dolls for sale, but unfortunately the room was too loud to hear the instructions. I didn't hear about it in time to get my name in the pot. So sad for me!

I won a raffle item--four Barbies donated by Marl & B--thanks, Marl!--I hope I can get them in my suitcase, lol! I see deboxing in my near future. I'm pretty happy about this.

Lunch was fabulous! The food was great--nice buffet. I am a little confused about the table gift policy. The packet states, "no table gifts, please," so the clubs gifts stand out more, but I think I may be the only one who did not do gifts! I feel terrible. So what to do next year? At any rate--it's confusing! But a great group of ladies at this table, for sure--and now I know, I think!

Genie in a Bottle centerpiece - GAW luncheon

Genie in a Bottle is the table centerpiece.

GAW update!

Eeek--the GAW doll uses the Silkstone Luncheon Ensemble doll as its base! Hooray--a Silkstone! She hasn't been unveiled yet, but we have received the doll's original fashion, and Stephen Fraser of Dressmaker Details has made the fashion.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Grant A Wish evening centerpiece

GAW centerpiece--the couple is quite cute. Kathie won the set!

Fall Flowers - Magia 2000

Fall Flowers is now the prettiest Steffie in my collection! I'm currently at the Grant A Wish convention in Livonia, MI, and the room shopping is simply fabulous!
Interestingly, I discovered I've been mispronouncing Magia 2000 all these years. It turns out, the name is pronounced "Ma-jee'-ah," not "Ma'-jee-ah," much to my surprise and a little to my embarrassment. I found out listening to Mario say the name out loud, and I asked about it. Oops!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coated in Glamour - via Polyvore

Coated in Glamour

Coated in Glamour by alison-boyd-rasmussen featuring a leather jacket

Like Pinterest, I only intended to spend a couple of minutes on Polyvore before I dropped down the rabbit hole... but I just love that site! Here's a fancy version of Integrity's Coated in Glamour Tulabelle--in case you wanted to try out her look for yourself. You've gotta admire the dress--for $1,920 from It's on my wish list for my own wardrobe this year! 

I realize that there are lots of ways to make this outfit less expensive, but that was not my intention for this set. I wanted to make the ideal outfit for Tulabelle--and for a RL IT doll--and I think I came pretty close!

Jovani dress
$1,920 -

Barbara Bui leather jacket

Sergio Rossi black boots

Zagliani blue handbag

Hermès enamel bracelet

Betsey johnson jewelry

Expressions stackable ring

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New ae Momoko by KOGUMAZA: The princess of Queen Cat and Deer

PetWorks put together a new Momoko with doll designer, Kogumaza, to create a very mori-girl inspired doll.  This young lady comes with a cute print dress of furry creatures with matching flat shoes.  She is a honey face sculpt with unique ultra blonde eyebrows.  This Momoko also has gray eyes, gold eyeshadow, baby pink lips, champagne-silver nails, fair skinned body, and fluffy updo with a mix of ash-blonde and pale-blonde.

The doll will be available for preorder through the PetWorks Global Store from May 5-19, 2104.  Her price is 23,760 yen and free shipping is offered if you buy the doll during the preorder period. 

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Picture courtesy of Petworks.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Party Stripes Cami on Polyvore

Party Stripes

Party Stripes by alison-boyd-rasmussen featuring a striped shirt

Just for fun--here's a fashion set from Polyvore based on Tonner's Party Stripes Cami. In case you want to cosplay with a Tonner Doll, I've made it easy for you!

I've recently discovered Polyvore, after avoiding it for many years, for fear of yet another social website that would be a time sink, and it turns out I was right! But I just love it. Come follow me on there, and join the fun!

Striped shirt
$28 -

Friday, April 4, 2014

Two new dolls from JAMIEshow: Violet Waters and Madra Lord

Coming soon from JAMIEshow... It's Madra Lord and Violet Waters, two new additions to the Gene Marshall line, produced in collaboration with Mel Odom.

Both dolls go on sale tonight, April 4, 2014, at 6 PM EST, and they will be posted at this link. The edition sizes of the dolls are as follows:

Madra Lord, Spotted in Manhattan - 150
Violet Waters, Satin Doll - 50

The prices are $525 for each dressed doll. Payment options are available for you as well. You may pay in full, pay 30% down (the rest on delivery), or pay 50% down (the rest at delivery). Expected ship dates are in mid April and mid May, in two shipments, with orders that have paid in full to ship first.

JAMIEshow recommends that you sign up and register with the site in advance, if you're interested in ordering a doll. If you're already registered, double-check your shipping and billing information for ease of checkout. This should help the ordering process run more smoothly, and you can log in to the site in advance.

Oh man, I just adore Violet! I've been coveting Gene for ages, and I'm not sure I'll be able to resist. However--they go on sale during my son's high school pick up time, so I'll have to run home and see if she's still available. It will probably be in my best interest if she's sold out, LOL!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tonner Mainline - DC Stars, Big Bang Theory, Twilight, and lots of child dolls

Photos are still to be added, but several of new additions are still coming for DC Stars, The Big Bang Theory and Twilight.

Bazinga! It's Sheldon Cooper, for just $149.99 (they must have gotten a great deal on licensing--wow--I've never seen a character figure go for this price), LE500, shipping date to be announced, as shown above. He has wigged hair, cameo skin tone, and his Jim Parsons Portrait head sculpt. No photo is yet available for Amy Farrah Fowler, who is also $149.99, LE500.

From the DC Stars collection, we can expect to see Batman and Catwoman 1966 for $199.99 each. LE500, delivery to be announced. Julie Newmar Portrait sculpt and Adam West will be new to the line.

Renesme has been added to the Twilight collection. She is $159.99, LE500, and has shipping to be announced. She is on the 12" Patience body, with the Mackenzie Foy Portrait sculpt with brown eyes and copper hair.

Lots of dolls have been added to the Patsyette, Patsy, and Half Pint line, as well, if child dolls are your thing. They must be a good seller, since the edition sizes look pretty big and the prices are pretty low--LE250-500 and $70-150 per doll.

I have to say--I am just a little disappointed, but I can't always love every release, I suppose. I'm interested in seeing the new portrait sculpts, for sure. It's always fun to see new sculpts!

Tonner Mainline release - American Model

One new dressed doll and two new outfits have been added with Tonner's latest release, with arrival dates to be determined. Above, it's Victorian Romance, $349.99, LE250, a dressed doll with cameo skin tone, green inset eyes and lashes, and rooted medium brown hair. She's dressed in a Victorian period shantung dress with bustle, and includes a purse and hat.

The Glass Slipper is expected to arrive on 5/2/2014, is limited to 250 and retails for $249.99. This outfit includes a wig, clear acrylic shoes, rhinestone crown, beaded earrings, and a lovely white satin gown with an attached petticoat. Perfect for the Cinderella fan.

My favorite of the three, Twillight Dance, is an outfit only as well. It retails for $179.99 and is limited to 100. It includes a satin and tulle 1950s inspired gown with gloves and pearl jewelry. It's a larger version of a recent Tiny Kitty fashion called Pink Champagne, which I also love.

Tonner Mainline release - Cami & Jon

Tonner has released the remainder of its mainline dolls, and surprisingly, there were no additions to the Tyler Wentworth line. I like much of the Cami & Jon collection, and the prices are quite low.

Above, it's Party Lace Cami, a pretty blonde cameo skin tone with blue eyes. She's wearing a black lace cocktail dress with peach lining, nude panties and black sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

Party Bold Jon is reminiscent of the old Jaq head sculpt with her brown eyes, mink hair and honey skin tone. She's wearing a dress with a stretch knit bodice and cotton striped skirt, nude panties and sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

Party Stripes Cami has red hair, green eyes on the cameo skin tone. She's wearing a striped shirt, green stretch knit skirt and panties, with black strappy sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

Party Print Liu Liu has a wigged raven bob, hazel eyes on a cameo skin tone body. She's dressed in a floral chiffon dress, and includes nude panties and tan sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.


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